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Chernobyl Soundboard

Chernobyl Soundboard

Chernobyl is a five-part historical drama television miniseries created and written by Craig Mazin, and directed by Johan Renck. A co-production between HBO and Sky UK, it depicts the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986 and the unprecedented cleanup efforts that followed. It features an ensemble cast led by Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, Emily Watson, and Paul Ritter. The series premiered in the United States on May 6, 2019, and in the United Kingdom on May 7, 2019, and was acclaimed by critics. This is the Chernobyl Soundboard.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A bomb
A minimum of a ten-meter perimeter
A neutron is, uh--The bullet
A nuclear reactor makes electricity with steam
A yearly stipend of 400 rubles
Akimov initiated AZ-5
Akimov- I pressed it... before the explosion
Akimov- They're still up. -Dyatlov- What
Akimov, are we cooling the reactor core
Akimov... -(whispers)- Sasha
All of it... madness
All of you are awarded a bonus of 800 rubles
All we want to know is- who is to blame
An arrogant, unpleasant man,
An RBMK reactor
And approximately 750,000 men,
And as for the radiation--Yes, 3.6 roentgen,
And as for what Dyatlov did do,
And content ourselves instead with stories
And cut the phone lines
And do exactly as you have been told
And God knows how many more will die
And how long before this happens
And how many men do you require
And if we line them with lead, they can withstand the radiation
And it is beautiful
And it will not stop. Not in a week, not in a month
And it'll stink like hell. That's it
And no friends
And now Dyatlov will spend the next ten years
And proceed down the hallway for decontamination
And right now, it is on fire
And that's every single hour
And the graphite- -Ah, yes
And then the reactor exploded
And then we drink
And what if there are chemicals
Are the pumps on or not- -Stolyarchuk
Are they bombing
Are you suggesting the core... what
As I presumed, he has no answer
As much vodka as you want, plus a thousand rubles
At least evacuate Pripyat. It's three kilometers away
At least we can keep a man off a roof
Bacho- They eat the chickens
Because I may not know much about nuclear reactors,
Because the flaw will not lead to an explosion
Behind the entrance to the roof and catch your breath
Boris, if we fly... -Don't you use my name!
Boron and sand
Boron control rods
Bryukhanov, the air is glowing
Burning at over 2,000 degrees
But consistent enough to damage our DNA
But I can certainly make them worse
But I know a lot about concrete
But I've been assured there is no problem
But it doesn't look right, the color
But it's in the safe, and we can't find the key
But rather 400 chest X-rays
But the entire industry. -No, no, no, no, no
But understand that even with lead shielding,
By three minutes, you're dead within months
By tomorrow morning, you'll be begging for that bullet
Call in the day shift
Call in the day shift, Comrade Akimov
Can you confirm that the reactor exploded
Can you see inside
Chernobyl Reactor 4 has been held at half power
Climb the stairs but do not immediately proceed to the roof
Commit your task to memory, then do your job
Comrade Perevozschenko, what you're saying is physically impossible
Contain the spread of misinformation
Diagnostics complete
Did you lose the signal
Did you lower the control rods or not
Do not look over the rail. Is that clear
Do we stock iodine
Do you have a cigarette
Do you taste metal- -Akimov!
Do you understand your mission as I have described it
Don't worry, we did everything right
Drop your shovels in the bin,
Dump them in a pit, bury them in concrete
Eight milliroentgen. A leak
Even our lunar rovers won't work on Masha
Even the good we did, all of it..
Every atom of U-235 is like a bullet
Every gram of U-235 holds
Everyone stay calm. Our first priority is-
For a minimum of 100 years
Forgive me. Maybe I've just spent too much time in my lab
Forty-eight more tomorrow
Forward one meter, reverse one meter
From absorbing radioactive iodine
From feedwater leaking from a blown tank
From the feedwater, I assume- -Mm-hmm
From there you can look right down into reactor Building 4
Get as far from Minsk as you can
Get down there and make sure those pumps are on
Get him to the medic or the hospital! Whatever he needs!
Get the hydrogen out of the generators and pump water into the core
Get us directly over the building!
Get us over that building, or I'll have you shot!
