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Ah. Ah.
Ain't talking.
All humans are welcome here, even ghouls.
All right, stranger, you got me.
Although being a scientist, I have to admit I might have just blinked for longer than usual, what with the shock of seeing a commie ghost and so forth.
And a beautiful woman.
Anybody there?
Anything new happening?
Best I could tell anyways, since when he come up to me he was invisible.
Better not try that again.
But I only saw one chupacabra, so I guess the other fellow had to be invisible too, only more invisible than the other one.
But if he's friendly to strangers and keeps his home spick and span, more often than not, he's done something even his own mom couldn't forgive.
Damn it, where'd he go?
Dang it. No bark. Just when you was making a friend.
Death 2
Did you hear something?
Don't ask cuz I don't know.
Don't let them get the antidote.
Folks who tell you that they've seen ghouls up near the rocket factory.
Found you.
From what I've been able to gather, they've been seen messing around with the machinery up there. What could they be up to?
Fuck that fiend bastard.
Ghosts. Commie ghosts who don't know they're dead.
Give me a shout if you need anything else.
Going to eat the next fucking rat I see.
Good idea.
Good riddance, I see.
Guess she's gone.
Had himself a blunderbuss what would rotate and shoot bullets real fast out of a backpack. Never seen nothing like it.
Have you seen that tower on the strip all lit up? You can see it for miles.
He was the meanest, ugliest chupacabra you could imagine, had two heads and fangs down to the ground.
Help me out.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Hoping to steal our rockets so they can fly up and paint the moon pink and draw a Lenin face on it.
I can't find anything.
I come face to face with the chupacabra himself one night whilst I was investigating whether this gecko was hiding his treasure from me.
I don't trust a man that doesn't have something strange going on about him because it means he's hiding it from you.
I hear someone went crazy in one of the casinos on the Strip, shot the place up or something.
I heard all over.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I knew I wasn't the only one.
I know we already did this, but this time things might turn out different.
I need my fix.
I never would have seen that coming.
I seen one of them disappear and reappear before my very eyes.
I'll find you.
I'm glad that's over.
I'm going to go check it out.
I'm gonna find you.
I'm just getting jumpy I guess.
I've got better things to do.
I've got something for you.
I've got you now.
If a man's wearing his pants on his head, or if he says his words backwards from time to time, you know it's all laid out there for you.
If anyone asks, we never spoke.
If you're talking about that thing that looks like the entrance to the center of the Earth, I think it might just be a pothole.
It's kind of hard to hear you.
Just getting old I guess.
Just got to find me some sweet jet.
Looks like they left.
More red men come up from the underneath to steal young women with promises of riches and fancy mud mansions with all the latest designer appliances.
New Vegas.
No Bork wins.
No respect for the elderly these days.
Non ?
Now I better know where you went.
Now would you come here for?
Oh no. Bark is always looking to play.
OK, OK. Just speak up a little.
OK. OK. Just speak up a little, but not so much that they hear you. They got people everywhere always listening.
One of those beasts cut my friend in half.
Paradise, my ass.
Please don't do no harm to me, Missy. Least it's not in the face. All I got left is my rugged good looks.
Please don't do no harm to me, Mr. Least the way is not my face. All I got left is my rugged good looks.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Red Lucy was a fine warrior and a beautiful woman.
Saw a monster rip a man in half at The Thorn.
Sensationalist hooey cooked up by superstitious uncles seeing phantoms of their own imagining.
Should have known you was getting caravan hints from the bloat. Fly spirits would live in these parts.
Smells like shit all the time.
So I hear the hunch of one of them strip families up and disappeared poof, and they'll find his body someday.
Someone finally put down that sick motor runner son of a bitch. Good riddance.
Someone tried to kill the NCR president over at Hoover Dam. They say it was legion.
Teach you to mess with me.
That Swedish sure is something.
That's not a good idea.
The honcho of one of them strip families got killed right in his own casino. You know he pissed off the wrong guy.
The mole rat men, they've come for my beard at last.
Them quack doctors can say what they want about all the rat scorpion stings that done pierced my skull, and I know what I've seen.
There you are.
There's been things of a disturbing nature going on at the McBride Corral.
There's just the kind of thing I'd be expecting them to see.
These days, These days.
They covered Our Lady folks long hair for wigs, it said, being either bald or balding themselves.
They got people everywhere always listening.
They got spies all over.
They say those robots on the strip are running around with different faces or something.
They stayed here a night and was up by the dinosaur, talking to the sniper fellow with a mustache a couple of times.
They tried to get me to talk before, but I didn't say nothing and I don't aim to now by gum.
They're here. Don't let them get.
They've come for my beard at last.
This is hopeless.
Too bad.
Trying to hide from extraterrestrials what can only see in black and white checkers.
Usually I don't talk to nobody but robots, but lately some of them been 2 faced.
Walked right past me having an argument with somebody.
Want to see the best of New Vegas?
We'll just see about that.
Well, I'll be cold and rotten before I let them get the best of Maine.
Well, says No Bark. We got a chupacabra with an automatic weapon and that's when they get real quiet, 'cause now they see the predicament we're in.
Well, that's the end of that.
What a hell。
What are you?
What could they be up to?
What do you go?
What do you need?
What do you think you're doing?
What do you want to know?
What do you want to know?
What have you done?
What that?
Where'd you go?
Where's just Normal? When Normal decides to start taking notice of things, you just think about that.
Who sent you?
Work of the chupacabra, the livestock vampire says no bark, but they don't pay no mind. Too many holes, they say, and there's bullets in them.
You can't hide from me forever.
You can't hide from me.
You dirty coward.
You ever seen one of those Rangers in black armor? I wouldn't want to make one of those mad.
You hear there was some kind of shootout at one of them casinos on the strip. Some people got killed or something.
You still there?
You sure?
You've seen them too, haven't you?