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Title: Hatari! - A Classic Adventure Film

Year: 1962

1. John Wayne as Sean Mercer
2. Hardy Krüger as Kurt Müller
3. Elsa Martinelli as Anna Maria "Dallas" D'Allesandro
4. Red Buttons as Pockets
5. Gérard Blain as Charles Maurey
6. Bruce Cabot as Little Wolf
7. Michèle Girardon as Brandy de la Court
8. Valentin de Vargas as Luis Francisco Garcia Lopez
9. Eduard Franz as Dr. Sanderson

Released in 1962, Hatari! is an exhilarating adventure film directed by Howard Hawks. Set amidst the stunning landscapes of East Africa, the movie tells the story of a group of daredevil game wranglers capturing wild animals for zoos. Steeped in breathtaking action sequences and charismatic performances, Hatari! instantly became a beloved classic of its time.

The film stars the legendary John Wayne as Sean Mercer, the seasoned leader of the game wranglers. With his rugged charm, Wayne effortlessly brings Mercer to life, portraying a man with an unbreakable spirit and a deep respect for the African wilderness. Alongside him is Hardy Krüger as Kurt Müller, a German engineer who provides crucial support but ultimately must make a difficult choice between the wild and his newfound love.

Elsa Martinelli adds a touch of femininity and determination to the film as Anna Maria "Dallas" D'Allesandro, a photographer who joins the team on their adventure. Martinelli's Dallas not only captures mesmerizing scenes of African wildlife but also captivates the heart of both Mercer and Müller, leading to a captivating love triangle.

Red Buttons injects humor as Pockets, the jovial and accident-prone member of the group. His comic timing and lovable personality provide light-hearted moments amidst the arduous tasks faced by the game wranglers. Gérard Blain as Charles Maurey, Bruce Cabot as Little Wolf, Michèle Girardon as Brandy de la Court, Valentin de Vargas as Luis Francisco Garcia Lopez, and Eduard Franz as Dr. Sanderson round out the talented ensemble, each contributing unique dimensions to the film.

Hatari! enthralls audiences not only with its engrossing storyline and stellar cast but also with its mesmerizing soundtrack. The film showcases a collection of tracks composed by the brilliant Henry Mancini, perfectly complementing the majestic beauty of the African wilderness. From thrilling chase scenes to tender moments of reflection, the music masterfully captures the essence of each scene, heightening the emotional impact on viewers.

For those captivated by the film's soundtrack, they can now play and download these enchanting sounds here. The rich melodies, often characterized by Mancini's signature blend of orchestral instruments and African percussion, transport listeners to the heart of the African savannah. The evocative tunes not only evoke the vibrant spectacle of the wild but also convey the complex emotions experienced by the characters throughout their journey.

Listening to the Hatari! soundtrack offers a unique opportunity to relive the adventurous spirit of the movie. The thundering beats of drums in tracks like "Main Title" are sure to get pulses racing, while the melodic "Baby Elephant Walk" immediately transports listeners to the playful scenes involving an adorable baby elephant. And for those seeking more heartfelt moments, tracks like "Night Side" captivate with their tender piano melodies, beautifully reflecting the quieter, introspective moments in the film.

Hatari! remains a testament to the timeless allure of adventure films, capturing the hearts of audiences across generations. With its captivating plot, stunning cinematography, and unforgettable performances, the movie stands as a testament to the remarkable talent of its cast and crew.

Now, with the ability to play and download the Hatari! soundtrack, viewers can immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring soundscape that enhances the thrilling narrative. Whether rediscovering the film or experiencing it for the first time, the music of Hatari! continues to elevate the cinematic experience, capturing the extraordinary essence of African wildlife and the indomitable human spirit in the heart of the wild.

To play and download the captivating sounds of Hatari!, visit the provided link and embark on an unforgettable auditory journey through the African savannah.

