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Reservation Dogs - Season 1

Reservation Dogs - Season 1

Reservation Dogs is a television series that premiered on August 9, 2021. Created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, this comedy-drama show brilliantly captures the essence of Indigenous life in rural Oklahoma. Set against the backdrop of the fictional town of Okmulgee, the series sheds light on the lives of four Indigenous teenagers as they navigate friendship, loss, and the complexities of growing up on a reservation.

The main cast of Reservation Dogs includes D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai as Bear, Devery Jacobs as Elora Danan, Paulina Alexis as Willie Jack, and Lane Factor as Cheese. These young actors bring their characters to life with authenticity and charm, creating a captivating dynamic that resonates with viewers.

Bear is the charismatic and ambitious leader of the group, determined to get off the reservation and move to California. Elora Danan is tough and rebellious, dealing with the recent loss of her father. Willie Jack is a lovable troublemaker with dreams of becoming a musician, while Cheese is the youngest of the group, an endearing and quirky individual. Together, they form the "Reservation Dogs" gang, seeking adventure and mischievous antics while also facing the challenges of poverty and racial inequality.

The series beautifully showcases the Indigenous culture and traditions, highlighting the struggles and resilience of Native communities. It tackles important themes such as generational trauma, identity, and the impact of colonization, all while infusing humor and heart into each episode. Reservation Dogs expertly balances the weightier moments with moments of laughter and joy, providing a refreshing and unique perspective on Native American storytelling.

The show's soundtrack perfectly complements the narrative, featuring a blend of contemporary Indigenous music and classic tracks. With its eclectic mix of hip-hop, traditional drums, and country tunes, the soundtrack serves as a vibrant and dynamic backdrop to the characters' lives. Each episode is enhanced by music that immerses the viewer further into this rich and vibrant world.

If you're captivated by Reservation Dogs, you can play and download the sounds from the series here. Immerse yourself in the infectious beats and powerful lyrics that help bring the show to life. Whether you're looking to relive your favorite moments or discover new sounds, the soundtrack of Reservation Dogs is the perfect companion.

Reservation Dogs - Season 1 is a triumph in storytelling, shedding light on a community often overlooked in mainstream media. With its talented ensemble cast, culturally rich narrative, and infectious soundtrack, it has quickly become a beloved and critically acclaimed series. Through laughter and tears, Reservation Dogs invites viewers to experience the beauty, resilience, and spirit of Indigenous peoples in a way that is both poignant and entertaining.

