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Adventure Time - Season 9

Adventure Time - Season 9

Adventure Time is an animated television show that captivated audiences with its whimsical and imaginative world. Season 9, the final season of the series, aired in 2017 and marked the end of an era for fans across the globe. Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time became a cultural phenomenon, winning the hearts of both children and adults with its rich storytelling and lovable characters.

The show follows the adventures of Finn the Human, a brave and optimistic hero, and his loyal and shape-shifting dog, Jake. Together, they traverse the Land of Ooo, encountering a plethora of strange creatures and eccentric characters. Each episode delves into surreal and existential themes while maintaining a lighthearted and humorous tone.

The ninth and final season of Adventure Time further expanded upon the show's mythology and brought its overarching narrative to a triumphant close. The season spanned across multiple story arcs, unraveling long-held mysteries and providing closure to the beloved characters viewers had grown attached to over the years.

The cast of Adventure Time boasts an array of talented voice actors who brought life to the show's eclectic cast of characters. Jeremy Shada lent his voice to Finn, capturing the character's youthful enthusiasm and determination. John DiMaggio portrayed the lovably laid-back Jake, infusing the role with warmth and wit.

Other notable cast members include Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum, Olivia Olson as Marceline the Vampire Queen, and Tom Kenny as the Ice King. Every member of the voice cast contributed to the show's success, imbuing each character with distinct personalities and endearing quirks.

Adventure Time's final season presented fans with a bittersweet farewell, as it explored the essence of friendship, the passage of time, and the inevitability of change. The conclusion of the series united characters from different dimensions, resolving long-standing conflicts and offering emotional closure. The final episodes left viewers with a profound sense of nostalgia and a longing for further adventures in the Land of Ooo.

To relive the magical moments of Adventure Time's Season 9, fans can enjoy the show's memorable soundtrack. From the catchy opening theme song, "Come Along With Me", performed by Ashley Eriksson, to BMO's charmingly upbeat tunes, the music of Adventure Time enhances the whimsical atmosphere of the show. The soundtrack also features songs by the characters themselves, such as Marceline's hauntingly beautiful "Everything Stays." Whether you're battling monsters alongside Finn and Jake or embarking on an introspective journey, Adventure Time's music provides the perfect backdrop to accompany these adventures.

For those who crave the sounds of Adventure Time, the official soundtrack is available to stream and download. Fans can immerse themselves in the enchanting melodies and playful rhythms, transporting them back to the Land of Ooo. Whether relishing in nostalgia or discovering the show for the first time, Adventure Time's Season 9 soundtrack is a must-have for any fan of this iconic series.

[Play and download the sounds of Adventure Time's Season 9 here]

A be wudda wa?
A book called "The Enchiridion."
A cloud restroom
A food critic.
A haircut
A haircut?
A lady touched me!
A long time ago, you and I were... colleagues.
A nerdless world is the best kind of world!
A nerdless world is the best kind of world!
A penguin
A plan where nothing that happens here matters
A pure candy elemental
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Aah! No!
Aah! Oh, my side.
Aah! Step off, Lady.
Aah! Stop having fun!
Aah! We're trapped!
About Patience's spell
Abracajamiel can do the splits.
Achoos Goose
After all, you've been through a lot of changes yourself.
Ah, back in my old basement, where it all began
Ah, well
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
All day long you've been telling me what to do
All four zones without a scratch.
All right, men, we need ideas for how to breach that dome
All right, you're all done, Mr. Mertens.
All right.
All this chaos and mayhem is just..
All this elemental stuff happened
All we needed was... a little patience
ALL: S'more!
ALL: Smash the nerds! Smash the nerds!
ALL: What?! Marceline!
ALL: 🎵 I'm in love with you 🎵
ALL: 🎵 Keep the love light glowing 🎵
Although a little mangy.
And a bucket of sweet juicy caramel
And also, I'm tired.
And bound myself
And doesn't see his friends.
And doing way better without you
And don't drop your phone into Fire Kingdom, dummy
And draw some elves and stuff.
And emotional growth.
And emphasize what's flattering about your shape
And everyone I love is doomed
And grasping and grappling,
And Hot Blob Princess are about to skate
And I am worthy of respect
And I was like, "These are my people!"
And I'll be able to fix everything
And I'm in control of my emotions
And I'm Nectr, the little robot!
And I'm really proud of that friendship
And I'm taken!
And I'ma murder you for funs!
And if not for Jake, do it for me
And it is going to blow your..
And Lady is made out of taffy or something!
And Marceline and everyone else?
And my lizard brain put out bad vibes?
And never be the guy with no phone, Finn
And no one can see my cool outfit
And now the fire guys are attacking the Candy Kingdom
And now we're up here, and we can't do anything to help.
And rescue my new pal, Weird Lady.
And slime
And Slime Princess has never been slimier.
And sneak into the ice fortress without being ice detected.
And sometimes there's also a new strip mall or something.
And start senselessly attacking
And strike like a mighty scorpion!
And that's totally on them.
And the only thing we do when we hang is fight
And the winner is...
And then give a couple tugs on the skyhooks!
And then Life Giving Magus checked an even darker..
And then the moisture helps grip the corner of the page
And there is one artifact
And they ran off together. The end.
And they're stripped of their skating rights!
And this place is a toxic aggro machoscape.
And this word search is way too hard!
And turned Mommy and Daddy into something... different
And wait for Ice King and Betty to look for us.
And we're the ones losing our marbles.
And when I come back, the place is burned to the ground
And you stretch us on out of that bod.
And you won't exist!
And you would give me books because you had a subscription
And you'll be back to normal like a windowpane.
And, LSP, this part is very, very important..
And, okay, say I'm wrong about being dead
And, they've got pictures of your best friend on them!
Another Enchiridion from Farmworld Dimension
Any one element, it's the force that
Anyways, it was then that I really got into bird watching
Are we going splitsies?
Are we in...
Are we wrasslin'? Fun!
Are you being digested in there?
Aren't you?
As always, the prize is absorption
As for color, for a first suit,
At an ice cream store, and I get someone to cover my shift,
At least now he's helping people
Attention, super cool party people!
Avoid the Ice Kingdom peeps
Aw, I can't take all the credit. It's all thanks to my skyhooks
Aw, it's hopeless.
Aw, man!
Aw, she seems a lot cooler than we are
Bah bam!
Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam
Because everything will... ends
Because everything's candy.
Because I acted selfishly.
Because I love it!
Because they took everything I said the wrong way.
Becoming a crazy, fiery bad boy
Before he discovers the crown
Before the candy curse became permanent.
Being stuck on a cloud isn't so bad.
Being with you is like looking at my old life
Best friends gang, retreat!
BETTY: Finn!
Big Baby root beer? No one buys this brand
Bird friend! (LAUGHS)
Blast him!
Blechfast Princess, Bileberry Princess,
BMO would know
Bogo! You remember him? Lead the way, Bogo!
Boi oi oi oing.
Book a Day?
Boy, did I fail deep
Boy, was I ever getting sick of bein' a cloud!
Brrr! It's a lot colder now, too
But also, we lost Finn to the flames of war!
But don't worry, I've got a new plan
But even though I shoplifted this super cool outfit,
But everything else is weird.
But first, we have to crack through
But guess who's going on a date tonight!
But I lack field experience!
But I say, "Why not?"
But I would never ever let you down, so I'm sending Gunter.
But I'm the plucky underdog!
But if you and Betty are cool now,
But if you get an appy or a dessert, it's on you
But it just hasn't been happening
But none of them came
But now I'm fine!
But now that you're here,
But people just forget to invite you to things
But that doesn't mean I'm happy with the way things are going.
But the others didn't want to play with me
But the rest of the kingdom is lost
But the spell worked too well.
But we haven't gone through any portals
But we're the only sane people left
But what happened to Betty?
But when you puzzle it out,
But you know what I've been thinking?
But you've been coming in my shop for almost 20 years
But, Mama, I am normal!
By, like, thousands of wizards?
Can not quit
Can the dog do something about this?
Can you turn this off and we can talk, maybe?
Can't go around it, got to go through it.
CANDIES: Sours get the tower! Sours get the tower!
Caramel Crunch Pies?
Challenges my old team, The Stupids,
Cheer up, Finn
Cinnamon Bun
Clam your face, you noid!
Clam your face, you noid!
Classic street slime rules..
Cloud Kingdom.
Cloud with a small door, Jake!
Code mapping, penguin napping, co mingling with magic,
Come here.
Come in. Come in