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Regular Show (2010) - Season 1

Regular Show (2010) - Season 1

Regular Show is an animated television show that aired its first season in 2010. Known for its quirky humor and lovable characters, this cartoon quickly gained a dedicated following. Created by J.G. Quintel, this show takes viewers on hilarious adventures with two best friends, a blue jay named Mordecai (voiced by J.G. Quintel himself) and a raccoon named Rigby (voiced by William Salyers).

Set in the fictional town of Elmore, Regular Show follows the day-to-day lives of Mordecai and Rigby, who work as groundskeepers at a park. However, don't be fooled by their job title! These two friends find themselves in peculiar and outlandish situations that often escalate into extraordinary experiences.

The dynamic duo is always getting into trouble, which usually stems from their laziness and love for procrastination. Their antics often involve magical creatures, bizarre events, and imaginative quests. Supporting characters add depth to the show, such as Pops (voiced by Sam Marin), an eccentric yet kind-hearted gumball machine, and Benson (voiced by Sam Marin), their hot-headed boss. The cast also includes Skips (voiced by Mark Hamill), a wise and immortal yeti, and Muscle Man (voiced by Sam Marin), a loud and boisterous park employee.

Regular Show's first season introduces some memorable episodes that have become fan favorites. "The Power" kicks off the series, where Mordecai and Rigby discover a mysterious keyboard that has the power to create anything they can imagine. However, things quickly spiral out of control as their creations come to life. In "Just Set Up the Chairs," the duo's negligence in setting up chairs for a birthday party leads them into a harrowing adventure to retrieve them. Another standout episode is "Grilled Cheese Deluxe," where Mordecai and Rigby must defeat a menacing sandwich monster.

One of the show's most distinctive features is its catchy soundtrack, composed by Mark Mothersbaugh. The music perfectly complements the show's dynamic and wild atmosphere. From whimsical melodies to energetic beats, the soundtrack adds an additional layer of fun to the series. Fans of the show can now play and download these sounds, immersing themselves in the Regular Show experience.

Regular Show received critical acclaim for its clever writing, memorable characters, and unique blend of humor. Its success led to the creation of eight seasons, delighting fans with more bizarre adventures and outrageous characters.

This animated gem appeals to both kids and adults, charming audiences with its offbeat humor and relatable themes. Through the absurd situations that Mordecai and Rigby find themselves in, viewers can connect with the show's underlying message about the importance of friendship and the significance of embracing responsibility.

Regular Show's first season catapulted the series into pop culture prominence, establishing it as a beloved cartoon. Its success can be attributed to the talented voice acting, engaging stories, and vibrant animation. Whether you're a fan of animated shows or simply looking for a lighthearted entertainment experience, Regular Show is undoubtedly worth a watch.

So kick back, relax, and embark on an incredible journey filled with surreal adventures, witty dialogue, and unforgettable characters. You won't be able to resist the charm of Regular Show's first season, and with the option to play and download the iconic sounds of the show, you can fully immerse yourself in this hilarious and offbeat world.

