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Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 4

Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 4

Mike Tyson Mysteries is an animated television series that was first aired in 2014. It is a comedy-mystery show that follows the adventures of the retired boxing champ, Mike Tyson, as he solves bizarre cases with his unique team.

The main cast of Mike Tyson Mysteries includes Mike Tyson himself, who voices his own character. The show also features the talented voice acting skills of Norm Macdonald, who voices the hilarious pigeon sidekick, aptly named Pigeon. Rachel Ramras provides the voice for Yung Hee Tyson, a teenage girl who is the daughter of a long-lost love interest of Mike Tyson. Lastly, Jim Rash lends his voice to the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry, a historical figure who serves as the team's guide.

Season 4 of Mike Tyson Mysteries delivers another round of hilarious and unpredictable adventures. The show maintains its distinctive blend of surreal humor, absurd storylines, and unexpected plot twists. This season, the team encounters a wide range of bizarre cases that include everything from alien abductions to time-traveling criminals.

The animated series takes a unique approach to storytelling and animation style, reminiscent of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons. It balances its comedic elements with subtle commentary on pop culture and boxing culture, creating a show that can be appreciated by a wide audience.

For fans of Mike Tyson Mysteries, you can now play and download sounds from the show, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your experience. The sound library includes iconic catchphrases and sound effects that will transport you directly into the world of Mike Tyson Mysteries. Whether you want to hear Mike Tyson's famous lines or enjoy the distinctive sounds of Pigeon's antics, this collection of sounds will surely enhance your viewing experience.

To access the sounds of Mike Tyson Mysteries, simply visit the official website or online platform dedicated to the show. There, you can find an extensive collection of sounds that can be downloaded and enjoyed at your leisure. Immerse yourself in the world of the show, reliving your favorite moments or creating new ones.

In conclusion, Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 4 is a captivating animated comedy-mystery series that continues to entertain fans with its unique blend of humor and storytelling. With a talented cast and a distinctive animation style, the show successfully delivers another season of unpredictable adventures. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play and download sounds from the show, bringing the laughter and excitement of Mike Tyson Mysteries into your own home.