Give him every bit of protection you have
Good. Yes
Graphite is only found in the core,
Have one of your men get as close to the fire as he can
Have them use the good meter from the safe
He deserves death
He ran the room that night, he gave the orders..
He was the best choice
He'll be fine. I've seen worse
He's in shock. Get him out of here
Healthy, even. But they aren't
Hey! We need to get to the reactor hall
Hour after hour, 20 hours since the explosion,
How do we put it out- -(sighs)
How does a nuclear reactor work?
How many men do you have
How many times do I have to say it
Hundreds of thousands of people are going to get cancer,
I already sent the trainees down to the reactor hall to lower them by hand
I am focusing on the fire
I can't. I am sorry. I'm so sorry
I checked the meter against the control
I did. -You didn't
I don't give a shit about the panel!
I don't have to. Look
I don't know. -(alarms blaring, buzzing)
I don't see how it could explode
I don't think there are control rods
I don't think there's a core
I don't think you should go. It could be dangerous
I dropped the control rods from the other panel
I know about Chernobyl. -Oh
I know how a nuclear reactor works
I know that the core is either partially or completely exposed
I looked into the core
I looked right into it
I need water in my reactor core!
I say we evacuate the town
I sent my dosimetrists into the reactor building
I shut it down. I pressed AZ-5
I still didn't think it could be this flaw in AZ-5
I take it the safety test was a failure
I think it's time we faced--No, we have to get water into the core
I think there's graphite on the ground in the rubble
I tried calling for the electricians
I want you to go to Chernobyl
I want you to think of Yuri Gagarin
I went willingly to an open reactor
I wish you good health and long life
I won't do it. It isn't safe
I'll see it with my own... my own eyes
I'm a nuclear physicist
I'm going to find Khodemchuk in the pump room
I'm going to the Administration Building now
I'm not prepared to explain it at this time
I've been saying that for 25 years
I've been told not to. -Is it or is not-
If I'm right, this fireman was holding the equivalent
If it's more complicated than a light switch,
If there's graphite on the ground outside,
If these worked, you'd be wearing them
If we can't cover it, that's 12,000 roentgen
If you fly directly over that core, I promise you,
Impact means completely uninhabitable
In 1975, in an RBMK reactor in Leningrad,
In a prison labor camp
In an RBMK reactor of the type used at Chernobyl,
In RBMK reactors, we surround the fuel rods with graphite
In terms of radiation,
In the control room of Reactor 4
In the... in the air we breathe,
In these stories, it doesn't matter who the heroes are
In this story, it was Anatoly Dyatlov
Including a number of doctors and structural engineers
Inside a nuclear reactor
Iodine 131
Iodine pills- Why would we have iodine pills
Ionizing radiation tears the cellular structure apart
Is giving off nearly twice the radiation
Is it war- -Where's the dosimeter
Isn't that enough
Issue iodine tablets and then evacuate this city,
It burns the xenon away before it can cause a problem
It can happen with minimal radiation
It cannot go over the core
It created two problems
It doesn't look like it's under control. -Shut up, Fomin
It exploded, the core exploded
It maxed out
It may not be enough
It means it wasn't a control system tank that exploded
It means the core is open
It means the fire we're watching with our own eyes
It never stops rising. So..
It only goes to 200 roentgen, but it's better than the small ones
It was the reactor core. It's open! (inhales)
It will burn and spread its poison
It will burn and spread its poison
It's 15,000
It's a German police robot
It's about the operation of RBMK reactors under extreme conditions
It's also the maximum reading on low-limit dosimeters
It's another faulty meter. You're wasting our time
It's covered in tar, so it's gonna burn all night,
It's disgraceful, really
It's exploded! -We know
It's mostly put out. The system control tank exploded
It's not alarmist if it's a fact!
It's not military. It's uranium decay, U-235
It's not that we'll mistake them for the truth
It's not the signal. It's the vehicle
It's not three roentgen
It's the feedwater. Been around it all night
It's time to go. After 90 seconds, I will ring a bell
Kill as many as you can, whoever's left,
Let's go get you a gun
Listen carefully to each of my instructions,