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The Sacha Baron Cohen Soundboard

The Sacha Baron Cohen Soundboard

The Sacha Baron Cohen Soundboard. Booyakasha. Sacha Noam Baron Cohen (Hebrew: סשה נועם ברון כהן‎; born 13 October 1971) is a British actor, comedian, screenwriter, director and film producer. He is known for creating and portraying many fictional satirical characters, including Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno, Admiral General Aladeen, Erran Morad, and multiple others. Like his idol Peter Sellers, he adopts a variety of accents and guises for his characters and rarely appears out of character.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
America: the birthplace of AIDS
Being bonding bonding della then then then
Being gay is the new cooler thing
Both are
Diggity check yourself before you wreck yourself
Fashion saves a lot more lives than doctors
Five five
Great success
Here manal wagwan
How do you protect yourself from a dildo
I gave him like a traditional african name OJ
Is equal sized luck
Is you on crack
Let's meet at me
No disrespect to your bitch
Osama Bin Laden is like the best dressed guy, do you think so?
Sexy time
The visa suit is not black
There was enough start to hang loose like sleeve of wizard
We is suppose you're or of sterile
What's up with it vanilla phrase
Wow wow wee wah