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The Toy (1982)

The Toy (1982)

The Toy (1982) is a lighthearted and heartwarming comedy film that stars the legendary Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, and Ned Beatty. Directed by Richard Donner, this movie takes audiences on a delightful journey that explores the power of friendship and the importance of seeing beyond societal boundaries.

Set in Louisiana, The Toy tells the story of a wealthy businessman named U.S. Bates (played by Jackie Gleason) and his young son, Eric Bates (played by Scott Schwartz). Eric is a lonely child who is constantly neglected by his workaholic father. In an attempt to make up for his absence, U.S. Bates decides to purchase the ultimate toy for his son - a real-life human named Jack Brown (played by Richard Pryor).

Jack is hired to merely be Eric's plaything, a living action figure who must entertain and amuse the young boy. What ensues is a hilarious and heartwarming adventure as Jack and Eric form an unlikely bond. Jack becomes Eric's confidant, mentor, and friend, teaching him important life lessons along the way. Through their time spent together, both Jack and Eric learn to look beyond appearances and societal expectations, discovering the true value of friendship, compassion, and understanding.

Richard Pryor brings his signature wit and comedy to the role of Jack Brown, infusing the character with warmth, charm, and a touch of mischief. Jackie Gleason, known for his iconic portrayal of Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners, delivers a stellar performance as U.S. Bates, portraying a complex character who learns the importance of fatherhood and connection. Ned Beatty also shines in his role as the loyal and kind-hearted chauffeur, making the audience fall in love with his endearing portrayal.

The Toy, released in 1982, was praised for its heartwarming storyline and the chemistry between the actors. It explores themes of classism, friendship, and the power of love to transcend societal barriers. The film's clever dialogue and well-executed comedic moments provide constant laughter, while also delivering a poignant message about the true value of human connection.

If you are a fan of this charming movie and want to relive its magic, you can easily play and download the sounds here. Immerse yourself in the witty banter between Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason, and let the heartwarming moments between Jack and Eric warm your soul. Whether it's the laughter-inducing scenes or the uplifting messages, The Toy is sure to bring joy and entertainment to your day.

So, sit back, relax, and tune in to the world of The Toy (1982), a timeless gem that reminds us of the power of friendship and the importance of seeing beyond societal boundaries. Let Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, and Ned Beatty captivate you with their exceptional performances, and let the world of The Toy enchant you once again.

Remember, you can play and download the sounds of this beloved movie here. Indulge in the laughter, the heart, and the magic of The Toy, a film that continues to warm hearts across generations.

