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Sea Beast

Sea Beast

Sea Beast is a thrilling creature feature film that takes viewers on a heart-pounding adventure into the depths of the ocean. Released in 2008, this action-packed movie showcases a formidable sea creature wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting coastal town. Taking cues from classic monster films of the past, Sea Beast delivers a gripping storyline, impressive visual effects, and a talented cast.

Directed by Paul Ziller, Sea Beast boasts a stellar ensemble of actors who bring their characters to life with intensity and conviction. The lead role is portrayed by Corin Nemec, known for his roles in popular television shows such as Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Stargate SG-1. Nemec plays Will McKenna, a courageous fisherman who must confront the deadly sea creature terrorizing his community.

Joining Nemec in the cast is Miriam McDonald, recognized for her role in the hit teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. McDonald plays Carla McKenna, Will's resourceful and fearless wife. Together, they must find a way to survive and save their town from the clutches of the monstrous sea beast.

The film also features Daniel Wisler as Shane, Will and Carla's teenage son who becomes entangled in the dangerous creature's path. Gwynyth Walsh portrays Dr. Leslie Peterson, a marine biologist who seeks to understand the origins and motivations of the sea beast. The cast is rounded out by Gary Hudson as Sheriff Rob Vaughn and Brent Stait as Deputy Tom Warner, who form a critical part of the team striving to protect the town.

Sea Beast offers an adrenaline-fueled ride with stunning visual effects that bring the menacing sea creature to life. The film combines elements of suspense, horror, and action, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the beast relentlessly wreaks havoc.

To fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Sea Beast, you have the opportunity to play and download the film's powerful and evocative soundtrack. The haunting melodies and intense compositions perfectly complement the on-screen tension, heightening the overall viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of atmospheric soundscapes or adrenaline-pumping tracks, this soundtrack promises to transport you into the heart of the movie's gripping narrative.

In conclusion, Sea Beast is a gripping creature feature film that captivates audiences with its thrilling storyline, talented cast, and impressive visual effects. Released in 2008 and directed by Paul Ziller, this movie serves as a homage to classic monster films while delivering a fresh and exciting experience. Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the gripping world of Sea Beast by playing and downloading the captivating soundtrack.

