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Jynxzi Soundboard

Jynxzi Soundboard

Jynxzi is a content creator and streamer who is best known for their Clash of Clans content. They have a large following on Twitch and YouTube, and they are also a member of the Spacestation Gaming organization. Jynxzi is known for their high-level gameplay and their informative and entertaining commentary. They are also a regular competitor in Clash of Clans tournaments.

But that is the most unappetizing coffee mug I've ever seen, bro. Next fan mail for today.
Cardiac sensor deployed - Jynxzi
Chat, should I drink this or no? I'm concerned and scared. Chad, should I drink this or no? Don't, Don't drink.
Dear Junko, I thought you might like this. I just wanted to let you know that I edge to your videos. Most of the time I can't even last three minutes.
Enchilada soda. Y'all, get your fixings. What the fuck is the enchilada?
Enough hate - Jynxzi
I actually love this shirt. I'm gonna be honest, dude, I actually love this shirt. Wait, assholes live forever? Not true. Isn't your anus like a living part? So when you die, your anus dies.
I'm not ungrateful. This is the fourth pair of bass flip flops I've been sent. Yo, Chad, I have enough Bass Pro flops, OK?
I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I don't want to blow into it. I don't want to blow into it. I don't want to blow into it. I'm scared, OK? Stop saying blow it, daddy.
New opp pack - Jynxzi
Slaaaaaaaammmmmmmed - Jynxzi
Slammed - Jynxzi
That mofo is cheating - Jynxzi
This guy just gave me a rug that says vape break on it. Are you serious right now, dude? I'm not cursed. Stop saying cursed. Dude, you guys told me to blow it. Go if I get cursed. You guys are all ...
This is my perfect victory I win - Jynxzi
This is the most unappetizing coffee mug I've ever beared witness to.
To anyone watching this on YouTube, 70% of you guys are not subscribed. So you're watching the content, enjoying the content. You're probably eating pasta right now, giggling, but you're not subscr...
Wait, I'm losing it. This is cool. This is actually cool. Wait, this is actually cool? No, no, this is actually cool. I want to crash out right now.
Welcome to the shadow realm - Jynxzi
Yeah, I don't even want to think about drinking out of a toilet. Seriously dude, that is so.