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Ah, we're falling. Ohh no. Don't look at me like that. We're falling into the ground. Ohh no. Whoa, I think this guy was too high, even a way to growing tonight. Oh yeah, me too.
And look what we have here. Us. Yes. Welcome to the My Patrol. We're our special guest star is everybody's favorite musical comedy star, Miss Carol Channing. Yes, So here she is now in a Muppet sal...
And now a Muppet Bird video present. OK, let's take a map. Well then, it's too bad enough sometimes. What else do you want to date tonight? I am good. Let's keep going, OK? I see something X monste...
And now, once again, here is our very special guest who will be joined by a very tall feathered friend who just wandered in off the street. Sesame Street to be precise. Ladies and gentlemen, Big Bi...
Baba Baba. Baba. Baba. Baba. Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba. Baba. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa. Baa baa baa. OK, now figure can't stop me, Huh? What's that?
Baby shark come down to here now. Baby shark gets sent away. What is the lies? We're sending to people's home. Forget bad things that done. No, I don't want to watch a number blocks Furby minutes a...
Behold the human balloon which you will transform. Into a sea dragon. I don't know. The last time I tried to make one, I got so angry I bet everything. Don't worry Mel, Just remember the free steps...
Bobby Bush, everybody fight.
But if you want me to, it's a show about Muppet birds. He show and sing along with our friends and meet. And green blue meal and then he show about then he was green grass around in the town and si...
Comment on peut communiquer ? Actuellement. Salut, c'est au revoir.
Date. Now first of all. Perhaps. Besides. Custer's. Don't touch the business box. You know what? I didn't know what taste.
Everybody say my particles.
Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine. Day. Valentine's Day, everyone in the house. Happy Valentine. Day.
Hi kids, and welcome to the letter Tales on the lowercase A and on the uppercase A. And we're here to answer your questions. Today I got a letter for Oh no, hello.
Hi, kids, and welcome to the letter Tales on TV channel. Yep, that's right, we're having fun. We're just waiting for Mailman to come. OK, so this is your last chance. And now let's see, the mailman...
Hi. Hi, I'm Lisa. Hi, I'm hi, I'm Andy. Hi, Anita.
Huh. Squeaky. Squeaky. Squeaky. What? Squeaky, squeaky. Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. What do you. I didn't write down, no.
I can't find it. The movie was stupid in there. Keep looking. Are you going to slow? Let me take the wheel. It's too fast. How can you even turn this on?
I wonder what Henrietta's gonna say when she sees all these pictures of her. I know, I know, she'll say. Wow, Twinkle. That was really good. You sounded just like her. That wasn't me. That's right....
I'm getting so angry. What are you doing? I'm about to explode.
It was at the matinee sweet baby boy and I did meet. She was in the ballet front row and I in our balcony seat. She was one of those dicky birds, beautiful wings she had on Facebook.
It's time now. It's time now to move on and to go to the first thing rather, and that is the Muppet Birds. Ladies and gentlemen, the Muppet Bird.
Ladies and gentlemen, our opening number. Take a chance. I did. I did. OK, take a chance.
Let's check out Works Outside today.
Let's see if Courtney has a verse for us. What happened? Grady, you OK?
Life's like a movie. Write your own ending. Keep believing. Keep pretending we've done just what we've set up to do. Thanks to all of you. The dream. And give.
My goofy uncle is holding me captive and forcing me to watch crispy Concorde videos. No, my buddy Quinn Daley is Barnacle Jones. Junior got smacked in the head with a rhinoceros horn because he was...
My lucky Rock with no sense of humor. Get out of here, OK? As I was trying to say, here is one of the truly great stars of rock music, the delightful Mr. Leo Sayer, who makes us feel like dancing.
Now dig this the following performances strictly for the birds that are out there in our audience. What do you say? What do you say? What do you say?
Oh Oh yes this is perfect. I want press this button. I will get you more.
Oh puzzle. Bananas. Bananas.
Oh, bouncing both. She's safe. Yay. But what about us? Something tells me that was the easy part. You dive right in.
Oh, hi there, Betsy Bird. Hey, I really love that little dance you did earlier in the show. No, my. Well, thank you. Yeah. Do you have any other dances you could do for us? Oh no, I mean, well, I'm...
OK, let's go eat some dinner. It has some snack. We have something to do. Are you ready? Yeah. Are you sure? Yes. Let's eat before I go to.
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Save the balls. How do you pronounce the words robot? Can you say that number T? Great job. No, you didn't hear that.
So when you can. When you can do it together. When you can get it all together. When you can't get it all together.
Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it's time. Sometimes with no time or just with a smile up to her eyes, is the brightness and trick you know, with disguising. She's a little helpful trouble. Gla...
Ta ta ta ta ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta.
The serum C makes the sound as in code. You are the letter C and the the Caesars the Caesars. Every letter makes us have the sea says. Look out. Yeah.
Wait a minute. What are we? I don't know. Why do I have a bowl? I kinda feel like I don't know number blocks. What do you mean we know number blocks? I think we're number phenograms.
What a wonderful day. I can wait for school. Hey, I'll be. What you doing? I'll be sure. Hey, Mel. What you do? I must Making a project. And I wasn't accidentally. I wonder what is 3 about that? Th...
What could all these find? Bees. Let me see to them.
What's up, guys? It's time for an ultimate challenge. Are you ready for the bed challenge? Go. Yay ta da.
What's up, guys? Today we're going to show the meetings. Yep. That's great. You're not talked to him like that. Oh, cool. I'm coming through. Hey, shut the fuck up. Hardly. I just told me to do it....
Where you going? You get back here?
Wow, this hot pepper takes delicious. Doris, why won't you try some? OK Oh well, try it. Need water?
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