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And I think it's ironic that once dad but prevent the release of toxic gas
As we say in latinate dorcas malorca 's
Aye carumba!
Bart Simpson Sounds Sound
Bart son
Beans beans and musical fruit the more you eat the more
Can you get me some of those funds those chewable morphine
Cool man
Eat my shorts
Fast funny for so many reasons
He blows alright he blows big time
Hello mr. Bush
Hey in there defend my honour
How come I never get any mail
How would I go about creating a half man half monkey type creature? I'm sorry that'll just be playing god! God schmod I want my monkey man!
I can't promise i'll try but i'll try to try
I do
I want to buy a copy of bonestorm here's ninety nine cents that me to summarize proposed transaction you wish to purchase bonestorm for ninety nine cents net profit to me negative fifty nine dollar...
Is captain bring down in the bug killers
Jingle bells batman smells robin laid
Let's approach with caution
Must you embarrass me
My dying
Oh forget it
Oh sure like i'm really gonna take a picture of my butt
Only use nothing recently
Robert how are you feeling jake complain well then you're ready for your makeup tests oh my ovaries
That was brilliant
That's the best you can do
The name of the book that I read was treasure island is about these pirates
To get original including republican
Well we hit a little snag when the universal collapsed on itself
What a load of crap crap crap
What are you doing
Whelp gotta mosey
Who I broke his brain
Why would anybody want to touch a girls butt
Wow cool
You think you're so great just because you have god like powers
You're one of those don't call me a chick chicks huh
(Bart laughing)