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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, consider it. We're listening.
And the system's gonna fail
Anybody know anything about the law?
Are you from the power company?
Back up against this.
Because it's there.
But I don't think they believed me
Can't go in the water without your paddle, boy.
Come on, get on up there
Could you show us where it happened?
Didn't think it could be done.
Does he think he is Tarzan, or what?
Don't quit, don't quit. Come on, paddle, paddle.
Don't say anything, just do it.
Drew Ballinger
Ed, I think they found that other canoe..
Faster, boy
From Aintry on up.
Good bye, Ed
Good night, Lewis
Good, push straight ahead
Has he been awake yet?
Hold it, or I'll blow your guts out all over these woods.
How do you know that other guy hasn't already gone for the police?
How goes it?
How we gonna get there, Lewis?
Hundreds of feet deep.
I don't know what that means, but I'll go along with you.
I don't understand how anyone could shoot an animal
I never said that
I think so, yes.
I think this is where everything finishes up
I'll be damned if I'll come back and stand trial...
I'll give you $30 to take those cars down to Aintry
I'm not used to bein' hollered at
I'm takin' roll call!
If a bullet made this, there are people who can tell
Is this a matter of money?
Isn't that pitiful?
It's a center shot
It's cold!
It's important that we get together on this thing.
It's there all right
Jesus Christ!
Just take 'em right off!
Lewis, somethin's wrong. To the side.
Look at this!
Look there, that's sharp. I bet it'd shave a hair.
Mr. Queen thought maybe you all..
Never better
Night has fallen.
No! Go on!
No. It ain't as bad as I thought.
Now, stay just there. Now, be real still
Put your jacket on, Drew
That much law I do know
That's my '51 Dodge.
There he is!
They're gonna flood a whole valley, Bobby.
This ain't one of your fuckin' games!
This is justifiable homicide if anything is
To the left.
Wait, we can talk this thing over.
Was he shot?
We ain't gonna be so goddamned hard to follow, draggin' a corpse.
We can't move out of here in the dark
We killed a man, Drew.
We saved you a seat
We're back! We made it!
Well, I am telling you, Lewis, I don't want any part of it
Well, we didn't.
Well, you are part of it!
What did you tell him, Bobby?
What do we do now?
What happened?
What in the hell are Lewis and Drew doin' up there anyway?
What in the world happened to you guys?
What is it?
What the hell are we gonna do...
What the hell I tell you? He's something else, ain't he?
Where's Drew?
Where's the law, Drew?
Why don't you try it and see?
Yeah, there's some people up there that ain't never seen a town before
You can't wait for it.
You don't beat this river
You get in there and can't get out, you gonna wish it wasn't.
You good for $10?
You mean that other guy shot him?
You shut up
You're losin' glass on your bow.
You're not involved in this
You're ruined! Lewis, you're ruined!
Back here
Don't you understand? We understand
Get up there. All right.
I'm gonna pull in
Left. Watch your head.
Lewis. Are you all right?
Look up ahead where you're goin'! All right, I'm lookin'.
No, I didn't. I know damn well you did
That's good. That's very good, sir
Want me to drive Drew's car back? No
...back up in there somewhere. water... That's nice. we said
...then we sure as hell know where he's gonna be