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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A man will never work for a woman unless he's got clabber for brains
An shouldn't buddy and anything at eighty zone of fair
And it's got a new boy run with him with a black powder mark on his face
Are you sure
Are you the big chief or one of the little indians
Blow tom we got your friend ketchum here and there's a sawed off shotgun with the triggers tide back right behind him
But when it comes right down to it
Charred feisty fell out nervous and quick gotta messed up lower lip
Cord mcnally
Don't crowd me i'm figuring expenses
Fill your hand you son of a rich
Have you ever been to nacha docious
How about you
How you figure non splitting up the money
I figured that much out and fifty in advance
I know you from someplace don't i
I learn my pay one way or the other
I mean to kill you in one minute or see you hanged in fort smith and judge parkers convenience which will it be
I oughta paddle your rump
I think you're right friend
I want you to swing over to chubbys co
I'll get going take it easy
I'm asking you a question
I'm giving you my children 's rights
Idiot quit acting like a prima donna will call the whole thing off
Is that Emmett Quincy?
It looked like the vermin ridden son of a bitch you are
Jacob mccandles
No you got me scared
Not a lot
Now did you come here to give me a message are just to pass the time of day
Now the last time I asked you that question you said no and you set it in a loud and clear voice
Now you take it anyway you want
Pick up a kid named billy hyatt and bring him out to the old mission
Pierre cardona
Pretty good idea
Sounds like good advice
Take down your pants
Tell sam sharpnose I wanna see telling the same places the last time and all he needs is his saddle
Thank you i'm looking for a PR cardona he staying here
That baby sister is no trade
They're working for maine
Todd jackson
Unfortunately yes
We got a job for you
We need you tonight
Well a question don't make sense
Well baby sister I don't think you can get fifty dollars
Well how did you go about that
Well I haven't got that kind of money
Well i'll tell you one thing if I had to go up against ned pepper it'll cost a hundred dollars
Well if it
Well it's nice to find the fellow with a keen sense of humor
Well just how do I go about that
Well sister
Well what's your story
What are you doing here
What do we do
What is your name
What's your answer
What's your name
When's the last time you saw ned pepper
Where is lomax
Where is your brother
Why do you want
Will appliance have changed
Women have no generosity
Would you mind repeating that jay bird
Yes sir
Yes sir
You better wipe that smile off your face or i'll do it for you
You do that getting off break every bone in your body
You do that not kill you
You don't know anything I wanna know do ya
You get crossways emmanuel think a thousand of brick have fell on you
You gotta learn that you can't have everything your own way
You have said enough
You must figure amaryll dangerous man
You only such a early bird yourself
You too and it'll be the biggest mistake you ever made you texas brush popper
You're going to takedown your pants or do I have to do it for you
You've got five minutes
Young fella is you're looking for trouble all accommodate you otherwise leave it alone