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GENESIS Soundboard

GENESIS Soundboard

GEIS: A Mystical Journey of Sound and Sight

Yearning for an escape from the mundane reality? Look no further, as the immersive experience of GEIS is here to transport you to an extraordinary realm. GEIS, released in the year unknown, is a groundbreaking audiovisual masterpiece that unravels an enchanting narrative through a combination of mesmerizing sounds and captivating visuals. With its expansive landscapes, evocative melodies, and captivating storyline, GEIS has become a cult favorite among audiophiles and visual enthusiasts alike.


1. Aiyana Hartsong - The ethereal vocalist and lead performer of GEIS, Aiyana Hartsong's hauntingly beautiful voice serves as the guiding force throughout this mystical journey. Her soul-stirring melodies resonate with the depths of our imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Band Members:

1. Seraphin Greywood (Drums) - Known for his intricate rhythms and percussive brilliance, Seraphin Greywood drives the mesmerizing beats that accompany the mystical world of GEIS. His skillful drumming adds a primal energy to the experience, pulling the audience deeper into the fantastical realm.

2. Elias Nightshade (Keyboard) - With his otherworldly command over the keyboard, Elias Nightshade takes the melodies of GEIS to new heights. His intricate compositions create an atmosphere of wonder and awe, luring the audience into a state of blissful surrender.

3. Thorn Mosswood (Guitar) - The spellbinding riffs and melodies generated by Thorn Mosswood's guitar playing give life to the visual landscapes woven within GEIS. His mastery over the instrument amplifies the emotional depth of the journey, leading the audience through moments of intense excitement and profound introspection.

4. Luna Whispersong (Bass) - Luna Whispersong's bass reverberates through the very core of GEIS, grounding the ethereal melodies with a solid foundation. Her deep, resonant tones add a sense of stability amid the mystical chaos, ensuring the audience remains tethered to the compelling narrative.

GEIS takes the viewer on an enthralling voyage through an enchanting world where dreams blend seamlessly with reality. The film showcases breathtaking landscapes, silhouetted against the backdrop of a mystical sky. From towering mountains to cascading waterfalls, the visuals of GEIS evoke a sense of awe-inspiring beauty.

As the breathtaking scenery unfolds, the audience is swept away by the enchanting sounds that accompany the visuals. Aiyana Hartsong's hauntingly beautiful voice intertwines with Seraphin Greywood's pulsating drums, Elias Nightshade's mesmerizing keyboard melodies, Thorn Mosswood's ethereal guitar riffs, and Luna Whispersong's resonant bass, transcending the boundaries of ordinary perception.

These sensational sounds are not limited to the viewing experience alone. GEIS offers a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the mystical realm of the film by providing a platform to play and download the enchanting music featured in the journey. Listeners can navigate through the celestial melodies and transport themselves to the enchanted landscapes of GEIS at their leisure, breathing life into their own imaginative voyages.

GEIS is more than just a movie; it is a transcendent experience that captivates the senses, stirring the depths of our souls and igniting our creative spirits. Its combination of immersive visuals and breathtaking soundscapes creates an unparalleled journey into the realm of the extraordinary.

So, take a step into the unknown, embrace the magic of GEIS, and let the mystical sounds and sights carry you away into a world beyond imagination. Play and download these otherworldly sounds here, as your journey begins through the captivating world of GEIS.

All my fears, are drifting by me so slowly now
Alone with you
And not much love to go round
And these are the hands we're given
And these are the hands we're given
As I held you tight
Burning into the night.
But I can hear the marching feet
But I can see the fire's still alight
Everyday, is such a perfect day to spend
Fading away
I feel so safe, and so secure
Just where our lives are going to.
Making too many problems
Now did you read the news today
Now this is the world we live in
Ooh Superman where are you now
Stay with me
That we know, we'll never keep.
The night is long, but you are here
There's too many men
There's too many people
This is the world we live in
Use them and let's start trying
(Oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh)