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Home > Maria Renard Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
All right, I win.
All right.
An evil villain?
Are you a vampire hunter?
Believe me now.
Bring on the next victim.
Did I overdo it a little bit?
Even the vampires are bigger than mine.
Good boy, Oscar.
Ha, didn't you know good always wins over evil?
Had enough?
Hmm. Yeah, well, maybe.
How can you say that?
I do not lose.
I may not be sure what's going on, but I'm positive I won't lose.
I never, ever let a twisted freak like you get away.
I swear, next time I will not lose.
I won't let you get away with hurting people anymore.
I wonder if my wish has been granted.
I yeah, I guess that'd be OK.
I'll beat the stuffing out of them.
I'll do my best.
I'll give it everything I've got.
I'll just have to trounce you again.
I'll show no mercy.
I'm just the girl for the job.
It's not like I was just gonna let you win.
It's the nasty old man.
It's the nasty old man. I'll just have to trounce you again.
Just because you're hot doesn't mean you can be rude.
Just proves it's not enough to look good on the outside if you're rotten on the inside.
Maybe you don't, but I sure do.
No way am I losing to you, lady.
No, it's the nasty old man.
Oh my God, vampire.
Please everyone, give me your strength.
Said you.
So I'm the real me and that is that.
Somehow, he seemed kinda sad.
That'll teach you to steal from others.
That's me.
That's Richters whip you. You stole it.
That's what I was going to say.
They are huge.
This little girl beat Dracula, you know?
To tell the truth, I'm a Belmont too.
Too bad he was kinda cute.
Too bad.
Two of me. You won't get away with that.
Uh, huh.
Uh, what? What?
Wait, you're a Belmont?
What do you think? Now you believe I'm tough?
What? I get a present. OK, I'll take your test.
What? I know, little girl. That's it. Let's go.
What? Ohh.
Whenever you're ready.
Who are you, Mr?
Who are you?
Yep, it's true.
You quit staring at me like that, creep.
You use it, don't you? The power of darkness.
You won't get away with that.
Your days of hurting people are over.
Yuko Suzaku, Genbu said. You give me your strength.