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Dr. Phil Soundboard #2

Dr. Phil Soundboard #2

Phillip Calvin McGraw is best known for hosting the talk show Dr. Phil. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, though he ceased renewing his license to practice psychology in 2006. McGraw rose to fame with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 1990s.
See also: Doctor of Philosophy, Dr. Phil (talk show), Dr. Phil (disambiguation), Habilitation, Bhad Bhabie, Orlando Brown (actor),

A whore
And retarded bitches
Answer the question
Are you a child molester
Are you an absolute falling down nonfunctional drunk?
Are you gay?
Are you mad
Are you stereotyping people
Be very careful talking to me
Bitch you are divorced
Breast implant surgery
But I'm a playboy
But if we get into another one of these yelling things i'm done i'm sorry and that's this did I ain't gonna do it
But what we're not going to do is sit here and bicker back and forth
Can you better tell me the truth
Did it occur to you that you can go to jail
Did you follow him
Did you inappropriately touch your daughter in the bathtub when she was two weeks old
Did you mean that when you said it
Do not waste my time woman
Do you feel dirty do you feel cheap
Do you have a drinking problem?
Do you have a problem with alcohol?
Do you have a problem with drugs?
Do you have any ownership in that?
Do you think that what you're displaying here today is at all becoming to you?
Doctor Phil
Don't waste my time
Drew Peterson
Engaging in sex acts
Enough already with the fake boobs
Excuse me, are you gay?
Fat slob
Fat whore
Four four five
Four six one
Going to have the mexican mafia kill you
Have you smashed your face into the steering wheel and split your lip open driving drunk
Hold on
Hopefully you can bring it better than that
How are your finances going
How can I help here
How much have you had to drink today
How's it going
Hurry up
I could beat them unconscious
I don't care about
I don't know
I don't know I live in america
I hear what you're saying
I hope you get ass cancer and die you son of a bitch ill cut your throat
I know that you're a drunk
I know that you're a whore
I know that your brain is toxic and you can't reason
I live in America.
I need sex acts with underage male students
I pray to god that you find it in your heart to forgive peter
I want to go through the things that you are accused of and some of them you may agree to and some you may not so i'm just going to let you respond
I want to tell you the truth and I want the truth back and if I don't get it we should not even be doing this
I will walk your happy ass outta here in two seconds
I'll play this ridiculous game
I'm a man fifty eight years old full figured divorced
I'm gay
I'm gay
I'm going to take you down
I'm just going to give you my opinion do you want my opinion
I'm not ashamed not one bit
I'm OK
Is there anybody you get along with
It means that what you're wanting to hear
Let me ask you a question
Let me ask you something
Let's get real if we're going to be real let's be real
My sister yvette
One last question for you
Put a freaking leash on your wife
Seven four four five
So how are you doing overall
So how are you guys doing
So how are you guys doing
So how good looking are you
So i'm just gonna let you respond
Sugar mommas
Talk to me say something
Tell me about the fake boobs
Tell me about the retarded bitches
Thanks for talking to me
That wasn't a question
That's like a dog chasing their tail it's not ever going to get anywhere
That's OK
That's the question for you
The first question
There comes a time when you just have to tell the truth
Thinking about getting a penis enlargement
This is about peter
Those are good numbers I hope
Three two three
We have a report that the young man says that you rubbed his chest and his bum
We're talking about breast implant surgery
We're talking about engaging in sex acts
Well i'm alright how are you
Were you involved in a lesbian love affair
What are you so pissed off about?
What are you trying to tell me?
What did you just say
What do you think about penis enlargement?
What do you want
What do you want
What gives you the right to go out impaired and get in a car where all of us drive all of us walk our children up and down the street
What happened here
What is it that you want
What is it you gotta say that you think is so important
What's your major
When did you acknowledge that you were gay
Who are you
Why are you in greg 's business
Why would I believe that
Xanax vicodin oxycontin adderall klonopin speed
Yes or no
You are a bum a loser a lowlife and worthless
You are a drug addict
You are abusing your children
You are breaking the law
You are part of the problem you are not part of the solution
You crazy bitch
You crazy bitch i'm gonna take you down
You don't have the balls
You got a real credibility problem here
You got busted with drugs and drug paraphernalia
You got one answer and it's either yes or no
You jack with me and you'll be gone before you know it
You just seem to me to be like a really nice person
You need help
You need serious serious help
You not gonna disagree on some stuff today I can already feel it
You overdosed twice
You rubbed his chest and his bum
You send harassing emails from fake accounts
You send harassing emails from fake accounts to greg 's cell phone
You start that crap on main I will walk your happy ass outta here in two seconds
You start that druggie crap on me and I will walk your happy ass outta here in two seconds
You strike maine as a really nice energetic attractive intelligent woman
You took crystal meth xanax vicodin oxy cotton adderall klonopin speed
You understand what i'm saying
You understand you got a real credibility problem here
You uneducated moron
You wanna kiss me?
You want to argue with me about whether you had one glass of wine or two
You're doing drugs
You're in a situation now where you're in violation of law
You're not getting real about this
You're out whoring yourself on the street for drugs
You're stupid
You're worthless and uninteresting
You've taken money from people under fraudulent circumstances across state lines
Your high now
Your question was what