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Title: Hercules - The Legendary Hero (1997)

Hercules, the iconic demigod from ancient Greek mythology, has captivated audiences for centuries with tales of his superhuman strength and remarkable bravery. In 1997, Walt Disney Pictures brought this timeless legend to life in an animated musical comedy-adventure film titled "Hercules." Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, this family-friendly film quickly became a beloved classic, enchanting both children and adults with its vibrant animation, catchy musical numbers, and an endearing cast of characters.

Set in a fantasy version of ancient Greece, "Hercules" follows the journey of its protagonist, Hercules, as he strives to reclaim his rightful place among the gods on Mount Olympus. Unfortunately, Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, plots to overthrow Zeus, Hercules' father, and take control of Olympus. In order to carry out his plan, Hades needs to eliminate Hercules, who possesses unmatched strength. He sends his minions, Pain and Panic, to kidnap Hercules and make him mortal. However, the plan goes awry, and Hercules is raised on Earth by two loving human parents.

As he grows older, Hercules discovers his true lineage and begins his training to become a true hero. Along the way, he is joined by his loyal and comedic companion, Philoctetes, a satyr who becomes his mentor. Hercules must face various mythical beasts, overcome adversity, and learn what it truly means to be a hero.

- Hercules (voiced by Tate Donovan) - The film's protagonist and the son of Zeus. Hercules possesses incredible strength, but lacks control over his powers.
- Megara (voiced by Susan Egan) - A spirited and independent woman who becomes Hercules' love interest. Despite her initial mistrust, Megara ultimately helps Hercules on his journey.
- Hades (voiced by James Woods) - The villainous Lord of the Underworld, Hades seeks to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus. He is conniving, snarky, and uses his wit to further his evil plans.
- Philoctetes (voiced by Danny DeVito) - A satyr who becomes Hercules' mentor. Phil is gruff, yet endearing, and guides Hercules in his quest to become a hero.
- Zeus (voiced by Rip Torn) - The powerful king of the gods and Hercules' father, Zeus is determined to protect his son from Hades' schemes and ensure his safety.
- Pain (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait) and Panic (voiced by Matt Frewer) - Hades' bumbling henchmen, constantly tasked with carrying out his nefarious plans. Their comedic incompetence adds levity to the film.

"Hercules" is renowned for its catchy soundtrack, blending Greek-inspired melodies with soulful gospel numbers. The film prominently features the musical talents of Alan Menken, who composed the score and co-wrote the songs with lyricist David Zippel. Songs like "Go the Distance," "Zero to Hero," and "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" have become classics, inspiring audiences with their uplifting messages and memorable tunes.

With its delightful animation, memorable characters, and an uplifting storyline, "Hercules" continues to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. The film's positive messages of perseverance, finding one's identity, and the power of true heroism resonate even today. Whether you're reliving fond childhood memories or discovering this enchanting tale for the first time, the sounds and magic of "Hercules" can be enjoyed by all.

You can play and download the enchanting sounds of "Hercules" on various music streaming platforms or purchase the soundtrack to transport yourself to the lively world of ancient Greece. So gather your family and embark on an extraordinary adventure with Hercules, as he proves that even a mortal can become a hero.

