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How I Met Your Mother - Season 5

How I Met Your Mother - Season 5

"How I Met Your Mother" is not a movie or a song, but rather a popular television show that aired from 2005 to 2014. Season 5 of "How I Met Your Mother" was released in 2009 and continued to captivate audiences with its witty humor, relatable characters, and intricate storytelling.

The show follows the main character, Ted Mosby, as he recounts the story of how he met his children's mother to his friends, Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin. Season 5 dives deeper into the lives of these beloved characters, their friendships, and the crazy adventures they experience together in the bustling city of New York.

The cast of "How I Met Your Mother" features talented actors who brought life to the show's iconic characters. Josh Radnor portrays the lovable and determined Ted Mosby, while Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan play the hilarious couple Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Neil Patrick Harris steals the show as Barney Stinson, the suit-wearing womanizer with a heart of gold, and Cobie Smulders shines as the charismatic and independent Robin Scherbatsky. These actors form a brilliant ensemble that keeps viewers engaged and entertained throughout every episode.

Season 5 of "How I Met Your Mother" is filled with memorable moments and engaging storylines. From Ted's tumultuous love life and his quest to find the perfect partner to Barney's outrageous schemes and Robin's blossoming career, the characters continue to evolve and face new challenges. The season explores themes of love, friendship, career aspirations, and the complexities of adulting.

As the season progresses, viewers are treated to hilarious episodes such as "The Sexless Innkeeper," where Ted and Marshall realize they have both slept with the same woman, leading to some awkward encounters. In "The Playbook," Barney's infamous playbook is unveiled, showcasing his elaborate tactics for picking up women. The emotional journey continues in episodes like "The Sexless Inkeeper," where Ted learns the importance of communication in relationships.

The sound and music of "How I Met Your Mother" contribute significantly to its overall appeal. The show features a catchy opening theme song called "Hey Beautiful" by The Solids, a band composed of show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The lyrics encapsulate the essence of the show, celebrating friendships and the journey of finding love. The soundtrack of the series is filled with various genres, including pop, rock, and indie music, enhancing the emotional impact of key scenes.

If you're a fan of this beloved television show, you can relive the delightful moments and download the sounds of "How I Met Your Mother" on various streaming platforms or purchase the complete season on DVD. So grab some popcorn, gather your friends, and immerse yourself in the laughter, tears, and heartfelt stories of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin as they navigate adult life and search for lasting love in "How I Met Your Mother" Season 5.