A bad day.
A batch of legal marijuana
A crazy person‐‐
A curse?
A detective, really, but I guess you got to start at the bottom,
A funny thing about time, though.
A good place to live, and, uh...
A hard‐core rapper would wear?
A lawyer dad or a doctor dad?
A medicine man or a wizard.
A million things you wouldn't even understand.
A teen.
A two‐dicked copper sculpture?
A warrior has to take a beating sometimes.
A while, right?
About that. Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait for me. Wait for me.
About three, four years ago.
Acapulco Gold is some badass weed."
Accidentally shooting yourself in the face.
Actually had to hassle a lot for the insurance rates.
Actually, I got jumped.
After Dream a Little Dream,
After med school, I made a goal to...
Ah, i‐it's a crazy job, all right.
Ah, the heat was too hot in town.
Ah, very cool.
Ah! Told you.
Ah. I do.
Aho, aho, aho.
Aho, then.
Aho! Young Warrior.
Aho. Uh, Crazy Hair, good to see you.
Aho. Wassup, Big Baby Boy?
Aim for the back of the head and it's lights out.
Ain't no flamingo.
All around this area here.
All emotional.
All I do is smoke.
All my customers are happy.
All right, buddy.
All right, fuck it.
All right, girl. I need to tell you something.
All right, let's get her out of there.
All right, man, I'll hit you back soon.
All right, okay, just...
All right, that's her.
All right, then. Leave it.
All right, well, he's a Lakota warrior
All right, you're all set.
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. (sighs)
All right. Ansel.
All right. Boom.
All right. Buckle up.
All right. Bye.
All right. Do your thing.
All right. Got to get rid of the evidence.
All right. I'm down.
All right. This is it.
All right. Toilet.
All right. You be good, boy. I will.
All right. You okay? Yeah.
All righty.
All the way down to where those...
All their subsequent movies went straight to video.
All‐Indian band. It's the only tape I play.
Also, aim for the back of the head.
Although I am tempted.
Always be ready.
Always wanted to go.
An old snagging song.
And at the end of the day,
And do fucking what, man?
And ever since Daniel's been gone...
And fuck them. We don't fucking need to do that.
And get that taken care of, little man.
And get the fuck out of here sooner.
And grab me some cigarettes.
And he will not be welcome here.
And I accidentally went into the women's society lodge.
And I clean my rifle thoroughly.
And I heard Auntie Bent got rocks in her mailbox.
And I moved out here.
And I remember I had one tear
And I still have no idea why we're gonna go look for him.
And I'm Madmartigan.
And I'm tough, too. So I heard.
And if my math's correct,
And if you want him in your life,
And in that moment,
And is that motherfucking bacon I smell?
And left on the side of the road.
And life take a different turn.
And maybe I'll give you a tank of gas
And my friends.
And my pronouns are he, him and his.
And my toes are black.
And never see them. You know, like your dad.
And now I'm meant to travel the spirit world,
And now we're gonna go there and you're gonna mooch off me
And on three, we'll give her a pull.
And seeing how everyone else's life's so fucked‐up around here
And send some money to your son?
And so I'm here.
And so we had to take something from you in return.
And so, once the people are all into it...
And Sonics.
And squirts all over my face.
And telling me you want your money back.
And that caring heart.
And that girl tried to holler at me?
And that is not your fault.
And the bad guy gang's gon' get you.
And the graffiti.
And the shit I saw in there...
And then I grab here.
And then you're supposed to remember something.
And there hasn't been any, like, you know,
And they asked me what y'all gang name was.
And they been looking for y'all.
And they deserve all the happiness in the world.
And they said, "Hey, you know that young warrior?
And they talking about taking my foot off,
And they were looking right at me and they were glowing.
And this is stolen.
And this is where we eat.
And took the land.
And two cops.
And we also fixed your rearview mirror.
And we can make backstrap tonight?
And we'll be sure not to show up.
And we'll slow it down on Sunday
And whatever they get, they deserve.
And when she move here, they initiated her cousins.
And when was the last time you got worked?
And you can ride your bike and...
And you can't stop thinking of the fact
And you don't have a butler.
And you failed three times before?
And you got mustard on your face.
And you got right back up. Yeah, you did.
And you guys can just go ahead and drive it on out of here.
And you smashed through the windshield?
And you'll never, ever have to see me again.
And you're all just kids.
And your mirrors are all dirty.
And‐and they'll buy three rounds for everybody.
And, deep down, you know it.
And, girl, you can't fail again.
And, no, I'm not depressed, either.
And, uh, Donell over there‐‐
And, uh, Elora, could you get, like, utensils, paper plates?
And, uh, good luck out in California.
And, uh, he's also got backstrap for y'all.
And, uh, she's Elora Danan.
And, uh, well, I told Big that you two
And, uh, you know... How about we split up right now?
And, uh...
And, you know, it might interest you to know
And... couple years ago, some Texas ranchers bought it.
And... y‐you shouldn't either.
Ansel said you're good thieves.
ANSEL: I thought it was "hakuna matata."
Any other deer will do fine. I don't care about Chunk!
Anybody got anything else they want to share?
Anyone follow you?
Anyone we can call?
Anything you want. Chips and dip.
Anyway, just, uh,
Anyway, take it away. Mvto.
Anyways, what's new?
Anyways, you're doing good stuff out there.
Anyways, your ancestors, they came to me
Apparently it was full of chips. Damn truck
Archery is my preferred method.
Are just jealous, man.
Are moving to California really soon.
Are they crying?
Are y'all more spirits?
Are you Crazy Horse
Are you fucking serious?
Are you gonna teach us how to scrap or what?
Are you implying that I should fight the bad guy gang?
Are you mad at me?
Are you Navajo or Inuit?
Are you okay?
Aren't you the eye doctor?
Around the globe is plastic?
As an elder. You got your‐your grandpersons here.
As for the feathers, I just love Indians.
As long as you don't mind the cheap stuff.
Ashamed to show my face.
Assistance in the optometry?
At least I'm going for the right reasons, man.
At least in the city we had shit to do.
At Ol' Muggy's Bar. Ten people.
At the motel. Okay, all right, thank you.
At, at IHS on Mondays.
Au revoir, as they say in Germany.
AUNTIE B: Pay up, cvpon.
AUNTIE B: What, y'all don't like it?
Auntie, settle down.
Aw, don't worry about it.
Aw, fuck, just 'cause I'm not going
Aw, fuck. Goddamn it.