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Coco (2017)

Coco (2017)

"Coco" is a heartwarming animated film that was released in 2017. This enchanting movie takes viewers on a magical journey through the rich cultural traditions of Mexico, weaving together a heartwarming tale of family, love, and the power of pursuing one's dreams.

Directed by Lee Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina, "Coco" showcases a talented cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life. Anthony Gonzalez voices the main protagonist, Miguel Rivera, a spirited young boy with a passion for music. Other notable voice actors include Gael García Bernal as Héctor, a charming trickster, Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz, a legendary musician, and Alanna Ubach as Mama Imelda, Miguel's great-great-grandmother.

Set during the spirited Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), "Coco" follows Miguel's quest to become a musician, despite his family's generations-old ban on music. By a twist of fate, Miguel finds himself transported to the stunning Land of the Dead, where he meets his deceased relatives who must give him their blessing to return to the land of the living. Along his journey, Miguel teams up with Héctor, a charming and mischievous skeleton, to unravel the secrets of his family's past and unlock their heartfelt connection to music.

The film beautifully explores the vibrant and colorful traditions of Dia de los Muertos, creating an immersive and visually stunning world. Through its captivating storytelling and exceptional animation, "Coco" exudes both humor and melancholy, touching the hearts of audiences young and old. It also highlights the importance of family bonds, the celebration of one's ancestors, and the enduring power of music to transcend generations.

The soundtrack of "Coco" is a standout feature, capturing the essence and soul of Mexican music. With original songs like "Remember Me" and "Un Poco Loco," the film immerses viewers in a lively and emotionally resonant musical experience. The music was composed by Michael Giacchino, and the film features additional songs by Germaine Franco and co-director Adrian Molina.

If you're eager to immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of "Coco," you can play and download the movie's soundtrack from various platforms. The soundtrack captures the joy, passion, and melancholy of the film, allowing you to relive the magic of "Coco" at any time.

In conclusion, "Coco" is a remarkable movie that beautifully celebrates Mexican culture and traditions. Through its enchanting storytelling, memorable characters, and captivating music, it manages to touch hearts and inspire all who watch it. So, why not dive into the world of "Coco," where you can experience the power of family, love, and music all in one magical and unforgettable journey.

Remember, you can play and download these captivating sounds from the movie "Coco" to fully immerse yourself in its magical world.