A And… And we don't say "yar" half this much.
A fire that wouldn't die.
A merchant sailor on their first voyage.
A mother.
A poison powerful enough to take down the greatest of beasts,
A son.
A specimen like that garners quite a bounty.
A story told by them!
A truce. Hmm?
Absolutely not.
Admiral Hornagold has reported a rumor…
Admiral Hornagold?
Admiral, have you ever seen one of them beasts that wasn't hanging from a ceiling?
Afraid not, lass.
After I'm gone?
Ah, just some kid.
Aim low.
Alee of Rum Pepper Island.
All hands on deck!
All hands, to arms!
All hunters die of the same thing.
All of this is nothing compared to a hunter's fury.
All of your wealth and power,
All right, all right.
All right, beast. I need you to turn.
All right, Red.
All right, then.
All right, ya fish killers!
All right, ya fish killers!
All right.
All them what died heroes.
All together now!
An understanding.
And a weapon strong enough to deliver it deep.
And all I have is you.
And all of our rage down upon this beast.
And all who come after.
And dealing with her ain't honorable.
And destroy everything that swims, scuttles, or bobs if I have to.
And die a great death.
And drew lines on maps.
And eradicate every sea beast in our path.
And even that rum gagger Jim Nicklebones.
And every hunter's scar is a life saved.
And exacting bloody revenge!
And her Captain is an ass.
And here's me saving you.
And his father's before him.
And how do we know the sea beasts
And hunters like to say "yar."
And I ain't going back.
And I can give you what you need.
And I knew.
And I promise I'll never hunt sea monsters again.
And I see you've taken a full grown brickleback.
And I thank you for all you've done, but, uh,
And I want it dead same as you,
And I want to know how this war started.
And I wonder if you might be good enough to take us?
And I've seen things that will never go away.
And if we are born to fight, then by God, let's fight.
And it would be my honor.
And it's going to outlast both of us.
And it's the Inevitable what will lead the way
And it's the ship and all aboard who'll suffer the cost.
And led us all the way to Rum Pepper Island.
And made your empire the envy of the known world.
And neither are you.
And no ship was safe on the sea."
And now, we'll get it!
And remember,
And sent the hunters out to destroy them.
And she's got the scars to prove it.
And still be wrong.
And swallow her up!
And that don't sound so bad.
And that one day, you would be captain of the Inevitable.
And the beasts learned to fear us and hate us,
And the days of the hunters will be over.
And the Inevitable decommissioned.
And the mysteries beyond would remain undisturbed.
And the patch we fothered keeps slipping.
And the royals will pay us accordingly.
And their blood!
And them fixed cannons is useless.
And then we'll come back, and we'll take that red devil.
And then what?
And then what?
And there will be justice!
And there's only one thing what scares a riddleback.
And they fought back!
And they'll make statues of us.
And think it's made you strong?
And this is him.
And this is just another beast.
And this is me.
And usher in a new era of peace.
And we will bring all of our skill
And we'll come back for that beast and bring hell down upon it.
And what about you?
And when the ship is ready,
And with every lie, their empire grew.
And with that, the world began to change.
And you don't know everything.
And you'll take a lot of good sailors down with you!
And you're Jacob Holland,
And you're too old to be giving in to childish temptations.
And, Miss Maisie,
Are we gonna
Are you all right, lass?
Are you my enemy?
Are you putting on a puppet show? We're sinking here.
Are you sure?
Are you…
As captain of the Inevitable.
As do we, Jacob!
As you dishonor all them hunters what come before.
Aye, a red tail. Biggest I ever saw. Just under the surface.
Aye, and cross the T.
Aye, and it shoots fireballs out of its eyes, they say.
Aye, and we'll find that thing soon enough.
Aye, being a hunter.
Aye, Captain.
Aye, Captain.
Aye, Captain.
Aye, captain. You heard him! Get it off the pins!
Aye, Sarah.
Aye, they were heroes.
Aye. Me parents were lancers. They served on the Monarch.
Aye. There'll be a payment due,
Back to the island?
Batterbie's watching.
Beat to quarters!
Because every hunter lives a great life!
Because I'll visit worse than death on ya.
Because of a certain code.
Because you cut them lines.
Best be going.
Bet she's got a belly full of bones!
Blast whatever code would bar me my revenge!
Bright side? She didn't eat ya.
Bring… her… to… me.
But as long as the Bluster lives,
But every hunter dies a great death.
But first, we'll pay a visit to Castle Whiterock.
But he's so cute!
But his talents as a hunter have served you well.
But I ain't afraid, 'cause I'm on the Inevitable with you lot.
But I already named it.
But I am not.
But I don't know you.
But I'd not worry.
But I'll have vengeance.
But I've always wanted a pet.
But if he can't have the Bluster's hide, he'll have ours, to be sure.
But if that ain't true,
But it will be a short stay, I'm afraid.
But it will be this ship,
But maybe you can be a hero and still be wrong.
But not no more. And it's 'cause of the hunters.
But saving Jim Nicklebones was the right thing to do.
But that one, she'll be the death of me.
But that will not be the end of this great ship.
But the book says otherwise,
But the Imperator was no match for the beast.
But the worms won't eat you, and hell won't take you, so here you are!
But there cannot be a truce without war.
But there was something in you, Jacob.
But there's something I don't see.
But we been up and down that coast, and I ain't never seen no town,
But we can flag a passing ship.
But we'll founder if we don't get to port.
But won't see a good day after.
But you can be a hero
But you need no introduction.
But you will.
But you've turned your back on your own kind.
By God, it's the Inevitable!
By the powers…
Can we beat it, Jacob? They say the Bluster moves the very sea.
Can you turn to starboard, yeah?
Cannoneers! Take position!
Captain Crow will visit the king and queen at first light.
Captain Crow! It's full of brickleback!
Captain Crow.
Captain would like a word.
Captain, her wares come at too steep a price.
Captain, might be wiser to let the poison finish the job.
Captain, the mizzen's in splinters, and I don't like the main.
Captain, we'll get the Bluster.
Captain, you know the code.
Captain! Captain!
Carcass shot if you please, gunners!
Clever fish.
Clew up aloft, Ms. Merino.
Clew up for an' main.
Come on, then!
Come on. Along. Along you pop.
Congratulations, Captain Someday.
Crow's done it! He got the Bluster!
Cut the rope.
Dead to rights?
Destroyed or otherwise.
Die in here?
Do I need to remind you that one of them things took your parents?
Do you know where I might find Captain Crow?