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Cry-Baby is a cult classic movie released in 1990, directed by John Waters and starring Johnny Depp, Amy Locane, and Polly Bergen. Set in 1950s Baltimore, the film follows the story of Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker (Depp), a rebellious "Drape" who falls in love with Allison Vernon-Williams (Locane), a prim and proper "Square." With a dynamic cast and a nostalgic setting, Cry-Baby captures the essence of rockabilly culture, teenage rebellion, and forbidden love.

The movie showcases the talent of several notable actors, including Johnny Depp, who delivers an unforgettable performance as Cry-Baby Walker. Depp's portrayal of the bad boy with a sensitive side allows the character to come alive on screen, complete with his signature pompadour hairstyle and leather jacket. Amy Locane plays the role of Allison Vernon-Williams, a square girl who falls for Cry-Baby, challenging societal norms and expectations. Locane brings innocence and charm to her character, creating a love story that transcends social barriers.

Polly Bergen plays the role of Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's strict and conservative grandmother. Mrs. Vernon-Williams, although initially disapproving of Cry-Baby, undergoes a transformation throughout the film that challenges her rigid beliefs. Bergen's performance adds depth and complexity to her character, ultimately becoming an advocate for love and acceptance.

Traci Lords takes on the role of Wanda Woodward, Cry-Baby's ex-girlfriend and the leader of the Drapes. Lords brings a rebellious and fierce energy to her character, perfectly embodying the rockabilly spirit of the 1950s. Additionally, the movie features performances by Ricki Lake as Pepper Walker, Cry-Baby's sister, and Iggy Pop as a prison guard, adding extra flair to the film.

One of the standout aspects of Cry-Baby is its incredible soundtrack, featuring a mix of original songs and iconic rockabilly hits. The music transports viewers to a bygone era, with tracks like "Please Mr. Jailer" by Rachel Sweet and "King Cry-Baby" by James Intveld. The soundtrack also includes songs performed by the cast members, such as Johnny Depp lending his vocals to "I'm Cryin' Inside."

For fans of the movie or anyone craving a dose of rockabilly nostalgia, the soundtrack is available to play and download. The infectious tunes will have listeners tapping their feet and embracing the rebellious spirit of Cry-Baby and his crew. It's a perfect accompaniment for long drives or dance parties, bringing the energy and style of the 1950s to the present day.

To experience the magic of Cry-Baby, both visually and aurally, make sure to watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack. It's a time capsule that captures the essence of teenage rebellion, forbidden love, and the power of rock and roll. So crank up the volume, slick back your hair, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Cry-Baby.

You can play and download the sounds from Cry-Baby here, reliving the rockabilly vibes and timeless music that make this film a beloved classic. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transport yourself to the 1950s and experience the magic of Cry-Baby all over again.

