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Home > Alucard Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A pity, but your skills are still weak.
A twist of time. But there's no need for two of me.
And I must defeat him to return to my world.
And the Morris clan, how fair they.
Apologies, but I cannot allow myself to be defeated.
Are you of house lucard?
At least I may take solace you do not yet know me.
Back now to where you belong.
Back to darkness with you.
Back to the abyss with you.
Dracula's plaything.
Enough talk. It is time for you to die.
Enough. You cannot win.
Forgive me. This too is fate.
I awoke 300 years after we parted.
I cannot keep. My promise.
I fear time has dulled your skills.
I have no choice. I will fight.
I see.
I will do what I must to those who stand in my way.
I will go through you if I must.
I will never join you.
I will not lose. Not until I keep the promise I made, mother.
I will put an end to this useless fighting.
I won't stop until you're all destroyed.
I would test your strength.
I'll not tell you your place. You must learn who you are.
If you will fight, have no regrets.
In truth, I may have been frightened, scared to confront my own father.
Is this too my fate?
It has been ages.
It would seem you picked the wrong opponent.
Let us settle this.
Many moons indeed.
Must this battle take place?
Of course.
Only one of us needs to meet this cursed fate.
Perhaps not.
Seems you underestimated me.
So that is the key to ending this farce.
So that's why you're here. Very well.
So this was all as you had planned?
The spear is a tool to complement the power of the whip, nothing more.
Then show me what you can do.
This place is not for such as you.
This time I will not hesitate. This time the son will surpass the father.
This will mark the first time I face you at your full strength.
Though once we were comrades, I will not hold back.
To destroy you completely, I will use everything I am.
To oppose Dracula, that is my fate.
Try as you will, I shall not return to your side.
Very well come.
Very well, in the name of our old friendship, then.
Was that the full extent of your power, old man?
Who calls me?
You already know the answer.
You don't belong in this world. Return to darkness.
You lost your heart, your soul. You'll never win without them.
You needn't ask again. My answer will always be the same.
You stand in my way, move or die.
You wander through time. To what end?
You will not survive long with those skills.
Your father.
Your skills are not what they were.
Your strength is lacking.