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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right.
And who gets to decide who lives and who dies?
Are you going to help me now or not?
Are you here for the blood test?
Are you kidding me?
Around 111130.
But it must have been the clone.
But this is going to break your heart, and you know that.
Can you see that I'm talking quiet.
Come on.
Do you want me to go through the whole thing now with him?
Don't worry about it.
Forget about talking to the police. I tried that already.
Hello everybody.
Hey, I want you to do me a favor at the party tonight.
I can hardly believe it myself.
I don't know who the hell you people are.
I have every single viewers.
I have the sink wording that proves that you are a clone.
I know it sounds crazy.
I might be back.
I noticed sounds insane.
I want you to start singing really loud. Happy birthday.
I wish I could say the one and only.
I'm Adam Gibson.
If anything happens to me or my family.
It's me again.
Look, I know it sounds crazy. I can hardly believe it myself.
Ohh, shut up.
Oliver was licking Clara's face this morning.
Tell me what?
Thank you.
That's us.
There's someone in my house eating my birthday cake with my family and it's not me.
They are my family.
They should just kill that son of a bitch. You know the chance.
What's up, honey?
When the God should have killed my dog.
Where you cloned the wrong man.
Who are you?
You had me cloned.
You shouldn't be talking.
10:00 o'clock tonight.