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Garden State (2004) Soundboard

Garden State (2004) Soundboard

Garden State is a critically acclaimed movie that was released in 2004. Written and directed by Zach Braff, it tells the story of Andrew Largeman (played by Zach Braff himself), a struggling actor who returns to his hometown in New Jersey for his mother's funeral.

The film takes place over the course of a few days, and during this time, Andrew reconnects with old friends, confronts suppressed emotions, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The tone of Garden State is beautifully melancholic, mixing humor with moments of profound sadness. It explores themes of isolation, numbness, and the search for meaning in life.

In addition to Braff, Garden State features a talented cast that brings the characters to life. Natalie Portman stars as Sam, a quirky and vibrant girl who captures Andrew's attention and ultimately becomes his love interest. Portman's portrayal is both charming and endearing, making Sam a memorable character in the film.

Other notable cast members include Peter Sarsgaard as Mark, Andrew's childhood friend who has become involved in illicit activities, and Ian Holm as Andrew's cold and distant father. These actors, along with an ensemble of talented performers, contribute to the emotional depth and authenticity of the film.

The music in Garden State plays a crucial role, serving as a powerful emotional backdrop to the story. The film's soundtrack was widely praised and became a commercial success, earning a Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media. The songs featured in the movie are a blend of indie rock, alternative, and folk, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Bands such as The Shins, Simon & Garfunkel, and Coldplay contribute to the iconic soundtrack. The opening scene, set to The Shins' "New Slang," perfectly sets the tone for the film and remains a defining moment in Garden State. The music becomes a character within itself, reflecting the characters' emotions and experiences.

For fans of the film or those looking to explore its soundtrack, it is now possible to play and download these sounds online. With just a few clicks, one can transport themselves back to Garden State and relive the movie's poignant moments. The music serves as a gateway to re-experience the film's emotions and themes, allowing listeners to connect with the story on a deeper level.

Garden State is a timeless movie that continues to resonate with audiences even years after its release. Its relatable characters, powerful storytelling, and evocative soundtrack contribute to its enduring popularity. The film is a testament to the human condition and the importance of self-reflection and personal growth.

Whether you're a fan of indie movies, coming-of-age stories, or simply appreciate great storytelling, Garden State is a must-watch. It's a film that has the power to make you laugh, cry, and question your own existence. So dive into this beautifully crafted world and discover why Garden State has become a beloved and influential piece of cinema.

If you're in need of some musical inspiration or want to rekindle your love for the film, the Garden State soundtrack awaits. You can easily play and download these incredible sounds, immersing yourself in the magic of the movie wherever you are.

