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Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire is a captivating film that was released in 1981. Directed by Hugh Hudson, this British historical drama tells the inspiring true story of two athletes who compete in the 1924 Paris Olympics. The film explores their struggles, determination, and the conflicts they face along their journey towards glory.

The cast of Chariots of Fire is filled with talented actors who bring the characters to life. Leading the way is Ben Cross, who portrays Harold Abrahams, a Jewish sprinter from Cambridge University. Cross skillfully captures Abrahams' relentless drive to overcome the prejudice he faces and prove himself on the track.

Ian Charleson delivers a remarkable performance as Eric Liddell, a devout Christian from Scotland who competes in the 400 meters. Liddell's unwavering faith and strong principles often clash with the demands of his athletic career, which Charleson brilliantly portrays.

The film also features Nigel Havers as Lord Andrew Lindsay, a fellow Cambridge University athlete and a key supporting character. Lindsay's friendship with Abrahams evolves throughout the story, highlighting the power of camaraderie and mutual support in sports.

Another standout performance comes from Ian Holm as Sam Mussabini, the dedicated and experienced coach who helps train Abrahams. Holm's portrayal of Mussabini adds depth to the film, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and guidance in achieving greatness.

Besides its compelling story, the film's iconic soundtrack composed by Vangelis adds a layer of emotional depth. The main theme, also titled "Chariots of Fire," became a global sensation and earned Vangelis an Academy Award for Best Original Score. This instrumental piece captures the soaring spirit of the athletes, evoking a sense of triumph and determination.

If you'd like to relive the magic of Chariots of Fire, you can easily find and play the movie online or download it for future viewing. It remains a timeless classic that continues to inspire audiences around the world. The combination of exceptional performances, a captivating storyline, and a moving soundtrack make it a must-watch film, even decades after its release.

Chariots of Fire received critical acclaim upon its release and achieved considerable success at the box office. It won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Costume Design. In addition, the film received numerous other accolades, further cementing its place in cinema history.

While Chariots of Fire is a fictionalized retelling of real events, it effectively captures the essence of the characters and the era they lived in. It sheds light on the significance of athletics in a broader social context and demonstrates the power of sport to overcome personal and societal barriers.

Whether you're a fan of athletics or simply appreciate an inspiring and thought-provoking film, Chariots of Fire is an excellent choice. So why not sit back, press play, and allow yourself to be transported to a time when determination, courage, and a burning desire for victory prevailed on the track? Experience the inspiring journey of Abrahams and Liddell, and let the triumphant sounds of Vangelis's score captivate your senses.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch or download Chariots of Fire and be moved by this timeless masterpiece. It remains an exemplary work of cinema, a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, and a reminder that with dedication and unwavering belief, anything is possible.

