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YOLO: Crystal Fantasy (2020) - Season 1

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy (2020) - Season 1

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is an animated television series that premiered in 2020, created by Michael Cusack. This irreverent and colorful show features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personality and style.

The main characters of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy are Sarah and Rachel, two energetic and eccentric Australian friends who embark on an outrageous adventure across the fictional city of Wollongong. Throughout the series, they encounter a variety of bizarre and surreal situations, from encountering psychedelic aliens to battling evil sorcerers.

One of the standout aspects of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is its distinct animation style, combining 2D and 3D elements in a visually stunning way. The vibrant and psychedelic colors, coupled with the show's quirky humor, create an immersive and entertaining viewing experience.

The voice cast of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy brings the characters to life with their hilarious and dynamic performances. Some notable cast members include Michael Cusack himself as the voices of both Sarah and Rachel, creating a seamless blend of humor and authenticity. Others on the voice cast include Laura Dunemann, whom brings life to the character T or Ben Crisp, whom voices Keith, an eccentric and endearing character who often finds himself in absurd situations.

The music and sound design in YOLO: Crystal Fantasy plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of the show. It features a catchy and energetic soundtrack that perfectly matches the fast-paced and zany nature of the series. From synth-infused pop tunes to atmospheric beats, the music adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the overall experience.

If you're a fan of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy and want to immerse yourself even further into its world, you can now play and download the sounds from the series. Whether you want to hear the infectious theme song or the wacky sound effects that accompany the characters' antics, these sounds allow you to bring a piece of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy wherever you go.

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is a truly one-of-a-kind television series that pushes the boundaries of animated storytelling. With its offbeat humor, vibrant animation style, and memorable characters, it's a must-watch for anyone looking for a wild and entertaining ride.

To play and download the sounds of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, head to [source URL]. With just a few clicks, you can bring the zany and surreal world of this animated series into your daily life.

