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Title And I made us a little mix tape.
From Workaholics (2011) - Season 6
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Uploaded January 26th 2024
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Workaholics is a hilarious American television sitcom that premiered in 2011. With its sixth season, the show continued to captivate audiences with its quirky humor and relatable characters. Created by Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck, Workaholics presents the lives of three friends who work together at a telemarketing company called TelAmeriCorp. The sixth season of Workaholics, which aired in 2016, further delved into the lives of the main characters – Blake Henderson (played by Blake Anderson), Adam DeMamp (played by Adam DeVine), and Anders Holmvik (played by Anders Holm). These three lovable workaholics navigate through their mundane office life filled with pranks and absurd situations while trying to find any excuse to avoid doing actual work. One of the highlights of Workaholics is the exceptional chemistry among the cast members. Anderson, DeVine, and Holm portray their characters with such authenticity that viewers can't help but be drawn into their entertaining antics. Their comedic timing and brilliant improvisation skills make each episode a joy to watch. The dynamic between the three friends is the backbone of the show, as they support each other through their never-ending endeavors to avoid adulthood. Supporting the main trio, the cast of Workaholics also includes Jillian Belk (played by Jillian Bell), a hilariously eccentric co-worker who never fails to surprise with her unconventional behavior. Maribeth Monroe portrays Alice Murphy, the office manager, who is constantly frustrated with the trio's antics but secretly acknowledges their dedication to friendship. Additionally, Erik Griffin plays Montez Walker, a co-worker and friend who often gets caught up in the absurd shenanigans. The sixth season of Workaholics continues to explore the characters' personal lives outside of their office space, giving more depth to their personalities. From crazy parties to failed romantic endeavors, the show (much like life) skillfully balances the ups and downs that arise as the characters try to figure out their place in the world. With its sharp wit and relatable scenarios, Workaholics speaks to a generation of individuals navigating the uncertainties and challenges of adulthood while clinging to their carefree spirit. Its blend of humor and heart makes the show a favorite among audiences of all ages. Workaholics is a refreshing escape that resonates with youngsters who are trying to find their way in the professional world while maintaining their own sense of identity. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Workaholics, you can easily find and download or stream episodes online. The show’s unique sounds and catchy theme song help create a vibrant atmosphere that further enhances the viewing experience. Whether you're binge-watching the entire series or revisiting specific episodes, the sounds will transport you into the hilarious and chaotic world of TelAmeriCorp. So, grab some snacks, gather your friends, and prepare for a laughter-filled evening as you indulge in the unpredictable yet relatable lives of Blake, Adam, and Anders in Workaholics (2011) - Season 6.