A barber, a stripper and a Jew...
A guy who's uncynical and sincere and believed in things.
A little cheesy.
A long time ago, I let this beautiful girl named Stella get away.
A long, sad life, knowing that he lost his only chance at happiness.
A medium long way.
A picture of Marissa Heller, the golfer.
About another one of her exes, me.
About robots battling wrestlers for intergalactic supremacy?
Actually, I kind of like these stuffy, pretentious snoots.
Actually, it's porn.
Agreed. In fact, I even wrote myself another letter.
Ah, Stella. To what do I owe the pleasure?
All right, all right, "P.S. That top part was just for Ted.
All right, all right.
All right, do you guys wanna know why I'm nice to everyone?
All right, Don!
All right. Here I go. I'm doing this.
All you have to do is look that guy in the eyes,
ALL: (SINGING) Constance Fry Constance Fry
Alls I got time for is a two minute date, if you know what I mean.
Also, a little cheesy.
Am I to understand that there isn't a single soap opera fan in this entire elevator?
And a coupon for a bird store addressed to Marissa Heller,
And again, just so we're clear, no accent.
And as much as I love you as a roommate,
And be part of the gang again.
And besides, I like being friendly, okay? I'm not gonna change that about myself.
And come live with me in an apartment above a bar. Send her in.
And down your back.
And for these stuffy, pretentious snoots!
And for these stuffy, pretentious snoots!
And Giovanni Artusi simply didn't understand the new style of composing.
And give my package some stimulus.
And he hung out with one of his exes all the time...
And honestly, I don't think it would change our lifestyle all that much.
And I can't do that if I'm out drinking with you guys every single night,
And I know exactly where she is.
And I mean, it's such a minor flaw in an otherwise flawless film,
And I swear, she is so flexible,
And I wanna see where it goes.
And I'll never be able to do that if I keep hanging out
And I'm thinking a bean bag chair, just for special birthday stuff.
And it may be years before he can look certain family members in the eye again.
And Marissa Heller, the bird owner.
And Marshall wanted to stop and help some guys load their moving van.
And maybe tying me up?
And me heroically catching it.
And neither am I.
And nobody's making fart noises!
And now she's with some jerk
And remember the two minute date?
And said she doesn't wanna hang out with us anymore.
And since then, with each piece of mail we've gotten,
And spend eternity in her arms.
And Stella ran off with him to California,
And that one was hard to explain to the police.
And that would be Barney.
And that's when we'll start trying. Deal?
And the decidedly French influence on the inside. I know!
And the great part is he is gonna live
And the politics of semantics? Professor Hammersmith of Oxford.
And then as soon as you mention breakfast, she's gone.
And then I'll skedaddle.
And then there's more drawings of boobs.
And then wants it back the second another kid starts playing with it.
And then you can have her after that.
And there's no way she'd be on anticoagulants
And thinks she's fat but isn't.
And we both dated Robin.
And we both fell, ass over sex swing.
And we'll never, never say a bad thing about it. I promise.
And we'll talk about this when we get back, okay?
And when the moving van drove away, who should show up
And Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword!
And you know what your biggest baggage is? You're too nice.
And you know what, Ted? I believe that deep down, you're still that guy.
And you know who taught me to be that way? A guy called Ted Mosby.
And you live with one of them.
And, of course, Stripper Lily.
Angry sex on the first date,
Any food at all that'll make me feel like a giant?
Any time I tried to get a little high minded...
Anytime you call
Are we sure she's not British, innit?
Are you saying that you don't have a pair of red cowboy boots in your closet?
Are you so petty that...
Are you talking about Monteverdi and his fourth book of madrigals?
Are you trying to kick me out because of the milk thing?
As far behind me as possible.
As Under Secretary of the Treasury, I had a big hand in crafting that legislation.
As your ex, before you jump into anything,
At least for a while.
At one point she was on top of me and underneath me.
At the London premiere of The Mikado in 1885.
At the London premiere of The Mikado in 1885.
Awesome. Thank you.
Baby, are you really starting to think about this?
Baby, did we just revolutionize modern marriage?
Baby, I love you more than life itself.
Backwoods, Podunk, cow tipping Minnesota hickville where you grew up.
Baggage is a good thing?
Barney is right. It's impossible to say no to that.
Barney, be nice. You only want her 'cause you can't have her.
Barney, what...
BARNEY: Oh. Oops, oops!
Best baggage, hates her dad,
Best tradition ever.
Billy, no! The code.
Blah, blah, blah, we're very happy together.
Boy, was Ted drunk. Embarrassing.
But by the time you reach your 30s,
But can you at least promise me that you won't get pregnant for another year?
But either way, not pretty.
But I am not gay.
But I feel bad for any woman with the kind of low self esteem
But I have to be up early, so...
But I've always wanted to see the inside of the Alberta.
But it really appeared as though there was no baggage to worry about.
But like anything else, it's easier when someone gives you a hand with it.
But listen, we can never pull crap like that ever again.
But no eating in bed.
But no matter what, to this day,
But not me. I look at them, and I say...
But now that you mentioned it,
But sooner or later...
But thanks for the reminder, Robin.
But that doesn't mean anyone with baggage is undateable.
But the owner of the apartment we had just helped some guys rob.
But the worst, the worst, was the ending. So they're at the wedding...
But then the day of the wedding, her karate instructor ex boyfriend,
But they're two different things.
But this is Robots vs. Wrestlers.
But we assume it's some sort of sporting event that pits robots against wrestlers.
But we just started to drift apart. So...
But we still got homemade lady fingers and piping hot Darjeeling.
But we're gonna do anything we can
But you see, music was changing,
But you're a million degrees.
But you're already seeing exit signs for it.
But, according to the movie...
But, Lily, Lily, babies.
But, Ted, you've never missed Robots vs. Wrestlers.
But, well, I still wanna be next to you.
Can do's ville, babydoll.
Can we at least push them together?
Can you let me make you my wedding bride?
Can't make that promise.
Carefully orchestrated it that way on purpose.
Carved these panels himself.
Citrus and honeycomb flavors with crisp acidity.
Come hell or high water,
Come on, Royce. You've dated a few Jed Mosleys in your day.
Constance will fulfill your needs
Could you come back later? We're taking a little catnap.
Crime free? Crime free?
Cue the river of drool.
Damn it.
Damn straight!
Dating Robin was a huge mistake.
Did he say Ted that time?
Did the Jets get new costumes?
Did you guys see the porte cochere and the terracotta spandrels outside?
Do you think I'm gay?
Do you wanna move in?
Do you wanna move in?
Do you, Stella, take Jed Mosley to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Don has twin beds, too.
Don's not gonna be a part of the group.
Don't forget your sweatshirt. Nice try.
Don't humor me, Marshall.
Don't worry. I won't go to the wedding.
Dude, relax. It's for Marissa Heller.
Dude, what is it with you and my wife's boobs tonight?
Emotional baggage is the bedrock of America's most important cultural export.
Especially when "you guys" includes two of my ex boyfriends.
Even that thing with the nunchucks.
Even without those reminder postcards.
Eventually, we're all gonna move on. It's called growing up.
Everyone's leaving me and I don't like it!
Exactly. For the rest of her life.
Exactly. It's down the road, a medium way.
Except for these underprivileged children that I work with for free.
Excuse me.
Face, boobs, describe. Start with boobs.
Film is an auteur's medium, full stop.
Fine, you guys can have a baby, but only under these conditions.
Fine. But you have to promise to be on your best behavior.
Fine. Then you are out of our gang forever.
First Robin moves in with Don, then Marshall and Lily have a baby,
First, Robin ditches us and now you!
Five front row tickets to Robots vs. Wrestlers.
Five letters, blank baritone.
Five, forget about four. You can whip them out whenever you want.
For some reason.
Four, no breast feeding in front of me.