A And I'm his gopher!
A couple of rodents looking for a theme park.
A friend of yours who's dying to see me.
A god!
A guy can only take so much disappointment.
A life without Meg, even an immortal life,
A little cirrus and a touch of nimbostratus
A real pain in the patella!
A stirring performance, boys.
A true hero. Great!
A word of caution to this tale.
After all these years, is this the kind of hello you give your father?
Ah, Phil, schmill. Just follow me.
Ah, son, you shouldn't let those things they said back there get to you.
Ah, very nice! What I'm tryin' to say is...
Ah! Now watch your old man work!
Alcmene, over here.
All I know is you're the most amazing person with weak ankles I've ever met.
All right, just take it easy, champ.
All right! Break it up! Break it up! Party's over!
All right! Not bad, kid!
All we need now is a plague of locusts.
Am scray!
Amphitryon, for so many years
And a dash of cumulus.
And And at least we made him mortal. That's a good thing.
And as for you, ya bum, you're gonna go to the stadium
And by the way, Herc, is she not a fabulous little actress?
And by the way, sweet cheeks, I'm real, too.
And by thunder, you're old enough now to know the truth.
And every single one of those bums let me down flatter than a discus.
And Future.
And he'd kinda blow this whole thing off, you know?
And he's all yours, son.
And Herc, you little devil you. May I call you Herc?
And here I am, kind of river guardian less.
And here is a sucker for the little sucker, eh?
And how does this creep thank you?
And I am tellin' you, and this is the honest to Zeus truth,
And I don't wanna hurt you, so let's both do ourselves a favour and stop this
And I give you the thing that you crave most in the entire cosmos,
And I think I'm gonna like it here.
And Meg here is free as a bird and safe from harm.
And not a very lively one, at that.
And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you are going to do?
And only gods can live on Mount Olympus.
And people would say, "That's Phil's boy."
And the girls were all named Brittany?
And the greatest and strongest of all these heroes was the mighty Hercules.
And the one schlemiel who can louse it up is waltzing around in the woods!
And they're practically at our gates!
And this is Pegasus.
And this time, no foul ups. Wow!
And you are wearing his merchandise!
And you can't do a thing?
And you, Hades, will rule all!
And you're gonna be put through the workout of your life!
And, as always, hey, full of dead people.
And, hey, two thumbs way, way up for our leading lady.
Animals! Disgusting!
Animals! Disgusting!
Are you always this articulate?
Are you, uh, all right. Miss, uh...
Aren't we forgetting one teensy weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail?
At 1:00, you got a meeting with King Augeas.
At least I beat him, didn't I?
Aw, how cute.
Ay, verse. Oy.
Because our little nut, Meg, has to go all noble.
Before we...
Behave yourself.
Besides, O oneness, you can't beat him.
Bingo! They're immortal.
Blow him away!
Boom, badda boom! Boom, boom!
Boy, am I glad to meet you! I'm Hercules.
Brothers! Titans!
But at least I've got one swell consolation prize,
But before the flood.
But by the strength of his heart.
But by the time they found the baby, it was too late.
But I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute.
But I'm different than those other guys, Phil!
But if I don't become a true hero, I'll never be able to rejoin my father, Zeus.
But if you found me, then where did I come from?
But that furshlugginer heel of his!
But this is the big leagues!
But what can I tell ya? Anyway, what do you owe these people, huh?
But what is the measure of a true hero?
But why did you leave me on Earth? Didn't you want me?
But you... Are Aren't you a damsel in distress?
But, Father, I've beaten every single monster I've come up against.
But, Pop, they're right. I I am a freak. I I try to fit in. I really do.
By running off with some babe.
Bye bye, Wonderboy.
Call me Phil.
Can I ask you a question, by the way? Are you...
Come here, come here. Let me show you around.
Come on, Hades. Don't be such a stiff. Join the celebration!
Come on, kid! Concentrate!
Come on, kid.
Come on, kid. Come on. Fight back.
Come on, you can take this bum. This guy's a pushover. Look at him.
Come on!
Come on! Hurry up! We're shovin' off here!
Come out! Face me!
Coming, your most lugubriousness. Ow!
Congratulations, Wonderboy. You'll make one heck of a god.
Couldn't have done it without you, sugar, sweetheart, babe.
Crush Zeus!
D oh! It's like I keep tellin' ya. You gotta stay focused, and... You...
Darling, hold that mortal's thread of life
Dead as a door nail.
Dear, keep those away from the baby.
Definitely not good!
DGR, the Daughters of the Greek Revolution.
Did you cut your hair or something? You look fabulous.
Did you see that?
Didn't know you had a famous father, did you?
Didn't we?
Don't even get me started on the crime rate.
Don't even go there.
Don't get too comfortable, Hades!
Don't just barrel in there without thinking. Eh?
Don't make eye contact. People here are nuts.
Don't worry. Shorty here can explain it to ya later.
Dreams are for rookies.
Earth to Herc! Come in, Herc! Come in, Herc!
Easy, fellas. You'll be all right.
Easy, horsefeathers.
Eh, but dreams are for rookies.
Eh, close enough. Let's get you cleaned up.
Everybody's got a little taste of somethin' but me.
Everybody's not like that.
Everyone's been captured. I've been captured!
Everything except old Snowball here.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
F F Father?
Fabulous party. You know,
Father, this is the moment I've always dreamed of.
Father, wait!
Fine work, my boy! You've done it!
Fine, fine, fine.
Fine, okay. I'll give you that one.
Fine! G...
Fine. Okay. Listen.
Fine. So, instead of subtracting two years from your sentence,
First, analyse the situation.
First, that restaurant by the bay, and then that play, that Oedipus thing.
First, you must seek out Philoctetes, the trainer of heroes.
Follow the fingers! Him! The yutz with the horse.
For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength,
For the Trojans, hey. They bet on the wrong horse, okay?
Freak! Yeah, go away!
Freeze him!
From that day forward, our boy Hercules could do no wrong.
Gee, i i it's great to see you.
Geez Louise! What got his goat, huh?
Geez! You don't give up, do ya?
Get away from me! Don't touch me! Get your slimy souls off me!
Get back, blast you!
Get outta there, you big lug, while you still can.
Get them!
Get yourself another girl. I'm through.
Girls! Stop! Stop! Come back, come back, come back.
Give that your best shot.
Go! I don't... I don't need you.
Good and tight.
Good luck, son.
Great, great. Anyway, see, ladies, I was at this party, and I lost track of...
Guys, get your titanic rears in gear and kick some Olympian butt!
Guys, guys, relax.
H Hades' deal is broken.
Ha ha! You probably don't remember Pegasus, but you two go way back, son.
Ha, ha, ha!
Ha! Meg.
Hades is gonna kill us when he finds out what happened.
Hades mad.
Hades. You're behind this!
Hah! Oh, he's strong like his dad, hmm?
Hah! Work yourself to death!
Hah! You're doin' great, son. You're doing your old man proud.
Have you ever reversed a natural disaster?
Haven't you ever had a dream,
He barely gets nicked there once and kaboom!
He comes on with this big, innocent farm boy routine,
He could jab, he could take a hit, he could keep on comin'.
He has no weaknesses. He's gonna...
He He just can't control his strength.
He hurt you real bad, didn't he, Meg? Huh?
He promised I wouldn't get hurt.
He was so hot, steam looked cool.
He's a magnificent horse with the brain of a bird.
He's got a problem with his stables.
He's history.
He's losin' points for this!
He's makin' the story sound like some Greek tragedy.
He's not gonna be happy when he gets outta there.
He's so tiny.
He's the only one who can talk some sense into him.
He's too dangerous to be around normal people!
Hear me out, ya little... Just hear me out, okay?
Hello? Hello? Am I talking to, what? Hyperspace? Hello, it's me.
Help, help, help!