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The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) Soundboard

The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) Soundboard

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a movie released in the year 2000, directed by Robert Redford. The film stars Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize Theron in leading roles. This enchanting and inspiring movie takes audiences on a mystical journey with a touch of sportsmanship.

Set in the 1930s during the Great Depression, the story revolves around Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon), a former golf prodigy from Savannah, Georgia, who returns home wounded and mentally scarred after serving in World War I. Struggling to find purpose and haunted by his past, Junuh finds himself in a challenging situation when he is asked to participate in a high-stakes golf tournament known as the Savannah Open.

Enter the enigmatic character of Bagger Vance (Will Smith), a mystical caddy with an otherworldly wisdom and a deep understanding of the game of golf. Bagger Vance offers to be Junuh's caddy, guiding him back to his former glory on the golf course and, more importantly, in life. Together with the support of his childhood sweetheart, Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron), who is now struggling to keep her family estate afloat, Junuh embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

The Legend of Bagger Vance intricately weaves together themes of spirituality, redemption, and the power of the human spirit. Bagger Vance serves as Junuh's guiding light, reminding him of his true potential and the importance of finding his swing, both on and off the golf course. Through his teachings, Junuh learns to overcome his past traumas and regain his love for the game, teaching the audience invaluable lessons about perseverance and the beauty of the inner self.

The film's cast delivers exceptional performances, creating a memorable and touching experience. Matt Damon portrays the tormented Rannulph Junuh with depth and vulnerability, capturing the character's journey from brokenness to redemption. Will Smith shines in the role of Bagger Vance, bringing a charismatic and mystical quality to the character. Charlize Theron brings her grace and beauty to the screen as Adele Invergordon, a strong-willed woman determined to save her family estate. The chemistry between the three leads is palpable and adds to the film's emotional impact.

The captivating storytelling of The Legend of Bagger Vance is augmented by a melodious and soulful soundtrack. Composed by Rachel Portman, the music accentuates the film's emotional undertones, elevating the viewer's experience. This enchanting soundtrack includes memorable tracks such as "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "Bagger Offers, Junuh Quits," and "After the Storm." The music seamlessly blends with the stunning cinematography, capturing the beauty of the golf course and the Southern landscape.

For fans of the movie, there are opportunities to play and download the film's iconic sounds. These timeless melodies serve as a beautiful reminder of the enchanting journey portrayed on-screen. Whether reliving Junuh's transformational moments or simply enjoying the melodic beauty of the soundtrack, the ability to play and download these sounds adds another layer to the movie's enduring impact.

In conclusion, The Legend of Bagger Vance is a remarkable movie that excels in its storytelling, performances, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. It takes viewers on a captivating journey of redemption and self-discovery, reminding them of the power of resilience and the importance of finding one's inner strength. With an outstanding cast and a brilliant director like Robert Redford at the helm, this film is a true gem worth experiencing.

