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Title But I ain't wanna mess up this thirty seven hundred dollar lynx coat
From Oran "Juice" Jones Soundboard
Type MP3
Duration 3 seconds
Plays 7 plays
Uploaded September 28th 2023
Auto Transcribed No
Loudness 1 LUFS

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Oran "Juice" Jones, born in 1957, is an American R&B singer and actor known for his hit song "The Rain" released in 1986. This song became a sensation and solidified Jones' status as a talented artist within the music industry. With its soulful melody and powerful lyrics, "The Rain" showcased his smooth vocal skills and storytelling ability, earning him a place in the hearts of many listeners. "The Rain" tells the story of a man who discovers his girlfriend cheating on him when he arrives home unexpectedly. The intense emotions conveyed in the song captivated audiences worldwide, and Jones' raspy voice added depth and authenticity to the narrative. The song quickly climbed the charts, reaching number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, and remained a memorable piece of 80s R&B. Oran "Juice" Jones not only made a mark in the music industry but also dabbled in acting. He appeared in the 1989 film "House Party" alongside the rap duo Kid 'n Play. Jones played himself in the movie, performing his hit single during a pivotal party scene, further solidifying his presence in pop culture. In terms of his band, Oran "Juice" Jones was primarily a solo artist, but he collaborated with notable producers and musicians in the making of his music. These included acclaimed producer Vincent Bell and renowned songwriter and guitarist Marquis Dair, who contributed to the success of "The Rain" and other tracks within his discography. If you're keen to relive the magic of Oran "Juice" Jones and listen to his iconic song, "The Rain," you're in luck! You can play and download these fantastic sounds easily. Head over to a reputable music streaming platform or digital music store to enjoy his tracks in their entirety. Feel the emotions, groove along, and let Jones' soulful voice transport you back to the golden era of R&B. Oran "Juice" Jones successfully captured the hearts of listeners with his powerful storytelling, soulful vocals, and his ability to create timeless pieces of music. Although he may not have produced as much music as some of his contemporaries, his impact within the industry and his unforgettable hit song "The Rain" have secured his place in music history. Play and download his music for a nostalgic journey through the sounds of R&B in the 80s.