A two man ensemble?
Agh, you know about the open mic night?
Ah, he's not so cool.
Ah, I just about got this.
All this being right is making me hungry.
Alright, but we gotta have a cool band name.
Alright, everyone.
Alright, I got it!
And even if we mess up, you've always got this.
And finally, give it up for Mordecai and the Rigbys!
And he's an accountant.
And I don't wear clothes, just like you!
And I think you should make do, too.
And I wish I could trade you in for someone else.
And if you're us, doesn't that mean you suck too?
And just for a little while it was real.
And lip synching's not cool.
And pass ourselves off as a band.
And to top it all off,
And you embarrass me all the time,
And you'll be ready for your open mic in no time!
Anybody at all?
Are you having a game of tag, turds?
Are you... sure you still... want it?
At least shovel some cheese curls into my trash hole.
Augh, this sucks.
Aw, Don!
Aw, man, my mouth was open!
Aw, man.
Aw, what?
Aw, you don't like weightlifting singlets?
Awesome! Let's rock!
Awesome. I can't wait to see you guys play.
Aww, let me back in!
Aww, SICK!
Because you're like my brother.
Benson! Give me some sugar.
Besides, Don is cool.
Besides, it's too late to teach you anything else.
Body, you're worthless!
But an accountant's work is never done.
But I didn't get my body back in time and now look at me:
But I don't.
But I gave them more than enough!
But I kinda know what it's like...
But it turns out playing music's really hard to do.
But Mordecai, don't you like eating snacks for free?
But now we gotta play that open mic tomorrow!
But seriously, dude, I want my old body back.
But that's just our names!
But that's over.
But this is the moment where we teach you how to rock!
But we never learned how to play!
C'mon Five, let's bam!
C'mon, baby.
Call him.
Can you pass the ball?
Can you pass the ball?
Check it out! Bam!
Closing act?!
Come back!
Come here, guy!
Come on, ladies, play us a tasty lick!
Cos I have you, dude.
Coz we're you in ten years!
Did I do something?
Did somebody order an accountant?
Didn't you just hear us play?
Do come back soon!
Do it!
Do we get that thing we always wanted?
Do you have to leave already?
Do you wanna look like an idiot at the open mic?
Does anyone know someone who can help us?
Don, please!
Don, we brought you a cake.
Don! Wait!
Don. Good to meet ya.
Don't correct me! I know what it is!
Don't ruin this for us, Rigby.
Don't tell me what to do!
Don't worry. You know enough. You're gonna be fine!
Don't wory, dude. I think we can get it back in time.
Don't you dare!
Don't you have taxis to do?
Don't you wanna be a part of that?
Don't... Don't send it! Don't!
Dude, all these snacks are free, dude.
Dude, check it!
Dude, he could ruin my life!
Dude, he could save the park!
Dude, I don't know, it's like ditched him or something
Dude, I'm telling you.
Dude, in your face! I was right!
Dude, just be cool until he stops the audit.
Dude, quit being a loser.
Dude, quit being a loser.
Dude, seriously,
Dude, this is bad.
Dude, this is perfect!
Dude, this isn't working! I can't understand anything.
Dude, we did it! I got my body back!
Dude, we don't even have any fans.
Dude, we gotta keep going.
Dude, what are you doing? He was almost done!
Dude, what do you have against Don?
Dude, who are you guys?
Dude! Check it out, man! They're here!
Dude! I'm open, I'm open, dude!
Dude? No, wait Don!
Eating a salad.
Enjoying your game?
Everyone likes you better,
Everyone thinks you're my older brother.
Finders keepers.
Fine. Mordecai, you call him.
Fine. Play the record.
From eating too much junk food.
Get everyone pumped for the closing act.
Get outta my body!
Gig's in 20 minutes.
Gimme back my body!
Gimme some snacks!
Give me my body back!
Give me some sugar, bro.
Go long, dude!
Good personal hygiene...
Guys! Guys! Guys!
Guys? Guys?
Happy birthday, bro!
Have you guys seen Rigby?
He looks just like Rigby!
He was always greedy with the sugar.
He's actually pretty cool.
He's close.
He's mad about the birthday party.
He's too fast.
Hello, "Mordo".
Here's a small.
Hey, can I have one of those?
Hey, did you work out way too hard, too?
Hey, guys! What's up?
Hey, look, I don't blame you.
Hey, Mordo! We playing or what?!
Hey, Rigby!
Hey, you two!
Hey! We know someone!
Hey! What are you doin' with my body?!
Hold on this is gonna be close.
Holy crap!
How about a little pre saving the park sugar?
How do I look?
How do I send this thing?
How'd you learn to be so good, Pops?
I can finish this up myself.
I can hand these out for you guys.
I can't believe they're gonna play tonight.
I can't believe you can't do a simple clean and jerk!
I can't believe you!
I can't let him stay like this.
I can't wait for you to get out of my life!
I changed it. Awesome, right?
I could have gone pro.
I didn't mean to steal your friends!
I didn't realize accounting could be so fascinating.
I don't know if I want to listen to the guy
I don't know why you thought this open mic would be embarrassing.
I don't know, is it more boring than my fist in your face?
I don't know!
I don't want your freakin' sugar!
I dunno!
I feel so much better.
I found the body, but you'd better hurry.
I get my hair cut like you,
I get to pick.
I got it!
I got some bad news.
I gotta get out of here.
I guess it is kinda hard to move around without my body.
I guess this means I was right about the snack bar.
I haven't seen you in forever.
I just can't finish the audit.
I just didn't want her to think we had a stupid fake band!
I just have to do one more thing.
I just wanted to give you some birthday sugar.
I know someone who can help.
I know the lyrics backwards and forwards.
I need to eat something healthy. Like a salad or something.
I need your help with the augit, bro.
I really wish you wouldn't teach him those words.
I still need some sugar, bro!
I think it's the funnest job at the park.
I think it's time we all take a well deserved break.
I think you're kinda awkward to look at,
I thought you were so cool.
I told him he was full of it!
I tried to do the taxis!
I try to look like you,
I was just trying to be cool like you.
I wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise.
I wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise.
I... I had no idea.
I'll give you some sugar, Don.
I'll never treat you like that again.
I'll show him.
I'll take care of the body. You go find Rigby.
I'll take it from here!
I'm always in your shadow.
I'm Benson.
I'm just getting some sugar, dude!
I'm just gonna chill inside this bucket!
I'm just lucky I get do what I love.