Ah, you'd be good company. That's all I'm sayin'.
All four golf championships in a single year
All four major golf championships in a single year !
And all that you are.
And I'm sure that you boys would think I've been drinkin' too much blackjack tea
And in one stretch,
And nobody, absolutely nobody..
And ours was Rannulph Junuh, an athlete who was a born winner
And the answer is that it's all a matter of brain cells.
And then stand there.
And used it to pay up every man and woman he owed...
Authentic ?
Bagger Vance or Miss Adele Invergordon.
Bagger Vance the name.
Bagger, my putter's got more loft than this thing.
Beach. Go ball, go.
Becomes one.
But even he was the first to say that his most significant victory...
But Hagen had long ago learned one thing.
But I'll be seein' ya.
But I'm not a naturally apologetic woman, so it takes me longer...
But since our little encounter last night, I've been thinking.
But somehow, in the middle of it all,
By virtue of the draw,
Can he make this miracle shot ? And he swings !
Can you be certain ? Sometimes a ball will shudder...
Close my You can't make that ball go in that hole.
Come on. That ain't it.
Do you think one of them damn rich Yankees...
Don't hold nothin' back.
Don't think about it. Feel it. You're lookin' at it, Junuh.
Don't worry about him. He's out like a light
Don't worry about hittin' the ball the way it's gonna go.
Except for, perhaps, Bobby Jones, who will be playing in our Krewe Island tournament
Fighting the way you are. It's damn noble
Fly, lad, with winged sandals on your feet !
For $5 guaranteed, I'm offerin' you my caddie services.
Gentlemen, excuse me, excuse me. Let's give Mr. Junuh some room.
Go on.
Gonna be just about the same moment I decide I'm gonna tell you yeah.
Grow up, Hardy. It ain't time for me to grow up, Mr. Junuh.
Hagen wants Spec to hold the flag for him in case he sinks it.
Hagen, on the other hand, hit more bad shots in a single game..
He had a way of making the difficult shots look easy...
He's pulled within three of Jones and two of Hagen.
Hittin' balls off into dark where he can't even see 'em.
How that suit you ?
However far it takes.
I ain't scared.
I came for Rannulph Junuh.
I can explain it if you like. I don't believe that will be necessary !
I couldn't breathe if it weren't for this game of golf.
I don't wanna do anything that might disrupt your concentration or anything.
I hear he's so far gone, he wouldn't know a putter from a pussy willow.
I saw Junuh play once. Then he disappeared.
I'd make it more, gentlemen,
I'd never seen a swing so sweet...
I'm gonna miss playing Walter.
If you want some food or somethin', you can go on into the house, help yourself
Interesting match.
Is one true, authentic swing.
Is that a fact ? Alone.
It was a good thing, too, 'cause those greens probably would have been the end of me anyway
It was too long ago.
It's time for you to go home, Hardy
It's too late for I'm sorry, Junuh !
Just bash the livin' shit out of it.
Just like that one there.
Just you and the ball. All by your lonesome.
Keep 'em. Thank you kindly, sir.
Let me talk to him, Neskaloosa.
Let me tell you something. There's no difference between winning and losing...
Let yourself remember. Rememberyour swing.
Let's go. Let's go !
Like a butterfly with sore feet
Listen to the sounds of the night.
Look right over here. Okay.
Make it. [ Chuckles ]
May I make a suggestion to you ?
Maybe you thought you was just gonna sashay out onto that green...
Mr. Junuh returned from the war a hero,
My very own father, who says that he was a good friend of yours...
My wife used to ask me, before she passed on,
Nice shot. Absolutely.
No. I think this is a very good time.
Nobody holds your father responsible for this depression, Adele !
Now I got nothin' at all to show for it.
Now is the time, Junuh.
Now, we need the Yankee,
Oh, no, sir. It was just a moment ago.
Oh, yes. Greatest game there is
Oh. Well, thank you, sir.
On behalf of the great city of Savannah
Or would you like some preliminary romancin' ?
People came from far and wide.
Playin' an exhibition match for ten grand ?
Pretty entertaining out there today, huh ?
Really, just do what you been doin'. Then you'll be so far out the match,
She just went into Louder's Notions. I could swear it's her.
Shh !
So what's in it for you ? Pride
So, where you off to ?
So, you want my apology or not ? No.
Some folks even forget what they swing was like.
Take your stance.
Thank you. Thank you. I'd like to have a word with you, Junuh.
That's a good thing.
That's a good thing.
That's the Junuh I know.
That's what the people want. Entertainment.
The match had been designed as the ultimate championship:
The meaning of it all is that there is no meaning.
The South. The real South
There's a perfect shot out there tryin' to find each and every one of us.
This is gonna take everything I got.
This is when a man needs pals in the mermaids' union.
This town is gonna give you the biggest damn parade you ever seen !
This, of course, is Miss Adele Invergordon's..
Until you lost your mind in the war.
Was declared a holiday.
Was which demon was givin' him the most aggravation:
We got to go find it.
We need someone from Savannah playin' in our tournament !
Well, it seems like yesterday I used to see old guys like me,
Well, that depends
Well, you have done a hell of a job of it so far. Okay, okay !
Well, you're wastin' your time ? I'm not playin'.
What a hopeless case you was the most ?
What about Junuh ?
What brings you here, Hardy ?
What's lost is lost. A man lives. A man dies.
What's your name, son ?
When I was just a youngster in Savannah, Georgia
When you start the day eight strokes back.
Where'd it go ?
Where's Junuh lie ?
Whupped you by 12 strokes on your very own course
Why ?
Why don't you just loose your grip up a smidge ?
Why is that ?
Wilbur Charles's dad can't get work neither,
With enthusiasm
Wonder why they still bothered with this crazy game
Would you play in the match if I had sex with you ?
Yeah, I always felt a man's grip on his club..
Yeah, I believe it was.
Yeah, the rhythm of the game just like the rhythm of life.
Yeah. That's a good one there.
Yep, inside each and every one of us...
You can't win ?
You don't understand.
You gonna hit the ball or are you gonna dance with it ?
You pick up Mr. Junuh bag.
You through with that, we got us some measurin' to do out on the course.
You walk out of here like this, you'll never caddie in Georgia again,
You're in tears over Savannah ? I am
You've got no illusions that there's anything out there worth gettin' riled up about.
Brain cells ? That's right, Hardy
Give 'em hell. You can do it !
It's possible. Well, it's possible, son, but it's not very likely.
Stop it. I'm trying to tell you about overcoming adversity.
The flag ! Pull the flag, Hardy. Yes, sir.
You don't want $1,000 ? You done already said you ain't even playin'.
[ Applauding ]
[ Bushes Rustling ]
[ Car Horn Squawking ]
[ Car Horns Honking ]
[ Cheering ]
[ Distant Cheering ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Gunshot ] [ Gasps ] [ Barks ]
[ Indistinct ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Man #2: Indistinct ]
[ Narrator ] But fate plays funny tricks
[ Narrator ] By the end of five holes, Junuh was five strokes behind...
[ Narrator ] I was ten years old when Junuh came home
[ Narrator ] It's hard to imagine three more different approaches to the game of golf.
¶¶ [ Music Starts ]