A bit more my size. Mean with it, though.
A content man.
A different god.
A different mountain top.
A distance traditionally recognised as one of 188 paces.
A helplessness.
A leader in his field.
A Lithuanian Jew.
A name like Abrahams, he won't be in the chapel choir, now, will he?
A rare ethnic advantage. It's called the gift of the gab.
A Scot.
A short sprint is run on nerves.
A simple matter of national dignity. Being a patriot, I'm sure you understand.
A sort of cocktail de maison...
A sticky moment, George.
A triumph, I hear.
Abrahams hat trick.
Abrahams, Grande Bretagne.
Abrahams. HM.
Academically sound. Arrogant.
According to my brother. Tim says that's why you always win.
After 300 metres, rigor mortis sets in.
After all that work...
Against such great American athletes as Charlie Paddock and Jackson Scholz?
All nations before him are as nothing.
All of us! You, Henry, Andy and me, we're all in!
All right, sir.
All right.
All that work.
All the best of luck.
All these men...
All those in favour say aye.
All we need now is Sunday.
An age old, burdened, sour...
And a true athlete.
And all that England stands for.
And an anger.
And Anglo Saxon.
And are counted as the small dust in the balance.
And are therefore expected to behave as such.
And don't forget...
And for what?
And here am I.
And I bitterly resent your suggesting otherwise.
And I for one intend to keep it that way.
And I know which is the most important.
And I run down it.
And I tell you this without in any way...
And I'll carry the future with me.
And I'm now eagerly awaiting the start of term proper.
And I've deeply hurt someone I hold very dear.
And if all the world can do...
And if he doesn't?
And intellectual promise.
And it's pretty difficult to swallow.
And it's your sacred duty to put them to good use.
And Jackson Scholz.
And lead them to glory.
And let no power or persuasion deter you in your task.
And let the world stand back in wonder.
And Mr Watson of New Zealand I believe you know.
And myself...
And not be weary.
And not faint.
And now by tragic necessity, their dreams have become yours.
And now I find myself sitting here, destroying it all.
And our fathers that begat us.
And pray like hell that he wins!
And remember those few young men...
And run them off their feet.
And so are her corridors of power.
And Stallard and Aubrey?
And strong though the temptation may be...
And thank you...
And that!
And the rules by which they govern.
And the war to end wars bitterly proved your point.
And then let the gun release you.
And there's Scholz.
And they died for England...
And this is our Harold Abrahams.
And those rules say that the Sabbath is his.
And those who stalk them guard them with jealousy and venom.
And to them that have no strength...
And vanity.
And we fought in the war together.
And we've got it for keeps.
And were a glory in their days.
And what do they say about the son?
And what do you think now?
And when I run...
And when I run... I feel his pleasure.
And where does the power come from to see the race to its end?
And which we, who are older than you...
And wings on our heels.
And without them our allegiance is worthless.
And you, sir.
Andy, I've lost him.
Animés par le respect des règlements qui les gouvernent...
Another day, another race.
Anyway, being ******* hasn't done you any harm.
Are my most complete man.
Are they indeed?
Are you refusing to shake his hand?
As an athlete, you value economy of effort.
As I said...
As I see it, for you...
At all costs, no. But I do aim to win within the rules.
Aubrey, I ask you, for God's sake!
Aubrey, I've known the fear of losing.
Aubrey, old chap, I'm scared.
Auld Reekie. I'll be sad to leave it.
Away with your bother!
Aye, Mr Abrahams. So's the Scot.
Aye. Must have a clear conscience.
Bad luck, lad.
Barrack room law?
Battle on your hands, what!
Beating him the next time.
Because I told myself...
Because if you drop him, you'll never find another one like this.
Because we've had today...
Because you're overstriding.
Before you allow Eric here to go...
Believe me, I won't waste any time.
Better! Seeing as I'm persona non grata.
Beyond measure, sir.
Bit of a loner, like me.
Bon voyage and safe journey back to China.
Bravo, Harold!
Bravo! Bravo!
Brown and yellow, white and black...
But achieved with the apparent effortlessness of gods.
But actually, you're as soft as a limp pocket.
But being oriental born myself...
But certainly the bravest.
But fascinating.
But for Harold, it's a matter of life and death.
But he also made me fast.
But he also made me fast.
But he won't go any faster, not in the dash, anyway. He's a gut runner.
But how long does that last?
But I can only point the way.
But I can't get it on my own.
But I can't make that sacrifice.
But I have to.
But I want you to do more than just watch a race.
But I want you to hold your fire for a while, Liddell.
But I've got a lot of running to do first.
But if you were my age, with a chance to win the World Championship in Paris...
But looking about me now...
But most of all, an unassailable spirit of loyalty...
But now I'm almost too frightened to win.
But the old man forgot one thing.
But there, Mr Abrahams, I'm afraid our paths diverge.
But they that wait upon the Lord...
But this contest is in Europe, not in the rarefied climes of the United States.
But this fine old university of ours, she offers some rare consolations.
But we do have a strict amateur code.
But we feel we may, in our unsophisticated way, have their match.
But which to us summon up face after face...
But will I?
But, when faced with a stand like yours...
By the freshmen's dinner, a sumptuous affair.
By the way, it's awfully kind of Pa to finance me here, in spite of my idiocy.
By the way, what are your names?
Bye bye.
Californian cannonball. World's fastest human.
Can we allow him to change events at such short notice?
Can't reach him.
Cannot hear, without emotion.
Care about things that really matter.
Carlton Hotel, Broadstairs, Kent.
Catch it on the edge of a remark.
Charles H Paddock...
Charles Paddock.
Charlie Paddock.
Charlie, Charlie, rah rah rah!
Cheers. Thanks for coming.
Clean sweep for Cambridge star.
Clearest thinking athletics coach in the country.
Colonel, don't worry your head.
Come here a minute, Mr Abrahams.
Come in!
Come in.
Come on now!
Come on, Abrahams, you swank!
Come on, Aubrey, the old leg break.
Come on, Charlie!
Come on, Eric!
Come on, Jennie, let's go for a walk. I've got something to say.
Come on, Liddell!
Come on, now! Keep it up, come on!
Come on, or we'll miss the boat.
Come on, Sam. We're going home.
Come on, Scotland!
Come on, sir. Wake up. King's Cross.
Come on, that's more like it!
Come on!
Comradeship and mutual responsibility.
Cost you a fortune in postage stamps.
Dad's right. Run like we know you can, strong and true.
Day in, day out.
Dear Mr Abrahams.
Dear Mum. I'm most awfully sorry about your cold and the general dreariness.
Death to the sprinter.
Decrying your achievements, in which we all rejoice...
Defensive to the point of pugnacity.
Delighted, Liddell. Delighted.
Did they both do it?
Didn't I tell you, Eric? Didn't I tell you?
Dinner for your whole team at my club when we get back to London.
Do they say he can run?