A costume? This is for a short person.
A federal case? Maybe we ought to run a little party for the senator.
A fellow called Lord Cavendish. He met this fellow Bates.
A little light.
A paying job will convince them of your sincerity...
A press card, salary, everything.
A quarter. I'll buy a car.
A toy?
About a thousand.
After what I did to your party, I think we're even, okay?
All right, I'll pay you on an hourly basis, sir.
All right, I'll see you next year.
All right, war has been declared!
All right, what do you need?
All right!
All right. Say "cheese."
All this is not boring? All this garbage?
All this time you didn't know my metal things were propellers?
And a charge card at Neiman's.
And a mink coat.
And a pink Continental.
And after you shave, you're fired.
And anything you want.
And Bates sent them over on a 747, first class.
And don't forget to focus. Okay?
And don't worry about your thing.
And each year, we'd have a different color.
And he gave me new hair.
And he lifted me out of all that misery.
And he said, "You let that black man serve."
And he told me...
And I swear, if you don't believe in prayers and miracles...
And none of us have beards.
And one of his gang came up and stuck a gun in my ribs.
And orangutans. You understand? Kids will want a Jack Brown wind up.
And she loves to be filled with righteous indignation.
And that was 1978. Good heavens, time goes quickly.
And that's some trick.
And then he gave me new boobs.
And then I want them shredded.
And then you're gonna jump her bones?
And they won't want no sad pandas. And no camels.
And we'd sorta do a practice run on you.
And you have a lot of hair on your lip.
Angela, this is for you!
Anybody seen the little monster this morning?
Anything. Absolutely.
Are we gonna play? What have you got?
Are you all right, Master Bates? Are you?
Are you all right?
Are you ashamed of me?
Are you at the store?
Are you crazy?
Are you gonna do that every time?
Around here. But the boy...
At any rate my friend, my lord, my boss...
Attention, Jack Brown and Master Bates.
Be careful of the table.
Be ready. Somebody get Matoussac.
Because it's goodbye for you guys.
Because the bullshit's getting thick. Piranhas?
Best of all, I wouldn't have to go back to that school.
Better than the dinner I gave you on the floor last night.
Billiards. Take a pole, hit the balls into pockets.
Blue, 26, 32.
Bounces. Dance on it.
Box the robot.
Boys will be boys, God bless him.
Bring them down. We'll barbecue them.
But I can't swim!
But I want you to do what's right.
Buy her a puppy. Get her some ice cream. Play tiddlywinks.
By the hour.
Calm down, calm down. Calm down!
Can I say something to you? I admire your moral fiber.
Can I take something?
Can I take your photo?
Can you give me $10 for a cab? All I need is 10. Just $10.
Can't you play the game?
Careful. It's hot.
Certainly not. Do you want Barkley to take you?
Chicken, Mr. Morehouse?
Chop, chop! Give him a ticket!
Cleaning lady? Cleaning lady?
Come here, man.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in. We'll discuss moral fiber.
Come on over and meet the senator.
Come on, honey. Walk this way.
Come on, Jack.
Come on, Jack. Get...
Come on, Jack. Hurry up.
Come on, Jack. I'll race you for a beer.
Come on, Jack. Let's go play some more games.
Come on, Jack. You gotta let me win this.
Come on, man.
Come on, Shorty. Come on. Watch yourself. Come on.
Come on, Wonder Wheel. Where's your heart?
Come on, you can do it.
Come on! Come on, Wonder Wheel.
Come on! You don't believe me?
Come on. Don't do that to me.
Come on. Don't, you can't. We've been through too much together.
Come on. Get out!
Come on. Get out!
Come on. Get up.
Come on. Grab this.
Come on. No.
Come see my train.
Couldn't we get these in a 40 Iow?
Cover your lip.
Cover your lip. Mustache.
Dad! Dad!
Daddy said anything I wanted, anything in the store.
Daddy, are you okay?
Daddy's giving you a lot of money.
Damn you! Do you see any piranhas?
Damn, man. I am your friend, Eric.
Democrats don't normally support us in the open.
Didn't I tell you to shave?
Didn't you listen to me?
Didn't you see All the President's Men?
Do I have to stay? I'm an accountant. Will he exceed his credit?
Do you know that?
Do you know what I mean?
Do you know why they're having a party downstairs?
Do you mate a lot?
Do you want me to find him?
Does everybody around here say that?
Does Fancy have to come to Six Flags with us?
Doesn't anybody talk to you, like your father?
Doesn't my daddy make the laws?
Don't jump her. Just dance!
Don't know my own strength.
Don't let go.
Don't touch that table.
Don't worry about that now.
Don't you know it's part of the black cultural imperative?
Don't you know that physical love is the easy part?
Don't you know that?
Don't, Dad! I want him back! Don't! I want Jack back.
Duck, you suckers!
Each time I think you're a rotten kid, you do something real nice.
Elbows off the table.
Eric and I are gonna start a newspaper tomorrow.
Eric, how many of those papers did you hand out?
Eric, I'm trying. Give me a chance.
Eric, I've got a surprise for you. Your present's arrived.
Eric, you're too big to bathe with another naked man!
Eric! Come on, Scoop. Get up! Time to go to work.
Eric! Open this door, you little shit!
Eric's not a bad boy. High spirited. I like that.
Every weeknight you have to clean the window displays for three hours.
Everybody, ain't I a writer?
Excuse me, Mr. Morehouse.
Excuse me. May I have your attention?
Fair weather friend, the bastard. I told you to dance!
Fancy and I were talking the other day...
Federal. Now where's that limey of yours with the bourbon?
Feel the ball. Bounce it.
Fine, sir. Good. Wonderful.
First one up is a rotten egg.
For fish?
Forget you know me.
Freeze! Put your hands up!
Get a job! Get a job! Get a job!
Get better lawyers. That's too long.
Get dressed.
Get in the car, son.
Get out of here, will you? You're disrupting the cast.
Get the tents!
Get your paper!
Get your paper! Read all about it!
Give him a ticket. Put it on.
Give me a hand. Somebody give me a hand.
Go ahead, sugar.
Go deep. Swing left on blue, okay?
Go for it!
Go out the side door.
Go see the people in Mr. Bates' newspaper.
God bless. God bless you.
Good boy. You want your submarine?
Good luck, Mr. Morehouse.
Good man. Father and husband. Mortgage.
Good morning, U.S.
Good to see you. How are things going?
Good. Good.
Goodbye! I want my clothes!
Got it, I got it.
Greetings, senator!
Hang on to your seat!
Have you ever let your son sit on your lap...
He bought a black man.
He can do a lot of damage.
He doesn't care his son is a quitter?
He doesn't care what I am, as long as I stay out of his way.
He doesn't know what he's saying. Music! Everybody dance.
He fired a man because he had sweaty hands?
He has no power. Of course it's people for him.
He has nothing else.
He never loved me.
He says friends are most important.
He says I'm sexy and he loves the chicken.
He says you don't have any friends and that you know two kinds of people:
He says, "You're responsible for the lunchroom." You know him.
He should understand that money means never being sorry.
He treats people like nothing. Didn't you read our paper?
He wants one in black, all right?
He wants to talk to you. Go on down there.
He was driving down the steps.
He was pushy, Eric. He insisted on shaking hands with your father.
He's fired. Did you fire him?
He's gonna want to see all of this. So you know your job.