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Home > Golem Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
And me understand love.
Breathing 2
But Mama say me can be human.
Bye bye, Mama.
Bye, bye.
Curse good. Just wanted to learn curse.
Curse, curse make human. Beast. Curse make me human.
Death guard me can be human.
Do not want.
Fighting bad, but now must fight.
Flying bird.
Get out.
Human fear me. Me no like it.
I break you.
Liar. Lying bad. Curse good. Tell me.
Love is fighting than me understand love.
Love what? Love. Love tasty.
Mama, we find you.
Me afraid so. Me fight.
Me afraid to be gone. But me, more afraid, all human be gone.
Me angry.
Me become human.
Me can be human.
Me can't control it.
Me cannot think.
Me fight for human, that what human do.
Me fight for human.
Me fight now.
Me fight strong.
Me fight to live.
Me got you.
Me happy.
Me happy.
Me here, me fight.
Me is the only me.
Me loose thinking.
Me must protect me, grow strong.
Me no like it.
Me not enemy.
Me not lose.
Me not made to lose.
Me not slave me want freedom.
Me not want to fight, do not want.
Me OK.
Me protect human.
Me remember you make me say me can be human.
Me so real me happy.
Me strong.
Me think so. Me human.
Me think therefore, me win.
Me want freedom.
Me want to know.
Me want to live. Why you stop me?
Me win.
Me. Fight.
Me. Smash.
Me. You.
No, me no afraid.
No, me. Be gone.
Now me think for self.
Ohh me fight.
Tell me.
What makes human human?
Where is place for me?
Where you look?
Why me here?
Why me live?
Why you fight?
Why you make me?
Why you stop me?
You afraid?
You know have heart, so me win.
You know, escape.
You say me can be human, me want to believe.
You. Me.
う、うん。 うわー。
うわー。 ああ。