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Title And it looks a lot like Clive's a dirty cop.
From IZombie - Season 1
Type MP3
Duration 2 seconds
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Uploaded September 23rd 2023
Auto Transcribed No

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IZombie is a captivating television show that premiered in 2015 and quickly gained a dedicated fan base. It combines elements of crime-solving, comedy, and supernatural drama to create a unique and intriguing series that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. The show is loosely based on the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. The main cast of iZombie is led by Rose McIver, who portrays the protagonist Olivia "Liv" Moore. Liv is a medical resident who, after attending a boat party that turned into a zombie massacre, finds herself transformed into a zombie. To cope with her new undead existence, Liv takes a job at the local morgue, where she can access the brains she craves without harming any living humans. Each time she consumes a brain, she experiences flashbacks and takes on the personality traits and skills of the deceased, leading her to help solve crimes as a consultant for the police. Other notable cast members include Malcolm Goodwin as Detective Clive Babineaux, Liv's ally in crime-solving who becomes suspicious of her peculiar abilities. Rahul Kohli portrays Ravi Chakrabarti, Liv's boss and confidant, who assists her in finding a cure for her condition. The cast also features Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite, Liv's former fiancé who becomes tangled in the city's dark secrets, and David Anders as Blaine DeBeers, a charismatic and cunning zombie who takes advantage of the situation to run an illicit brain-dealing operation. The soundtrack of iZombie enhances the show's atmosphere and adds depth to its storytelling. With a mix of genres and styles, the music not only reflects the emotions of the characters but also sets the tone for the various scenes. The diverse soundtrack includes songs from renowned artists such as The Pixies, Grouplove, and The National, among others. Each song is carefully chosen to amplify the narrative and capture the essence of the show. If you're a fan of iZombie and want to immerse yourself in its unique soundscape, you can enjoy and download the sounds from the show. Whether it's the haunting melodies that complement the suspenseful moments or the upbeat tunes that accompany the show's lighter scenes, these sounds can transport you back to Liv's world of crime-solving and brain-devouring. So, gather your fellow iZombie enthusiasts and get ready to delve into the thrilling and quirky world of Liv Moore. Immerse yourself in the captivating storylines, witty dialogue, and fascinating characters that make iZombie a standout television series. With its talented cast, engaging plotlines, and unforgettable music, iZombie will undoubtedly keep you entertained and yearning for more. Remember, you can play and download these sounds here, allowing you to relive your favorite moments or introduce others to the spellbinding world of iZombie. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and prepare for a binge-worthy television experience you won't soon forget.