A daddy who knows she’s a princess
According to the prophecy,
After self‐destruct.
Ah, fantastic. Ice ‐ the solid form of H20.
Ah, very well. Good luck on your quest.
Ah, yes, the deed has been done. (SLURPS)
Ahh! Ohh! Oh, yeah, that should do it.
ALL: All hail Rachel,
ALL: Throw her in the hole! Throw her in the hole!
ALL: You're dumb, Rachel.
Alright, goodbye, goodbye. Have fun. Goodbye.
Alright, stop the music!
An even muddier and sicker land than this.
And a 6’4" boyfriend,
And give us all your ‐‐‐‐ money.
And her phone’s gone... just gone dead
And I realized that...
And in doing so, it will take us to the promised land
And smoke ciggies and all that kinda shit.
And sometimes you can keep some of the stones that you crush.
And they're gonna be sacrificed to the big hole.
And we need to call the NRMA to come fix the car,
And we thought you were dead
And your name is Rachel,
Are we gonna die out here, Rachel?
Are you still friends with Sarah?
As long as I can get a kissy.
At the Maddison Tower in West Wollongong.
Before you go, Sarah,
BILL: I'm just trying to make your life better...
But I didn't really tell many people.
But I need money for the payphone and I was just...
But I thought about it a lot
But I warn ya, it's an epic and treacherous journey.
But if I don’t, who knows what I’ll do...?
But thanks.
But what you have failed to realize is
But will be delegated to the Plus One Zone.
But, yeah, look, I'm alright. I'm doing alright.
But...but you have failed to follow me back.
Bye, Sarah!
Come find me, Sarah.
Could you just stay in tonight instead?
DEMON: Halt!
DEMON: Halt! Present your invitation crystal.
DEMONIC VOICE: All hail Maddison!
DEMONIC VOICE: Dear Citizen, you have been invited
Does this have anything to do with
Don’t worry about it. No worries. I’ll throw that away.
Doors open at 8pm tonight
Dusty Truck N' Donut Muster. Getting a meat tray.
Empty the cash register
Even if it kills me.
For the famous annual Dusty Truck N' Donut Muster.
Fulfill your quest or suffer 300 more years in here!
Get your tickets now,...
Getting to the back entrance?
GIRL: Hi, Maddison, I was wondering
Got dust all in my throat from walking outside.
Greetings. Welcome to the Dusty Truck N' Donut Muster!
Ha‐ha. Well, it looks like you’re having an awesome life.
Have you been overseas?
He's here, he's hot.
Here it is.
Here to trade my coin for nourishment.
Hey, I can’t wait to see you!
Hey, Maddison.
Hey, um, I’m gonna go out tonight.
Hey! The TV's on.
Hm, nah.
Hm, she won’t mind.
Hmm, selfie.
Host of Channel 10's 'Outback Trent'.
Huh, cool.
Huh! That’s funny.
Huh? What the...?
Huh. Guess it didn't work.
I actually have a lot of friends over there.
I am just a humble traveler
I came all this way to see Trent from Channel 10.
I can take you to a secret back entrance
I didn’t really care about you being a plus one
I don't know what to say. That's just awful.
I don’t talk to anyone from high school anymore.
I found an article in the newspaper
I have hosted this mortal's body to speak to you from my realm.
I haven’t seen you in ages.
I just thought it was kind of interesting, that's all.
I love you so much. I love you!
I mean, nah, not really.
I need to get that selfie with Maddison
I packed it meself.
I pissed on this tree once.
I said that’s ENOUGH!
I think you’d really enjoy.
I think you’ll really enjoy this.
I will get my kissy, Sarah.
I won't suggest anything else. You girls... you girls have fun.
I won’t tell a soul what happened here today.
I...I added you the other day,
I'm Mayor Bunga. Please present your tickets.
I'm not even that drunk!
I’d love to, though.
I’ll just go tell my parents!
If I can get a kissy,
If I could maybe get... get a photo with you.
If you came here on a Rooobah,
If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm always here.
If you girls are going to Goondawindi,
If you possess the strength and will
In, like, the last half‐hour or whatever
Is that bloody Thomas?
It has been foretold that the big hole of Goondawindi
It is so lovely to see you.
It literally said in the commercial to buy tickets.
It might broaden your mind.
It was definitely early last year, though.
It was so nice to see you, though.
It will open the gateway to the Golden Mud Lands
It would be really great for someone like you. Hmph.
It's a meat tray. What do you expect?...!
It's absolutely fine. You gotta do what you gotta do.
It's distracting me.
It's got your sausages,
It’s just... It’s so worrying. It’s worrying us.
It’s right up your alley. Take...take...take a read of it.
Just a shaman. Just a harmless bush wombat shaman.
Just buying some ice.
Leave. I was just trying to help...
Like, you wouldn’t happen to have, like,
Look at this photo I got with Maddison.
Look, I’ll be honest with ya.
Look, thank you. I appreciate it.
Looks like the plan worked, boss.
Maddison is obviously
Me car’s broke down on the way to the airport
Means someone's won the meat tray
Might have got the wrong Rachel.
Mingle and talk to more people.
Minions! Take her!
Must feast on the filthiest being ever
My God. I'm... I'm so sorry to hear that.
My... 's like a... Cheese factory down here.
Nah, I’m fugly.
Nah, it's OK. We can just use our phones.
Nah, let me try.
Next stop, Goondawindi.
No, I haven’t.
No. After the band has stopped playing.
Nope, I won't suggest anything else anymore.
Not many people bring the crystal.
Of the one and only Maddison the Beautiful.
Oh, all you do is go out
Oh, damn.
Oh, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it, then.
Oh, I won’t tell anyone, Sarah,
Oh, my God, that's me! I won! I won!
Oh, my God, this is awful! Just kill it!
Oh, my God! Rachel!
Oh, my God! That could be Rachel!
Oh, my God! Totally!
Oh, my God! What kind of party is this?
Oh, my God. Good.
Oh, my God. I think its neck is broken.
Oh, my God. Is he actually dead?
Oh, my God. Of course. Come here.
Oh, my God. That’s so cute that you guys are still friends.
Oh, my God. You didn't buy a ticket?
Oh, my God. You sooo should.
Oh, no. Sarah, no, no.
Oh, please, sir, do not harm me.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, well. Let's go.
Oh, what? You had tickets the whole time?
Oh, yeah, I can take you there.
Oh! Oh, that's great.
Oh. OK. Hi.
Oh...! I am so sorry.
Oh...Rachel. Is that you?
Ohh, me head! What happened?
Ohhh! Ahh!
Oi, Thomas!
Oi! Everyone, put your ‐‐‐‐ hands up!
Oi! Oi, listen! Listen!
Oi! Stop fantasizing down there.
OK, fine. One kiss.
OK, kinda random.
OK, maybe we can catch up soon.
OK, so you all know the rules.
OK, sorry, sorry. Let's go. Yeah, sorry, sorry. Let's go.
OK, that’s enough.
OK, yeah, don't worry about it. Don't worry.
OK, you may enter.
OK. I’m gonna go get the ice now.
OK. Well, I've got two tickets. We can use those to get in.
Once the big hole feeds on this offering,
Open the big hole!
Or being dragged away by demons or whatever.
Packed by Farmer Ethel herself.
Please retrieve the invitation crystal
Plus ones are acceptable,
Rachel did all that stuff that just happened.
Really angry at you at first,
Really good to see ya. Been a while, hasn't it?
Sarah got to meet Trent.
Sarah, you’ve killed him!
Sarah! SARAH!
She passed away about... about a year and a half ago now.
She's the big hole!
Should we act now, milord?
Should...should be enough.
Silence, plus one! You!
So I’m sorry that
So we, like, buried you or something.
So what's a few cute girls like you doing out in the country?
So, like, yeah, I don’t know.