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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Soundboard

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Soundboard

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a 1998 movie directed by Terry Gilliam, based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson. This highly unconventional and psychedelic film takes viewers on a wild and chaotic journey through the twisted minds of its characters, exploring themes of the American Dream, excess, and the darker underbelly of society.

The movie stars Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke, a journalist who embarks on a drug-fueled odyssey to cover a motorcycle race in Las Vegas. Depp's portrayal of Duke is delightfully unhinged, capturing the manic energy and larger-than-life persona of the real-life Hunter S. Thompson. His performance is both outrageous and captivating, elevating the film to a whole new level.

Duke is accompanied by his attorney and friend, Dr. Gonzo, played by Benicio Del Toro. Del Toro’s portrayal of the eccentric, drug-addled lawyer is a brilliant showcase of his acting skills. He fully immerses himself in the character, delivering a fearless and raw performance that perfectly complements Depp's energy.

The chemistry between Depp and Del Toro is electric, as they bounce off each other with wild abandon. Their dynamic is at the heart of the film, driving the narrative forward and creating a sense of chaos and madness that permeates every scene.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is known for its unique and trippy visual style. Gilliam employs a barrage of visual effects, quick cuts, and distorted imagery, creating a sense of disorientation and unease that mirrors the characters' drug-induced haze. The film truly captures the bizarre essence of Thompson's writing, creating an immersive and mind-bending experience for the audience.

The soundtrack of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is as eclectic as the film itself. With a mix of classic rock, psychedelic tracks, and contemporary music, the soundtrack perfectly complements the film's tone and enhances the overall experience. Artists like Tom Jones, Jefferson Airplane, and The Yardbirds contribute to the film's atmosphere, transporting viewers back to the drug-fueled heyday of the 1960s and 70s.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas can be viewed as a scathing critique of the American Dream. As the characters journey through Las Vegas, they encounter excessive consumerism, shallow aspirations, and a decayed sense of morality. The film unveils the dark underbelly beneath the bright lights and glamour, portraying the city as a distorted reflection of society's values.

Beyond its surface-level chaos and debauchery, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas delves into the complex psyche of its characters. It explores the highs and lows of drug-induced euphoria, the pursuit of a higher truth, and the inevitable comedown that follows. The film juxtaposes moments of humor with profound moments of introspection, resulting in a thought-provoking and multifaceted viewing experience.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is not a film for everyone, as its unique and frenetic style can be overwhelming for some viewers. However, for those willing to immerse themselves in the manic world it creates, it offers a captivating and unforgettable journey into the heart of madness.

If you're curious to dive into the soundscape of this thrilling film, you can play and download the soundtrack here. Immerse yourself in the psychedelic tunes, jarring visuals, and exceptional performances that make Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a cult classic that continues to captivate audiences to this day.

