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Ah, fuck you.
Alright, which one of you crap your pants?
Am I drunk or am I being attacked by Space Monkey?
Anyone else smell bacon?
Called bourgeois.
Come baby, we do the 59.
Come baby, we'll do the 59.
Come, let's dance through babushka.
Day by the hand of Nikolai hey the dream.
Death to you, demon spawn.
Did you guys hear that voice?
Die again? Helbig.
Die hell dog.
Die now, son of bitch.
Die, you filthy creature.
Die, you filthy dogs.
Does anyone else hear that or is it just me?
Does anyone else hear that?
Donnie slime thing die, die.
Down sucka.
Either I'm drunk or that box is flying around.
Either I'm good or I'm drunk.
Either I'm surrounded or I'm seeing double.
Electric company.
Exactly what I need.
Filthy capitalist pig.
First it takes my money, then it disappears, just like my fourth wife.
From Russia with great affection.
Fuck you, monkey.
Fuck you, teddy bear.
Fuck you.
Get off of me, swine.
Good times.
Got it.
Have a round on me, get it? Because never mind. Fuck you.
He freaked me out.
He tried to take my vodka.
Hello beautiful.
Hello, Gray.
Hey, the dreams.
Hey, there's power going to that thingy now.
Hi, Dempsey.
Holy shit.
Honey, I'm home.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. Come on.
I am coming for you.
I am Nikolai.
I am surrounded by hell pigs.
I bring home flowers.
I cannot really count above 10.
I couldn't barely see.
I did something.
I drink to the nuclear bomb.
I found another rock, but no vodka.
I got food in my mouth.
I have more for you.
I have more luck when I'm drunker.
I have no job.
I just killed a billion zombies.
I know this well.
I like it rough, but not that rough.
I like your monkey Dempsey.
I look pretty sexy holding this big gun.
I look pretty sexy.
I made a very big mess.
I need another drink.
I shall piss in style here.
I think I'm alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around.
I think they're all trying to steal my vodka.
I think we need to do something about the power.
I will cock you gently.
I will put you out of your misery now.
I'll drink to your death.
I'll take them out gangster style, yeah.
I'm drunk.
If only I had time to piss on you too.
Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
Is making my headache worse.
It is happy hour.
It pains me to kill you again, comrade.
It's that clicking again.
Just like home.
Just what the doctor ordered.
Let's dance through your bushka.
Let's have a drink.
Like my fourth wife.
Maybe I give you a small taste of my wodka someday. Someday.
Maybe I should just drink instead piss on someone.
Maybe I'll just sit here and nap.
Maybe I'm not drinking enough.
Maybe not.
Maybe someone should go turn on the power now.
Maybe the evil monkey will eat you, takayo.
Moscow Electric company.
My vision is blurry.
My Wonka, mine, mine own.
Never mess with our Soviet.
Never mess with the Russian when drinks are on the line.
Nicolaas coming for you.
Night demons fun.
Nikolai cannot die.
Nikolai is coming for you.
No more drinks for you. You've been cut off here.
No power.
No vodka for you?
No, it's my vodka. Mine, mine own.
Now that's what I call a goulash.
Oh, that makes me feel a little woozy.
Ohh goodie.
Ohh I feel stupid.
Ohh I found the rock great.
Ohh look at how shiny she is.
Ohh my shins.
Ohh no.
Ohh shit.
Ohh this is like standing in grocery line.
Ohh well maybe I'll just sit here and nap.
Ohh, that smells disgusting. Like my fourth wife. She pretty, though pretty and smelly. Weird combo.
Ohh, that sounds like trouble.
Ohranger bang.
Perfect. I shall piss in style here.
Please, I have no job.
Reach for what good tonight.
Ripped your skin from your bones.
Screw all of you.
Screw you, teddy bear.
See, This is why I hate you so much.
Sexy Russian Nikolai.
Share it with me. Your treasures, not your junk.
Sit him loose so it dies.
Snipers may wear diapers, but we get all the ladies hey, hey.
So you're dead now, but you are dead before I fuck you.
Space monkey.
Stand up and say that to my face.
Stay away from my vodka.
Stay off my boots hill, pig.
Stop scratching me.
Taste the flames of hell.
Taste the power of the red menace.
Thank you.
That sounds like trouble.
That stripper must have stolen my money.
That was satisfying.
The monkeys are stealing my stuff.
The rovy.
The son of a bitch.
Them I keep forgetting to update my Facebook page.
There is a crawler on the loose.
There's enough power now.
There's power going to that thingy now.
They have made mess in trousers.
They must be drinking too much.
This little girl in her games, it's a sign of bad parenting.
This makes Nikolai very happy, like after first date.
This says more power than Moscow Electric Company.
This Soviet is ready to fight now.
Thus, vidania, bitches.
Up your ass.
Vodka for everybody.
Watch out for that evil monkey.
We should go find the fuse box.
Well, I gotta layoff this stuff.
What do I win?
What I did something.
What is happening?
What was that?
What's all that noise?
What's that smell? Maybe I shorted.
Which one of you crap your pants?
Who didn't pay the electric bill?
Why are you not sharing you fucking capitalist?
Why can I see so clearly now?
Why do they insist on picking on me?
Why is no one helping?
Why you treat me like this?
Why? Why you treat me like this?
Williams of the rovey.
Woof. Woof.
Would you like to taste my vodka?
Yeah, fuck you.
You are dead.
You are like third wife, always asking for more.
You both civic dogs.
You capitalist hell pigs.
You capitalist pig dogs.
You die like the dogs that you are.
You die.
You fucking capitalist.
You know how to say owned in Russian?
You know, I look pretty sexy holding this big gun.
You look just like my sister.
You suck.
Your children are becoming annoying.
Your death is mandatory.
12345 I can't be stopped, hey.