A double header!
A king and queen
A king cry baby with a tear in my eye
A king cry baby with a tear in my eye
A king cry baby with my queen by my side
A L L I S O N, fellows.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Ain't got a ring or crown for you
Ain't that cute? It ought to go real good with your new haircut.
All because I love you.
All painted up like trash.
All right, who's up next here?
All this silly trouble you've been having lately...
Allison Vernon Williams, get in this car.
Allison Vernon Williams, the decision is yours.
Allison Vernon Williams, you don't have to decide today.
Allison, help! Help me!
Allison, I'm sorry to get you locked up.
Allison, pick the man who loves you the most.
Allison, would you sing with me today?
Allison's a Square, Wanda. Cry Baby don't dig Squares.
Allison's my girl, so hands off, Cry Baby.
Almost breaking
Almost done.
Almost grown
Almost grown
Almost grown
And a pair of clean underwear.
And all we want is to have some fun
And chill when my thrill passes by
And every Christmas since, my whole family gathers together
And guess what?
And he re tells the story of the day he electrocuted your daddy
And I cry for what I have to do. But not much, though.
And I fine the both of you $1000.
And I hereby sentence you
And I open mine
And I spit on your tears.
And I want my baby by my side
And I want you to go out there tonight and sing, boy.
And I was strumming this guitar before I could talk
And I'd like to sing something in his memory, something hillbilly.
And I'm too young to have a criminal past
And if one of these creatures ever approach you on the street,
And if that's a crime, I'll stand convicted, ma'am.
And if they were mine,
And if you mess with us, man you're gonna cry, baby, cry
And it feels real sexy.
And it's okay about my face. It don't hurt much.
And lots of wavy hair like Liberace
And now, the baddest baby of them all,
And orphans have special needs.
And praying so hard that we got headaches.
And say we've gone mad
And the whole world knows that I'm just a D**** fool.
And we are proud to be Squares.
And we just laugh.
And we wiggle our tongues together.
And wears clothes obviously designed by homosexuals.
And welcome to the annual RSVP Talent Show.
And what are they, children, the four "B's"?
And what do I get for those taxes? Happiness? Hell, no.
And where did you learn those vulgar jazz words?
And yet she socializes with D****s.
And you made me cry
And you, Miss Malnorowski...
And you, Pepper Walker,
And, Hatchet Face. Oh, honey.
Any day of the week.
Are you gonna work this summer?
Aw! This is the best gang my grandson could ever have.
Baby cry, baby cry, baby cry
Baby cry, baby cry, baby cry
Baby cry, baby cry, baby cry, wow!
Baby, we'd be so fine
Bad table manners.
Baldwin, please. Be a gentleman and call off this race, it's too dangerous.
Baldwin! Mind your manners.
Be a nudie cutie, make good money to bootie.
Beauty, brains,
Because you are a fine and beautiful woman, Mrs. Vernon Williams.
Better watch it, bozo. You might catch a cold.
Bombs exploding in the airport and barbershop.
Boy, do I have a story for you.
Boy, you are everything a man should be.
Boys with long hair and tattoos,
Break the window.
Breeding, bounty!
Bring me a dream
But everyone says we should be like them
But he knows better. Jesus is still in his heart.
But I don't seem to qualify
But I keep waiting
But I taught you how to dress, didn't I, Cry Baby?
But I'll pay them all back, Allison.
But I'll take care of this maggot.
But I'm afraid that I'm not going to fit in here.
But I'm guilty till I'm 21
But I'm guilty till I'm 21
But if you leave my hive you're gonna feel my sting
But let me warn you, evil is in his blood.
But not you, Cry Baby Walker.
But right now I'm making them pay
But that's the way a woman's got to be these days.
But the only crime he's guilty of
But tonight, well, you were the coolest date I ever had.
But we know our heart's direction
But we're high school hellcats and we never fit in
But we're so young
But, Cry Baby, both planes crashed and I never saw my parents alive again.
But, Cry Baby, I need a date for tonight's Jukebox Jamboree.
But, Cry Baby, who is that girl?
By a gang of juvenile delinquents.
By the way, that's a shame about your face.
Call them brazen, but whatever you do, don't call them Square.
Call these D****ttes bold,
Can't marry no one
Can't marry no one
Can't you see how much love she's got for me?
Car! Car!
Carwash, drugstore.
Come back to me
Come back, my dear
Come on and pick a fight I wish you would
Come on and pick a fight we wish you would
Come on and pick a fight, we wish you would
Come on, baby!
Come on, everybody. Come on in.
Come on, gorgeous.
Come on, man, no, this way, he's in the movies. That way!
Come on, pick a fight We wish you would
Come on, we got to get to the Enchanted Forest. Turn left.
Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come to Turkey Point, man, if you dare.
Come to Turkey Point, man, if you dare.
Court dismissed.
Cry Baby and Allison sitting in a tree,
Cry Baby is an orphan.
Cry Baby needs you.
Cry Baby Walker, convicted delinquent had the nerve to announce his engagement
Cry Baby Walker, I hope you're happy with Lenora.
Cry Baby Walker, society has given you a second chance.
Cry Baby Walker.
Cry Baby, look! It's your only chance, man.
Cry Baby, they're both dead. I'm an orphan.
Cry Baby, where are you?
Cry Baby!
Cry Baby!
Cry Baby!
Cry Baby.
Cry Baby.
Cry, baby cry, baby cry, baby cry
Cry, baby cry, baby cry, baby cry
Cry, go on cry
Cry, go on cry
Cry, go on cry
Cry, go on cry
Cry, go on, cry
Cry, go on, cry
Damn you. Handcuff those brats.
Delinquents, hit the sack!
Dig it, babe. You need a new look.
Do we have a surprise for you. Don't we, Meg?
Do you know how to play the automobile game called "chicken"?
Don't do it, Allison.
Don't get all worked up, honey.
Don't have nobody to call my own
Don't make me shout
Don't make no lifer out of me
Don't touch my children.
Don't you got tits? Stick them out, for God's sake.
Don't you make no lifer out of me
Don't you make no lifer out of me
Don't you make no lifer out of me
Don't you touch them kids!
Drives fast cars
Dupree, for you,
Falling from my eyes
Fellows of the press, this chicken race tonight is for my daddy.
First one to turn the wheel before we smash is a chicken.
First Square to ever set foot in Turkey Point.
First thing a Cry Baby girl learns, our bazooms are our weapons.
First, I must apologize for my frazzled nerves.
Following last night's disturbance at Turkey Point,
For the family that he himself never had.
For the family that he himself never had.
For you made me cry
Friends of the devil But twice as mean
Get away from them.
Get back to your room.
Get on.
Get out of Turkey Point before it's too late.
Get up. Go!
Girls who wear tight slacks.
Give her the word that I'm not a rover
Give him a lonely heart like Pagliacci
Give him a pair of eyes with that come hither gleam
Give your heart some time to think.
Go on, get out of here.
God bless Dwight Eisenhower.
God bless Dwight Eisenhower.
God bless my probation officer.
God bless my probation officer.
God bless Richard Nixon.
God bless Richard Nixon.
God bless Roy Cohn.
God bless Roy Cohn.
God bless the draft board.
God bless the draft board.
God bless the juvenile authorities.