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Rock Dog (2017 Movie) – Official Trailer Soundboard

Rock Dog (2017 Movie) – Official Trailer Soundboard

Rock Dog is a delightful animated film released in 2017 that tells the story of Bodi, a Tibetan Mastiff with big dreams of pursuing a career in music instead of following the footsteps of his father, who guards a peaceful village. Directed by Ash Brannon, the movie takes viewers on an enchanting journey filled with heartwarming moments and catchy tunes.

The cast of Rock Dog features an impressive lineup of talented actors and actresses who lend their voices to bring the characters to life. Bodi is voiced by Luke Wilson, who skillfully captures the dog's determination and passion for music. The legendary Eddie Izzard lends his voice to the role of Angus Scattergood, a famous music icon who becomes an unexpected mentor to Bodi. Additionally, J.K. Simmons provides his voice for Khampa, Bodi's protective father, and Mae Whitman takes on the role of Darma, Bodi's loyal friend.

The movie revolves around Bodi's journey to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star. After discovering a radio that falls from the sky, Bodi becomes inspired by the sounds of rock music. He leaves his village in pursuit of his dreams, arriving in a bustling city where he meets Angus Scattergood, who challenges him to find his own unique voice as an artist. Along the way, Bodi faces numerous challenges, but with the support of his newfound friends, he dares to embrace his passion for music and prove that he has what it takes to rock the world.

Rock Dog is a visually stunning film that captures the beauty of the Tibetan landscape and seamlessly blends it with the vibrant energy of music. The animation style and attention to detail make for an engaging and immersive viewing experience. Beyond the entertaining storyline, the movie also carries a strong message about following one's dreams, even in the face of adversity.

The film features an incredible soundtrack filled with catchy and original songs. From the energetic "Glorious" by Adam Friedman to the heartfelt "Stay" by Jemaine Clement, the music perfectly complements the story's themes of self-discovery and perseverance. Fans of the movie can play and download these amazing sounds, fully immersing themselves in the world of Rock Dog.

In conclusion, Rock Dog is an enchanting animated film that tells the inspiring journey of a young dog's pursuit of his passion for music. Released in 2017, the movie boasts an exceptional voice cast and stunning animation. With its heartwarming story, captivating visuals, and toe-tapping soundtrack, Rock Dog is a must-watch film for all ages. So sit back, press play, and prepare to be taken on a rockin' adventure.

Bring him to me
But the dog who was bred to guard them
Discover your power
Follow your passion
Follow your passion That was a nutter
He'll make his dream a reality
Scour every square inch of this city and find him
What's this?
You're gonna find one. It doesn't just happen overnight