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Mousehunt is a hilarious comedy film that was released in 1997. Directed by Gore Verbinski, this movie takes viewers on a wild and entertaining adventure centered around two brothers and an elusive mouse. With a talented cast and a witty script, Mousehunt is sure to keep audiences laughing from beginning to end.

Starring in this comedy gem are Nathan Lane and Lee Evans as the bumbling Smuntz brothers, Ernie and Lars. The two inherit a dilapidated mansion which they plan to renovate and sell for a fortune. Little do they know, their plans are about to be derailed by a clever and mischievous mouse who has taken up residence in their new home.

The Smuntz brothers soon find themselves engaged in an epic battle of wits with this audacious rodent. The mouse proves to be an elusive and resourceful adversary, outsmarting the hapless brothers at every turn. The result is a series of uproarious mishaps, slapstick humor, and witty dialogue that kept audiences rolling in the aisles.

As the brothers' attempts to catch the mouse escalate in absurdity, the comedy reaches its peak. From explosive traps to comically oversized mousetraps, the film shows no shortage of inventive ways for the brothers to fail in their mission. The physical comedy in Mousehunt is perfectly timed and executed, thanks to the impeccable performances of Lane and Evans.

Complementing the hilarious performances is a fantastic musical score by the talented Alan Silvestri. Silvestri's soundtrack captures the comedic essence of the film, enhancing the humor and adding depth to the scenes. You can play and download these delightful sounds here, immersing yourself in the comedic atmosphere of Mousehunt even when you're not watching the movie.

In addition to the brilliant performances and catchy score, Mousehunt boasts incredible production design. The dilapidated mansion becomes a character of its own, with its creaky floors, malfunctioning gadgets, and booby-trapped hallways. The set designers did a phenomenal job creating a world that perfectly complements the comedic tone of the film.

Mousehunt is not just a comedy; it is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Despite facing numerous setbacks, the Smuntz brothers refuse to give up on catching the elusive mouse. Their perseverance teaches viewers an important lesson about never giving up, even when the odds are stacked against you.

As the film reaches its climax, viewers are treated to an epic showdown between the brothers and the cunning mouse. The final scenes are a perfect blend of comedy and heart, leaving audiences with a sense of satisfaction and a big smile on their face.

If you're a fan of clever humor, slapstick comedy, and unforgettable characters, Mousehunt is a must-see film. With its talented cast, sharp writing, and impeccable comedic timing, this hilarious adventure will leave you laughing long after the credits roll. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the wonderful world of Mousehunt.

