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Home > Aeon Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A messenger from 10,000 years in the future sent by 1 seeking your Lord's throne of Darkness.
A servant of he who hunts you from 10,000 years in the future.
A servant of one who would rule over all creation.
A visitor from 10,000 years in the future.
Ah, but there is still one problem.
Ah, so you've realized.
Ah, you catch on quick.
Anymore would be a waste of time.
As the guardian of time, I must select a champion that is who is most fit to pro Ceed.
Clever girl.
Even a man named legend is like a babe in the face of time.
Even the Lord of Darkness cannot escape time.
Everything is determined by time.
Everything resolves in its own time, regardless of your desires.
How unfortunate. I shall have to search for another.
I cannot allow that which would disrupt the flow of time.
I see.
I'm afraid I'm not much of a fighter.
I'm honestly disappointed.
I'm sorry to inform you we are being held here by a mutual enemy.
If only I could make you see reason such a waste.
If you'll excuse me.
Immortal one, you have ignored the passage of time long enough.
Immortals disrupt the flow of time, don't you see?
In this place, I too am able to fight.
Is that all?
It is time to fight.
Jealousy of the whip does not excuse your arrogance with the Lance.
Let's finish by tea time, shall we?
My name is Aaron.
No matter how powerful the magic you wield, you will never surpass time.
Not quite.
Nothing withstands time.
Right on time.
Right on time. Let us begin.
Right on time. This moment was preordained.
Sent by 1 seeking your Lord's throne of Darkness.
So you finally arrived.
Surely there is something you wish to know.
That is correct.
That is my desire.
That your best.
The enemy that trapped us here. He would destroy this era of time. He must be stopped.
The time is now.
Then let us see who is stronger.
There is just one last thing.
There is no going back. Time marches on.
This is an alternate universe.
This is another world where the impossible is possible.
Time waits for no one.
Time was on the verge of being destroyed.
Times up.
To mend the fabric of time, I ask you meet me in combat.
Two of us cannot be allowed to exist at once.
Welcome to the time rift.
Well, now what have we here?
What does eternity hold for you?
What have we here?
Who is my opponent?
You are not the one.
You cannot turn back time.
You govern the fate of death, but even fate is a truth wound by time.
You must be stronger to find what you seek.
You must be the chosen 1.
You must defeat a final enemy, a visitor from 10,000 years in the future.
You must pass a series of trials in order to gain passage out.
You seek a dangerous power. It too is governed by time.
You who bear a heavy cross.
You will not escape the rule of this place.
You will pay for disrupting the flow of time. Your hour is up.
Your quest for Eternal Beauty is doomed.
Your time runs out here.