A generation of permanent cripples,
All right, Alice.
All right, look …
All right, man.
All right, man. Doing very well.
All right. You stay here and go to jail. I'm leaving.
All these signs of violence.
Allowing the hopes for peace and freedom of millions of people
And away we go!
And it's only 16 blocks from here. It has a pool, sauna, steam.
And on top of everything else I had a gigantic goddamn hotel bill to deal with
And then about halfway through its second hour,
And then you'd notice about six huge, hairy tits
And these crude pornographic photos
And they took me to the hotel.
And you killed Jesus.
And you know what that means.
And you may not know why
And, sweet Jesus,
Angina pectoris.
Are we here to entertain ourselves or do the job?
Are you prejudiced?
As your attorney, I advise you to drive at top speed
Awake? What do you mean?
Back there
Before the deadline for press registration.
Blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue.
Boy, this is really a nice pen, man.
But I never expected to hear you actually say that kind of stuff.
But it's all right
But once you get locked into a serious drug collection,
But someone was looking for you.
But the room was quiet again.
But we have a problem.
But when you get there everything goes wrong.
But you will be ready for him. Brace for the G s. Fast heel toe work.
Call Lucy …
Can this really be the end?
Certainly, sir.
Cheap! The real stuff.
Come back and have a beer!
Come on in!
Could possibly believe it.
Did you eat all this acid?
Do me one last favor, Lord.
Do the job, of course.
Don't fuck around, man. This is serious.
Don't give me that bullshit.
Duke, Raoul.
Eat a big handful and see what happens.
Even if you manage to beat that, they'll still send you back to Nevada
Every two minutes
Excuse me.
Extremely menacing vibrations were all around us.
Feed your head
Finish the fucking story, man!
For **** and consensual sodomy.
For your love
For your love
Forget about it. He attacked an old man.
Fuck you. I'm gonna have to take the blame. They'll crucify me.
Fuck, man, it's the fucking Great Deluge in here.
Get back in the tub.
Get him!
Get up, you pig fucker!
Good morning. How are you?
Grow claws, bleeding warts.
He crashed around America, selling consciousness expansion
He got a hold of my baby, yeah.
He's not just some dingbat I found on the Strip, man.
He's paying for this suite, Lucy.
Hello! Anyone?
Here I was, alone in Las Vegas,
Here we go
Here's your half of the sunshine acid. Eat it.
Hey, honkies! Goddamn it!
Hey, listen, you …
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hi, Lucy. God bless.
Hold on, man.
Holy smokes!
How about some ether?
How long do I have?
How many nights and weird mornings had this shit been going on?
How much do you think you'd take for the ape?
How much for the ape?
I advised you to proceed to the next rest area, your stated destination, right?
I couldn't remember.
I desperately needed peace, rest, sanctuary.
I felt like a Nazi, but it had to be done.
I go to sleep now, I'm dead for 20 hours.
I had witnessed the start.
I hate dope.
I know.
I need a fucking lawyer immediately!
I need this, right?
I need you for my own
I think my attorney made the reservations.
I wanna leave fast. Okay
I want to sell you some pure fucking scag.
I want you to throw that fucking radio
I was drowned I was washed up and left for dead
I'd like you to go up there, pull over and get a few hours' sleep.
I'll cripple your ass for this.
I'll do it. Fuck, man.
I'll plunge this into your fucking throat.
I'll remember your face.
I'll try.
I'll use a different name. I'll let you know what it is.
I'm a Doctor of Journalism, man.
I'm gonna go get the car washed.
I'm gonna let myself out.
I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash. It's a gas, gas, gas
I'm just gonna try different combinations of lenses and film
I'm leaving here in two hours.
I'm very sorry, sir, but you're on the late list.
If I wind up broke then I'll always remember
If the Nazis had won the War.
If we keep her full of acid, that's more like two grand a day, maybe three.
In a few hours, she'll probably be sane enough to work herself
In fact, it's a gas
In the patio section, of course.
It crept up my spine like first rising vibes of an acid frenzy.
It was Duke! Lucy! Lucy!
It was time to do the job.
It was time, I felt,
It's a sidewalk!
It's gonna be a very difficult day.
It's me.
It's the Mint 400.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, we're finished.
Jesus Christ. Take your time!
Jesus God Almighty, look at that bunch over there, man.
Jumpin' Jack Flash. It's a gas
Just another freak in the freak kingdom.
Just another ugly refugee from the love generation.
Just let me get rid of this goddamn car and off this horrible desert.
Just press play.
Know your dope fiend.
Lacerda. Your photographer.
Land crab.
Learn to enjoy losing.
Let's find a good seafood restaurant and eat some red salmon.
Let's get out of here. Where's the elevator?
Let's pay this bill, get up very slowly.
Look at your face. You're about to explode.
Look, fella, I have explained to you.
Look, the telegram is actually all scrambled.
Lucy was a potentially fatal millstone on both our necks.
Magic moments
Marlin spike around yelling about reptiles.
Maybe I should take a swim, I thought.
Medicine? Oh, yeah, medicine. Right.
More like Sunday.
My attorney had never been able to accept the notion
Never mind.
No mix of words or music or memories
No more of that, okay? That's my client, Lucy.
No point in mentioning these bats, I thought.
No, fuck! Don't go near the elevator, man!
No, I'm moving to the Tropicana right away.
No, no, no!
Not much
Not yet. I want to study its habits.
Now … Don't let me keep you up.
Now you wanna kill me.
Now, now, now.
O gay and et gay the
Of everything right and true in the national character.
Of mean tempered, rule crazy cops.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God Almighty. Help! Help! Help me! Help!
Oh, God! What's that?
Oh, God.
Oh, look! What?
Oh, Mama
Oh, my God. There's someone at the door.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. I forgot about the beer. You want some?
Oh, wait. You see that?
Okay, I'll lend you some money.
One of the things you learn
One toke over the line Sweet Jesus
One toke, man!
One toke, you poor fool?
Pineal gland.
Pretend it's not happening.
Pure Gonzo journalism.
Put on the radio.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Refers to the reefer butt as a roach
Right here, right here.
Right here.
Right there in that fucking tub
Roll every goddamn window down.
Savage Henry has cashed his check
She came all the way down …
She fell in love with me, man.