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A poop nasa pima federal
Ah raspberry
All my life i've been obese man trapped inside a fat man 's body
All sweet it is
And special awards go to the two students who obviously had no help from their parents lisa simpson and ralph wiggum yes of course you are
Another chance to be bad
As punishment for your decision it's company policy to give you the plague
Back to back with you Nessie
Begun to my sect
Bonnie don't steal any bill on time kind of pathetic trucks you take me for
Boy you’ve read my thoughts you’ve got the shinning you mean shining shh you wanna get sued
But not I was funny that was funny yet taken away my dignity like that ha ha ha
Come on I do
Cool in the sweet I did with my trademark changes of heart
Dang it Smithers this isn’t rocket science it’s brain surgery
Did your august rain here chop heart and lungs boiled inori shipstone it tesla screws it sounds good for whitetail deer
Do you gotta go shake to do work committee
Don't have a cow
Donut do you have any friends teachers purple stuff inside purple is approved
Donuts is there anything date chance do
Eat my shorts
F elected meals michael stack will be to kill a whole lot here and turn your turn to cinders
Go ahead water it down tomorrow my shadman and water down his financial go I cannot water no more
Have a good life
He start daggers every warehouse clubs night maine med brothers
He wanted truth you want the truth you can't handle the truth
He's an ice cream
Hey join the party
Homer laughing
Hot dog
I am evil homer I am evil homer I am evil homer I am evil homer
I am the thing from Uranus
I caramba
I got a d minus I passed I passed i passed I passed I passed i kissed the teacher
I have some real fast disgusting from
I heard your dad went into a restaurant it ain't everything in the restaurant they had to close the restaurant
I I admiral butt head
I roasted a customer how are you did you think so
I sell my soul for a donut
I want you did not want you that color truck was full of bile is about himself
It isn't that groundskeeper willie teaching french then you the cheese eating surrender monkeys
Itchy scratchy theme
Just like oscar the grouch
Kids you tried your best and you failed miserably the lesson here is never try
Man this classic compulsive behavior
Man what's gotten into you
Me fail English? That's unpossible
My dying
No no beer bring pain
Now let’s burn rubber baby
Ooh! Floor pie
Overload pleasure overload
Please pay for your purchases and get out and come again
Please push
Please sing us
Really customer you cannot help that winky
Save the week will
Severely share
Simpsons V2 Sounds Sound
Smithers dismember this corpse and send this widow a corsage
So it feels bad for losing a was wrestling walls back when you are at your mother 's teat
Success it's ringing most haven't looking for mister smith is first name waylon ayesha you're looking for a mister smith AJ first name waylon is it listen to me yo when i
Super application
Talking softball
Thank you for coming i'll see you in hell
That's why you're bulletproof vest sanjay it's time for another bank run all right but if I don't make it promise you one sleep with my wife I promised nothing
The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there
There are several fine young man who i'm sure i'm gonna go far ladies and gentlemen the ramones he's been seriously seriously jingles leaves I just like to say this exact your springfield
They can get this car home star saying giant fear
They used nylon drop this time it feels so smooth against my skin almost sensuous
This is all your fault it how can I stay mad at you
To start press any key where is the any key
We do
Well la di da mister french man
What is that a six barrel holley carb universe if anna brackin takes nothing but my heart left is oh yeah I made that last one up I see
What's the neil that's leprosy for you
When I first arrived but now i've come to love
When I grow up i'm going to bovine university
Whoa someone smells stinky oh it’s me
Whoa! Natural light get it off me get it off me
Yeah just like object amanda huggenkiss hey i'm looking for amanda hug and cats I can I find a man
Yeah no number
Yes i'm sorry I do not speak english OK but you were just tell me yes yes hotdog hotdog yes sir no sir may be OK
Yes ralph what is it no ralph their arms anymore just try to sleep all the other children are learning oh boy sleep that's where i'm a viking
Yes your in deep dough now
You magnificent bastard I salute
You make me feel like dancing I wanna dance mat away
Your have your house she had so glamorously decorated I thought I was in vegas you guys lied to me and said it was dangerous
Your silk wedding