A dinner fit for kings, eh? [laughs]
A few weeks later, another eyelash came out,
A fish processing factory. Jesus.
A gate in front of the stairs, etcetera.
Ah, so tragic!
Ah, well, at least it was a peaceful death.
All I want is to be with Josephine.
All right, Margaret. Get on out of here and go play.
All right, Pigeon, let's start with you.
All right. Let's go back in there,
All these wires,
Also because you just had your **** inside me.
An eyelash come out and I wished for an Asian baby.
And "not someone who could take care of themselves."
And anyway, Josephine is going to marry Tucker's best friend
And because "Marquess" sounds like "Marcus,"
And because I don't give a shit anymore, I respond.
And because you are all monstrously ignorant and lazy,
And being burned alive!
And everyone knew my songs, and knew who I was,
And good luck with that.
And he doesn't appear to be breathing.
And he works so hard.
And help them get us millions of dollars.
And I appreciate that, Pigeon.
And I didn't get hard.
And I know I don't tell you that enough...
And I will handle all of that.
And I'll be damned if I allow these parents
And I'll tell Josephine to meet you.
And I'm sorry, but who are we to play God?
And if money could buy happiness, I would give you my $5 million.
And it's like, "(BLEEP) me! I just died. I want a (BLEEP) Diet Coke."
And just as he's shared it with me,
And kale, and I got so sick of it
And make sure we have **** like outer protectors,
And Mary Lynne MacGovern.
And more importantly,
And now I'll never know because they forgot my three meat plate.
And now you want to just sit by the side of the road?
And remember, you're supposed to be sad.
And she was like, "2:38." Then I started setting it.
And slather soap all over her naked body,
And that I mattered in this world?
And that's what makes it great.
And that's why it didn't come true?
And the next day, poof, I got Marquess.
And the pit of my day...
And the trash,
And then get to the hospital for my night shift
And then I'll come home and eat a bite of stew,
And then my friend, Daniel...
And then you grab the spine and give it a yank.
And we are rich?
And we recently lost our child.
And yes, God is a man.
And you can sit there like Judge Judy with your can of Sprite
And you can't have any food or drink in there, unless it's water.
And you don't know what the three meats are.
And you increased my penis size.
And you want me to go with you and sign some papers in a bank,
And you're like, "Really? Because right now,
And your sourpuss and be miserable.
And, oh, my God, he loves the sound of his voice.
And, oh, my God, he loves the sound of his voice.
And... I'm sorry, is there maybe a scented candle we can light?
Angel, I have to go to the bank with these fine people
Anyone have any ideas?
Anyway, God is just up there, yabbering,
Are we there yet?
Are you serious? Are you mother (BLEEP) serious?
As I have said on numerous occasions,
As you know, I've been going through some tough times of late.
Asking for a friend."
Aw. Okay. So, how do we get it into the Wishing Well?
Aw. Okay. So, how do we get it into the Wishing Well?
Because I didn't want to offend her father.
Because I watched you shower this morning,
Because I'm a bird.
Because no one thought about you.
Because of legal whatnots.
Because the very first time I was setting it, I was like,
Because you know what, Yung? You're miserable.
Buh buh buh buh. You don't need your seat belts, man.
Bumpers around any sharp corners,
But after you've been there for a little bit. You know, like a day.
But can I please have a cup of coffee in the living room?
But I did not say that precisely,
But I didn't, and I'm a man to my word.
But I have finished my dinner. May I please be excused?
But I know she'll wake up. We just need more time.
But I probably would because all I had today was a bowl of cereal.
But I think I would have enjoyed the answer more
But I'd say it's a tie between forgetting to record the opening round of the Masters
But I'm on a.m. and I'm trying to get on p.m.
But I'm sure he would prefer that we speak to him privately.
But if this is about Josephine Monahan, you're wasting your time.
But it can't. That's on you, Yung.
But man, like I said, I'm gonna run, not walk.
But not Josephine.
But sometimes, you can be a bitch.
But that's the world we live in.
But this says, if it's been unclaimed for more than ten years,
But we should really get going before the bank closes.
But, if I understand Nevada tax law correctly,
But, unfortunately, our families have been in a feud
But, you must remember that not all wishes should be granted.
Can I change my peak? This is the new peak of my day.
Can I have a ginger ale?
Can I offer anyone coffee?
Clayton, no!
Come on, lads.
Come on! Do you want your money or not?
Come, let us be a family together in Fantasy Forest.
Damn, son, see if I got any financial funds laying around anywhere.
Dear Lord!
DEER: (LAUGHING) Wonderful.
DEER: Hello, little Margaret.
DEER: Now, let's go meet the talking trees!
DEER: They're over by the babbling brook.
Did they forget my three meat plate?
Did you ever live at 17 4 9 7, East Tuckey Avenue?
Did you guys get my usual, the five fish platter?
Do you know anything about how to increase penis size?
Do you know where he is?
Don't you point that at me!
Drive faster, Marquess, and feel free to close your eyes.
Even if we were willing to end this feud,
Even some good wishes get caught in the Bush,
Every dollar counts.
Everybody likes the funny guy.
Ew! No way. Gross.
Feeling lots of feelings, and, uh...
Fiona, come meet my
First thing I'm gonna do is get a brand new wardrobe.
Fish heads in hot water,
For many, many consecutive hours.
From Western Savings and Loan.
Get in the van!
Go to one of those old distilleries.
Going back generations,
Great great great great great great grandfather.
Guess who's certified in CPR, bitches?
Has gifted me half of his fortune.
Hawaiian burger for you, Mr. Bird.
He better be out in the south pasture deworming cattle.
He didn't get that from me. He got it from his mother.
He has nipple rings.
He wasn't even wearing any jewelry.
He works in a factory,
He's not really dead. Come with me.
He's such a good man.
He's your living heir. You can't even get it out of the bank without him.
Here in this enclosed vehicle
Here you are, Fiona.
Here you go. Uh, utensils and napkins are in the bag.
Here, here, here. Lie down next to him.
Here, let me look it up on my phone.
Here, Pigeon, I learned the Heimlich maneuver.
Here. Now, play dead.
Hey, **** you, Pigeon! Okay, Mike.
Hey, Deezy, you didn't wanna join us for dinner?
Hey, hey, hey, everybody! You got a new mystery.
Hey, is that a race joke because she's Asian?
Hey, J.D., you got any more beer in that cooler?
Hey, man, we gotta go get you on the
Hey, put my name in there too. Let's see if I have anything in those unclaimed funds.
Hey, what you got on that computer?
Hey, you can give her your fish heads, lads.
Hey, Yung, you want to choke on a sucking candy?
Hey. Hey, hold up.
Hmm, I like that.
Hmm? Again, it's just a quick zip to the bank, zip in and zip out.
Hmm? Oh, yeah. Right, okay.
Hold up, where the (BLEEP) is my food?
Honey, I'm home!
How about you, Yung?
How do you spell "Yung"? No MSG, right? [laughs]
How the **** did I electrocute him?
Huh. Go (BLEEP) yourself, Margaret Moses.
Huh. Normally, you just put in your information and they send it to you,
Huh. Normally, you just put in your information and they send it to you,
I am rolling over in my own grave.
I am sick of that shitty van.
I ate too many of the delicious Tyson chicken nuggets.
I believe what we're all wondering
I believe you, Clayton, but no one else will.
I call it the weekend.
I can bring you back to life, man.
I can't not have my three meat plate.
I can't thank you enough, Deezy.
I can't thank you enough, Deezy.
I can't thank you enough.
I couldn't catch him, but it's okay. I'll just have cereal.
I did want to marry a Monahan.
I don't care what you're feeling,
I don't care what you're feeling.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know. I'm just so [bleep] mad.
I don't see anything.
I don't see your tits. What's your excuse?
I feel so bad for this Clayton boy.
I find that very interesting.
I found it.
I got a new meth recipe. Turn on the stove.
I got a stash in the barn. What the...
I have an address. Get this, he lives in Glasgow.
I have nothing.
I have the power of God. I am God.
I hear you, Yung. Economy of words.
I intend on sharing mine with all of you.
I just don't know how to change it.
I just said shut up.
I look like I'm in a [bleep] Jane Austen novel. Oh, my God.
I love hearing you talk, Marquess. It relaxes me.