A burn? Make sense!
A calf.
A girl doesn't cry about nothing. It must be something.
A great way to make a living.
A man's been horned by a rhino. He's bleeding pretty badly.
A white trail against the blue sky.
A woman can tell.
AB negative is not very easy to find.
About not belonging...
After all that trouble catching him, we had to let him go two months later.
After we get out of here, push on ahead to the compound.
Airline ticket, but she wasn't at the airport. She must be in town.
Airport? If a girl about 5' 6" tall with red hair shows up,
All aboard!
All aboard!
All of a sudden, I stopped thinking of her as a kid.
All right, clear out. Let him get some sleep.
All right, goodnight!
All right, let's go! Don't lose him!
All right, Luis. Get the cage truck.
All right, Luis. He's all yours.
All right, move in a little closer.
All right, Papa.
All right, Pockets. Take her away!
All right, Sean.
All right, see you in the morning.
All right, tip him over.
All right, we'll humour you.
All right, you look terrible.
All right!
All right.
All right. I'm asking you.
All right. Kurt, take the first bottle on the right.
All right. We'll talk about you.
All right. We'll use two ropes tomorrow.
All right...
All set.
All we can do is wait.
All we need is about 200 more.
All you have to do is get the goats and an elephant into the cars.
AM D'Aless...
Am I as bad as that?
And a greenhorn.
And get those monkeys before they get away.
And goodnight.
And he said he hadn't seen you since.
And higher. A rhino can't climb into it.
And I had a bath with a cheetah and three men.
And I was today, wasn't I?
And I would like some sleep. Wouldn't you?
And keep the slack out of it, so he won't get hurt.
And Kurt. Let's see...
And stay out of here!
And they also say that you're mbalimbali.
And they want pictures of the catchings.
And this is our boss, Miss de la Court. We call her Brandy.
And to pull this thing up here...
And wondering if I was going to be like her.
And you can't walk the floor with him, either!
And you were just finding out when I...
And you... What is your name, anyway?
Anna Maria D'Alessandro. And who are you?
Answer the letter from the San Diego zoo.
Any colour, I don't go near.
Anybody want one of these?
Anybody with two eyes can see that.
Anyway... Thanks again.
Are you all right?
Are you gonna break your promise?
Are you gonna carry her stuff?
Are you nuts? Me in love with Brandy? That's the most...
Are you pushing me?
Are you trying to get a vacation?
Aren't we going? Let's go!
Aren't you in love with her?
Arga! Another one.
Arga! Where's Missy?
Arusha Control calling 505. Do you read me? Over.
Arusha Control calling.
Arusha Control speaking. Go ahead.
Arusha's a big town, if she doesn't want to be found.
As I said, nobody can ever say your inventions don't work.
As long as it takes to catch your animals.
At 6.30 tomorrow morning, I'll be ready to throw a net over them.
At about 11 o'clock,
At least I played it with both hands.
Bacon and eggs.
Because AM D'Alessandro sounds like a man.
Because the giraffe was out there.
Before you go any further, I should tell you you're not alone.
Before you go any further, I should tell you, you're not alone.
Better than I am?
Better to work short handed than with the wrong kind of man.
Big Band Aid will do it.
Black coffee.
Borrowed it from me.
Brandy, find me some pails to put some milk in, yeah?
Brandy! When the jeep flipped.
Brandy... I just want to say something.
Breakfast at 6:00.
Bring him in a little!
Bring him in a little!
Bring in that crate.
Bring me up to date. What's happened since I've been gone?
Bring the first aid kit.
Bring us another head rope!
Bring your gun down to the range.
Bus now leaving for 42nd Street and Arusha Square!
But do you know?
But don't let it gum up the work around here.
But he's going to have to ask me.
But I don't like to be told.
But I don't want to force you, so...
But I won't waste any more breath. Do one thing to humour me.
But I'm not going to give him a free hand, either.
But if he does like you, he doesn't want to get in any deeper.
But when it comes to repairs, they won't touch it.
But why doesn't he like women?
But you were great today.
But you've got a strange way of asking for it.
But, Pockets, you drove right in with all these giraffes around.
Bwana, are we talking about the same animal?
Bwana, you remember Mama, don't you?
By gosh, we got another one.
By the way, how are you doing with the big bwana?
Calling Arusha Control.
Cameras, lenses, a real professional outfit.
Can I give you a little warning?
Can't remember what it is.
Can't you get any more speed out of this thing?
Charles Maurey.
Chips and I will check the taxi station.
Chips, you take a pole with Kurt.
Come again?
Come and get it!
Come back in, come on!
Come here!
Come in, don't be afraid!
Come in.
Come in.
Come on in.
Come on out! Get the hell out, will you!
Come on, baby!
Come on, baby!
Come on, baby. Let's go!
Come on, baby. Let's have a bath.
Come on, get in. Come on, Tembo!
Come on, get out. You don't belong here anyway!
Come on, hurry it up!
Come on, hurry it up! She's a handful of trouble.
Come on, I'll buy you a nice warm drink.
Come on, I'll show you. Turn around.
Come on, take a good smell now.
Come on, Tembo! What does she do to make him move?
Come on, Tembo. Come on, baby.
Come on, there's no room for you.
Come on, we'll show them!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on. Get him out of here!
Come on. Let's see which one has to go to work.
Come over with me.
Come, baby, come!
Come, baby, come!
Come, baby!
Come, baby.
Come, baby. Come!
Come, Tembo!
Coming in.
Could be all right.
Could be better.
Dallas climbed into the car and he followed. Look.
Dallas screamed, I ran in, saw the cheetah.
Dallas, any animal that has spots, stripes, or is one colour,
Dallas, I warn you, you are labouring under a gross misapprehension...
Dallas, I've taken about all of this I'm gonna take.
Dallas, let's go!
Dallas, no trunk.
Dallas, one thing, please, don't make him too mean.
Dallas, this is Pockets.
Dallas, what do I do?
Dallas! Watch out!
Dallas? It's Sean.
Damp it! You can't whip us all.
Deep fried with antelope fat, I love it.
Did he have a tough time?
Did he tell you I was coming?
Did I...
Did it have to be the Indian?
Did Sean have anything more to say about the baby elephant?
Did the Frenchman say what he was using the money for?
Did the monkeys get away, Sean?
Did you know she had a calf?
Did you set that thing off or did it go off by itself?
Did you sign this letter?
Didn't a photographer write to the Indian?
Didn't you hear it over the radio?
Didn't you tell me you'd discovered that Brandy was all grown up?
Do you always carry that chip on your shoulder?
Do you like to kiss the girl, or the girl to kiss you?
Do you want an opinion from me?
Do you want me to answer this letter from the San Diego Zoo?
Doc, how long before you can tell us about the Indian?
Don't do it.
Don't fall in with those buffalo!
Don't get tangled in those ropes!
Don't give him time to rest!
Don't let her on a plane, she robbed the Bank of England.
Don't look at me! Feeding him is up to you people.
Don't lose any sleep over it for a while.
Don't make a fool of yourself.
Don't miss his 2:00 feeding. He'll start squalling.
Don't start in by spoiling her.
Don't tempt me!
Don't you think...
Drop that thing off of there!
E Flat.