About a good opportunity for you and your loved ones.
Aldous, uh... Anyway..
All right. Let's find this guy and get out of here.
And I'm lookin' at you, and you're..
And that'll be better, okay?
And, uh...
As soon as we're ready, we'll call you in.
Aw. That was, like...
Besides, a lot of these are fish
But I just...
But I like to pretend it's infinite
But someone's been pissing on my GameCube, and I'm about to close the case.
But we also trade and deal in antique jewelry
Can't you swim?
Come here.
Come on. Kick him in the balls. Kick him in the balls.
Eat this.
Fine. But I'm not getting in that sidecar.
Fuck yeah. Those things are collector's items, man.
Girl has a point
God, I'm so sorry.
He was, like, on Xena once as a gnome or something. That's really cool though.
He'll fit you in. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
He's just a fast food knight.
He's the one that tracked down the piece you're lookin'for. All right?
How are you?
How long have you been on the lithium?
How long have you been working at Medieval Times?
How's it going?
I always try to save a couple of the marshmallows till the very end...
I brought you the tank. Okay?
I fired my psychiatrist. I gotta go find a new one
I gotta go bury this hamster before the dogs eat him
I gotta go.
I have lots of little investments all over the place.
I just focused in on it, you know?
I kinda told Sam I was gonna hang out with her today.
I mean, I don't know. Uh...
I still feel at home in my house
I think we corrupted this innocent girl enough.
I think you're right. I am in it.
I'll be fine. Am I the first boy you've ever brought home?
I'm not. I'm not. It's... It's very cozy
I'm so, so sorry about that.
I've been so out of it lately, the only parts I get offered are playing handicapped people
I've heard about it. They were supposed to build a mall here, I think
If you can forgive yourself for what you did.
Isn't really your home anymore.
It was my grandfather's.
It's all that's left of Nanny, my blanket.
It's all that's left of this enormous temple that was destroyed by the Romans.
It's hardly the bottom, dude.
It's nothing fancy, but you know... What?
Jelly, you were a great pet.
Like, things in movies, this...
Look at me
Look at me.
Look, Andrew, uh, first of all..
Look, this isn't...
Luckily, I got Peanut Butter out in time.
Maybe what Mom wanted more than anything was for it to all be over
My cousin's a writer out there. Says that place is mad crazy.
No. You know, I'm auditioning...
Not thatJelly's like anywhere near your mom's.
Oh, come on. You gotta see that's a joke.
Oh, yeah. That'd be great.
Okay, maybe I have been.
Okay? I'll be right back out.
On this particular day...
Ow! Ow!
Please. Have a seat. Make yourselves comfortable.
Samatha, put the clothes in the dryer and buryJelly.
She was so ahead of her time. She could have gone to the Olympics
So that on the one day of the year when everyone comes to repent...
So what do we do?
So why were you really there?
So, how often do you go?
So, uh, I don't know if I'm gonna see you, man.
Ten rÈsumÈs just today.
That's all I need.
That's it. Thank you so much
The corners are bent on my "Friendly Fire," and someone stole my "Wolf Blitzer."
The**** I know, they go on one day.
There's a tin box on the kitchen counter.
They thought I might be dangerous
This is it
This is my life, Dad.
This is the guy who needs that thing. Wait
This one means, "Kill Kirk"...
Thus, I will ride on the back.
Uh, the Wailing Wall is like this, uh...
Um, I've been on some form of it since I was 10 or so
Waiter 10, do you have your earpiece in?
Waiting for a friend. You?
We'll probably go over there after we bury your mom.
We're getting money for your present. Don't look so guilty.
Well, I thought you were a dick, so I guess that's good.
Well, I'll call you because I think he has it in his book.
Well, what do you do? I mean, I can't quit. Their insurance is amazing.
What is this place? What is it that you do down here?
What? I'm sorry. What?
When you're in the act of burying a close friend?
Why are you buying knives? I don't need knives.
Will you try it on now?
Wow. Um...
Yeah, it's weird, huh? You're, like, so freaked out right now.
Yeah. The ellipsis. It's dumb. It's dumb. It's an awful idea.
Yeah. Well, I was nine.
You can't really see it from the street, but it's there.
You can't really tell on Xena 'cause he's in the hairy gnome suit...
You should have seen the boat this Oriental guy had
You still, uh, acting and shit, right?
You'll see one day when you move out. Just sorta happens one day, and it's gone
You're gonna love the material
You're such a liar
Congratulations. It's not that big a deal. It's fixed.
For her funeral. Till now for her funeral.
Fuck. Oh, fuck.
Hey.! Large.!
How you doing, man? How you doing, man?
How'd she do it? I don't know. She wasn't*******. I didn't bury her.
It is? Yep.
It's refreshing. You should try it. Oh, no. Thanks.
Land! Oh, I mean, come on. Is she good? Wow, she's great.
Largeman. Kenny?
Mom, no. Absolutely.
Nice. Let's get fucked up
No, I can't. Yes, you can.
No, you get her a towel. Wait. Wait.
Oh, no, I hadn't planned on trying... Oh, my...
Really? He lives up on the hill
Silent Velcro
So can you give me a ride? Uh, yeah. I just, uh..
Stop doing that. What?
Thank you. Nice meeting you. You didn't. I'm Sam.
We're ready for you now. Oh, okay.
What is Tickle? Tickle's my favorite thing in the whole world.
What? I developed this little item.
What? No, nothin'. I just, uh...
Which? "Night Vision Goggles."
Yeah, I know. I know
You can do that? I can try.
You can go. It's okay. Don't feel bad." That's really funny.
You're the alligator? You can tell by the hands.
# Only, I don't know how
# Were all in my mouth
#Three times a lady #
#Turn me... ##