A centennial house could actually be worth something.
A chain reaction will start snapping them all.
A demonstration of... of how durable...
A find like this today is worth twice as much.
A LaRue really is.
A quarter? You think so small, Lars.
A scapegoat, someone to demonise. The same thing happened to Galileo.
Ah, I forgot to put holes in the box.
Ah, nuts!
Ah, poor little Catzilla.
Ah, shut up!
Ah, the mouse!
Ah, well.
Ah, you must be...Caesar.
Aha! Ow!
Aha! We've finally found our friend's home!
Alexander Falko!
All right, well, we'll all go upstairs!
All the trouble we'd have saved if we'd just thrown fruit at him!
All we have to do is grab it, baste it, and scarf it down!
All you have to do is make $1200 worth.
An advance? Ladies and gentlemen, it's the missing LaRue.
And bring this museum into the 21st century.
And for ze Mayor, la specialite de la maison,
And half is mine, including the half that you tried to sell.
And I will write you a cheque...
And myself, uh, we...
And old fashioned elbow grease couldn't fix.
And peanut butter and jelly for kids.
And splatter his devious mouse brain from here to kingdom come!
And this isn't just a house. It's a LaRue.
And would have, if it hadn't been for that bus!
Any advance on $5 million? Ladies and gentlemen, $5 million.
Any advance on 17?
April, I've got new ideas.
April. What a surprise. Dropping by for no reason, I suppose?
April's been like this since high school.
Are you interested in spooling?
Are you trying to kill me?
As insanely generous as that is, I have to decline,
Because April gave us the $1200!
Because I have no respect for you!
Because there's something I probably should have mentioned...
Before his committal?
Before they carted him off to the laughing academy.
Believe me, I know. (Snap) Ah...
Bon appetit.
Bonjour! Our very best table.
Brothers. Family.
Bu but that's not string. Tha that's cord.
Built in 1876, the last LaRue in existence has five bedrooms...
Bus? You can't leave well enough alone, can you? You ruin everything!
But I appreciate your thoughtful concern.
But I really want to talk about marketing.
But I still wanted his approval.
But it didn't have this moulding.
But know this.
But my life is passing me by, and l...l need more!
But not the other side,
But nothing that a few nails...
But now he knows we're here, he won't come near us.
But that was 10 years ago, and it didn't have this moulding.
But that's just grilled cheese. What's the point?
But there's only one way to go from there, and that's down, baby, down!
But to that mouse,
But we have huge rats, the size of sumo wrestlers.
But you are welcome to come to the auction.
But you can call him anything you want.
But, Lars, that was our last resort!
C c can I have 7.5?
Can I have an advance on $2 million?
Can I have an advance on six?
Can I have the egg? Can l? Huh? Huh?
Can I have two, ladies and gentlemen?
Charles Lyle LaRue!
Charles Lyle LaRue!
Charles Lyle LaRue.
Charles Lyle LaRue.
Come on, let's hit the sack.
Come on. (Screams)
Congratulations on your find. I'm a great admirer of LaRue.
Couldn't you find a black suit for your father's funeral?
Crunchy! Hmm. I love the almonds.
Daddy! You ate the head!
Dead animals always do. the dining room.
Did he say, "Thanks, Ernie, it was delicious"? No.
Didn't know what...HIT US! (Bangs gavel)
Do something! He's coming to.
Do you have any of those knocking around?
Doc, I have to get out of here. I still have a chance.
Doc. I need to find a phone before I miss out on the deal of my life.
Does a wife need a reason? Oh, are you entertaining?
Don't forget to get toothpaste and Saran Wrap.
Don't let him get away!
Don't talk to me about betrayal. You should have told me about that offer!
Don't you see, Lars? That's all you've ever had are plans.
Duck a I'Orange avec du quack sauce...
Ee yew! Look! (Squishing)
Either way, this godforsaken museum piece is not worth a dime, is it?
EKG, a C spine, a chest x ray and pelvis. Now move!
Enjoy the party.
Ernie, i it's just a little mouse. Do we really have to kill it?
Ernie, I want you to have something.
Ernie, it's Christmas.
Ernie, we're not supposed to sell it. We're supposed to run it.
Ernie! Ernie, there was a quarter in there.
Ernie! Ernie!
Ernie. Ernie!
Excusez moi. Au revoir, les enfants!
Fiendish! I won't eat it. (Yells)
Fine, it's black.
Five million bales of top grade cotton fibre.
For once the Smuntz name was worth something!
For ten millions.
Forty thousand hot lamps complete with rotating plate warming trays.
Full of pina coladas and a college girls.
Funny you should ask. I had all but given up on anyone wanting him.
Gentlemen, congratulations.
Gentlemen, I'm going to make you an offer.
Get me my Gouda.
Get your hand out of there immediately!
Give somebody else a chance with that gun.
God, I hate that mouse!
Goddamn, that mouse stinks! (Cackles)
Good idea.
Good. Well, you're the expert.
Gosh, it's a shame nobody's interested in buying the factory.
Great. A worthless house and a broken down string factory.
Great. Stick a "For Sale" sign up, see what we can get.
H he never lived there, but i i it's interesting.
H hey, stop it! Hey! Ow!
Had no idea what surprises were in store for us or...
Hang on, Ernie. The flashlight's broken.
Hasta la vista, you little rat bastard!
He did. He just wasn't smart enough to sell it.
He didn't mean it, Pop.
He only noticed the string I had tied it with.
He snapped the trap, ate the olive, and left the pit just to mock us.
He toasted the side with the cheese...
He was crazy!
He was locked in a trunk in the attic.
He'd be proud of you.
He's good.
He's not sitting in his hole in a smoking jacket,
He's spent most of his whole life in that box, I expect.
Hello, ladies. How magnificent! Welcome!
Here it is!
Here you go. Knock yourself out.
Here! I want you two to share it.
Here's your problem.
Hey, isn't that Caesar's truck?
Hey, last night, did you hear the, uh...
Hey, there are some posters up here.
Hey! Don't go!
Hey! Merry Christmas!
Hey! What are you doin'?
Hi, Ernie!
Hi. This is Ernest Smuntz of Smuntz String.
Hilde, the spool is smoking!
His Parma Charnel House went for six, ten years ago,
Historical Society told us of its value,
Honey, are you OK?
How about Ellman Square under the big clock at noon?
How about that?
How did he know that?
How'd you find him?
Huh? It's mozzarella and herring. You can taste the herring, right?
I can open up another restaurant, you're back with April,
I can't control everything in there.
I can't!
I didn't even tell her about the auction until after she took me back.
I didn't leave, Lars. I was cast out.
I distinctly remember somebody yelling, "Shoot!"
I don't believe it.
I don't even know them!
I don't know whether to congratulate you or wish you luck.
I don't know why, but...
I don't know. There's a lot of Eurotrash scarfin' the shrimps.
I don't think we're dealing with an ordinary mouse.
I feel fine. What time is it?
I feel fine. What time is it?
I found it my first day in America.
I got a chill. You shouldn't talk about Pop like that.
I got it!
I have $2 million, ladies and gentlemen. Can I have an advance?
I have $8 million over there.
I have never paid more than $10 million for a house in my life!
I have to run a little errand.
I hope you can take care of this, whatever it takes.
I know some people who've used a mouse as a spokesperson.
I l didn't even know he was there!
I l don't think I ordered my cheese sandwich with capers.
I made a special rack of lamb for his 70th birthday...
I mean, my brother and I own a string factory.
I see. I can't get enough of good moulding.
I slaved over that meal, making sure everything was perfect.
I suppose all arrangements could be completed within the week.
I tell you what.
I think he'd be proud of us.
I think if he were here right now,
I thought you'd be happy! I stood up for myself today!
I want have...something.
I would like to introduce the owner of this architectural wonder,
I'd let you stay with me, you know, but, uh, April threw me out.
I'd like to draw your attention to the Lincrusia details...
I'd love to discuss selling our factory to you.
I'd say he looks like a "Fluffy."
I'll bet it's up in the ceiling, mostly!
I'll get to the point. LaRue. I have his books and his letters.
I'll have to pass.
I'm a man on a mission!