A ha. Very funny, guys. Very funny.
A musician's shoes!
A shoemaker. Through and through.
About twelve?
ABUELITA ELENA: In the courtyard, mijos.
ABUELITA ELENA: What is all this?
Actually, my name is Miguel.
After banishing all music from her life she found a way...
After him!
Agents at the Department of Family...
Ah, ah, ah.
Ah, ah, ah. We do not speak of that musician.
Ah, it feels good. Okay, now you.
Ah, it's too popular.
Ah, Miguel. You have your family here to guide you.
Ah! Did de la Cruz become the world's best musician
All of you, stay back. Not one more step.
All right, who's in there?
All this time, I thought it was just bad luck.
All this work to bring the family together.
ALL: Los Chachalacos!
ALL: Miguel! Miguelito! Look, it's Miguel! He's all right.
ALL: Oh!
Almost... there. Just a little further.
Amigo? Oh, that's so nice to hear you say that
And amigos, they help their amigos.
And drinks on the ofrenda.
And Ernesto de la Cruz rises to the stage!
And everything should go back to normal.
And from the darkness, a giant papaya.
And he played out loud.
And he wrote the best songs.
And Hector was my best friend.
And her little girl,
And her milk is not milk but tears.
And I apologize for doing that.
And I don't have a nose, and yet, here we are.
And I get this feeling like we're connected.
And I have to fish him out of a sinkhole!
And I need to cross the bridge soon.
And I never knew where it came from.
And I only sang your songs
And I packed up my songs.
And I'll make it worth your while.
And I'm just supposed to forgive you?
And if I want to get back to the Land of the Living...
And later, she taught her son in law.
And my family's fine with that. But me...
And nothing else mattered.
And on Dia de los Muertos!
And one day,
And so what if it's true?
And that's for trying to murder my grandson.
And the dancers are all me.
And the mama...
And the winner is Luchadora Coco!
And there's Tia Rosita and your Tia Victoria.
And they go to drink from the milk of their mother,
And they're counting on us to remember them.
And those two are Oscar and Felipe.
And to never play music again.
And to never...
And what if everything was on fire?
And whose spirit have you guided to me?
And you want to take it away.
And you, my great great grandson, are meant to be a musician!
And you... How many times must I turn you away?
And your conditions.
ANNOUNCER: And remember to return before sunrise.
ANNOUNCER: If you are experiencing travel issues,
ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to the Land of the Dead.
Answers to the name of Miguel.
Any requests?
Apologies, old friend. But the show must go on.
Aqui arriba, eso... Eh, la rayita.
Are those... Alebrijes! But those are...
Are you all right, nino?
Are you kidding? A minute ago I thought I was related to a murderer.
ARRIVALS AGENT: How wonderful. Next.
As a matter of fact, yes. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)
As her family grew, so did the business.
At his fiesta tonight!
At such a bad time!
At the Plaza de la Cruz.
AUDIENCE: (CHANTING) Otra! Otra! Otra!
AUDIENCE: Que bien! Vamonos! Whoo!
Aw. I don't know what I'd do if no one put up my photo.
Ay, ay, hold still. Look up. A ver, a ver. Look up, up, up.
Ay, Dios mio. Being part of this family means
Ay, he is going to get himself killed.
Ay, Miguel!
Ay, only for you, amigo.
Ay, pobrecito. Oh, estas bien, mijo.
Ay! Santa Maria!
Be reasonable.
Be right back.
Because I don't just want to get de la Cruz's blessing...
Because I happen to know where he's rehearsing.
Because I have just had a...
Because I wanted to keep a part of you alive.
Because of something that happened before I was even born.
Being here for this family.
Bienvenidos a todos!
BOTH: ♪ Remember me
BOTH: Gracias.
BOTH: I would move Heaven and Earth for you, mi amigo. Salud!
Break out the good stuff. I want to make a toast.
Brings back memories.
Buenas noches, Chicharron!
Bunch of self important jerks.
But Dante doesn't have any hair.
But de la Cruz murdered him!
But did you ever regret it?
But first, I need to find de la Cruz.
But he also had a dream. To play for the world.
But his music? Eh, not so much.
But I didn't listen.
But I don't want to pick sides!
But I felt a pain in my stomach.
But I must follow my heart.
But I wasn't stealing the guitar.
But I will help you.
But I've met him. I could remember him when I go back!
But if Mama Imelda can't come to us...
But if you're not on the guest list,
But in the movie, Don Hidalgo poisons the drink.
But it's good to talk to her anyway.
But most importantly, you can help me.
But my all time favorite, it's...
But my family still tells her story
But my shift's almost up and I want to visit my living family.
But none of this explains why I couldn't cross over.
But now I know. It comes from you.
But now I run like this which is way faster.
But she's the last person who remembers me.
But shoes held them all together.
But the plaza's where all the foot traffic is.
But the thing is, me and my friend, Miguel...
But there's no one left alive to pass down Cheech's stories.
But they hate music! I need a musician's blessing.
But we shouldn't forget him.
But when he played music, he made people fall in love with him.
But when we had Coco,
But who is also me.
But whoever he was, he still abandoned his family.
But you can change that!
But you got to do it by sunrise.
But, Papa, you said my family would guide me.
By hiding his skills?
By those who knew us in life...
Can I at least get my costume back?
Can I still sign up?
Carrying on the family tradition.
Cempasuchil, cempasuchil. Aha! Perdon, senora.
Chamaco, you can't run off on me like that.
Chamaco! I'm sorry! Come back!
CHELO: Eh, in the bungalow.
Choosing music over everything else?
CLERK: Then you hand the petal to Miguel.
Come back! Miguel!
Come on, Dante. Hurry up!
Come on, de la Cruzcito, you've got a contest to win.
Come on, help us out, amigo.
Come on, Miguel. It's okay.
Come on, what did de la Cruz always say?
Come on. It's Dia de Muertos.
Come on. It's his most popular song!
Con permiso, I need to visit the restroom.
Cool off, chamaco. Come on. I'll get you to him.
Cross the bridge and visit the living
Damas y caballeros,
Dancers emerge from the papaya,
Dante, callate! No! Dante, stop it.
Dante, stop! Callate! Shh!
Dante! No, Dante. Stop!
Dante! Stop!
Dante! We shouldn't be in here.
Dante! You knew he was my Papa Hector the whole time!
Dante? Dante! Dante, wait up!
De la Cruz is a tough guy to get to
De la Cruz is my...
DE LA CRUZ: ♪ Remember me Don't let it make you cry ♪
DE LA CRUZ: All of this came from my amazing fans
DE LA CRUZ: I am done asking permission.
DE LA CRUZ: Stay back! Stay back!
DE LA CRUZ: When you see your moment,
De la Cruz!
De la Cruz's guitar?
De la Cruzcito
De la Cruzcito, you're on now!
De la Cruzcito? You're on standby.
Dead as a doorknob.
Definitely Remember Me.
DEPARTURES AGENT: Next family, please.
Dia de los Muertos has begun!
Dia de los Muertos is the night to give to the dead.
Dia de los Muertos is the one night of the year
Dimple, no dimple. Dimple, no dimple.
Dimple. No dimple. Dimple. No dimple.
Dios mio! Little boy. Are you okay?
Disturbing the peace. Fleeing an officer.
DON: (ON TV) Never were truer words spoken.
Don't give me that look.
Don't I know you?
Don't make this hard, mijo. You go home my way or no way.
Don't yank my chain, chamaco.
Dona, please!
Earlier tonight he ran away from his family.
Eh, muy guapo, eh?
Elena? What's wrong, mija?
EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen...
Enjoy your visit.
Ernesto de la Cruz took his first steps...
Ernesto de la Cruz.
Ernesto de la Cruz...