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Barb Wire

Barb Wire

Barb Wire is a thrilling action film set in a dystopian future, directed by David Hogan and released in 1996. This movie centers around the dynamic and fierce character of Barb Wire, portrayed by the talented Pamela Anderson.

Anderson's portrayal brings Barb Wire to life with her strong presence and captivating performance. The cast also includes Xander Berkeley as Alexander Willis, Victoria Rowell as Dr. Corrina "Cora D" Devonshire, and Steve Railsback as Colonel Styker.

Set in the war-torn city of Steel Harbor, Barb Wire is a formidable bounty hunter who runs a popular nightclub to earn a living. Amidst the chaos, she becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy that threatens not only her business but also her life. Determined to protect herself and those she cares about, Barb Wire must navigate treacherous alliances and confront her own troubled past.

The film's storyline weaves together elements of action, suspense, and drama, offering viewers an exhilarating and immersive experience. The gritty cinematography and explosive action sequences perfectly complement the dark and morally ambiguous world in which Barb Wire operates.

Accompanying the intense visuals of the movie is an exceptional soundtrack that enhances the narrative's energy and tension. If you are interested in reliving the gripping moments of Barb Wire, you can play and download the sounds from the movie here. The soundtrack, composed by Michel Colombier, features a mix of edgy industrial tracks and powerful rock anthems that echo the film's gritty atmosphere. The music sets the right tone for the unfolding drama, propelling the story forward with adrenaline-pumping rhythms and captivating melodies.

Moreover, the electrifying performances by various bands and artists contribute to the soundtrack's diverse and engaging nature. Artists like Korn, Silverchair, and Tommy Lee (of Motley Crue fame) make notable contributions with their electrifying and hard-hitting tracks. Each song adds a distinct flavor and energy to different scenes, amplifying the movie's impact and resonance.

Whether you are a fan of action-packed dystopian films, thrilling soundtracks, or you simply appreciate the fierce performance of Pamela Anderson, Barb Wire is a cinematic experience worth exploring. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Barb Wire, relive the explosive action, and download the captivating sounds that accompany this cult classic.

A big one.
A business proposition.
A Congressional delegation out of Washington,
A Congressional smart grenade.
A gesture.
A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.
A little gun running here, some bail jumping there,
A million dollars is pocket change to what's going down.
A rather spectacular double homicide in the old harbor.
A safe escort to the old airport.
A traitor named Cora D.
Act natural? That's easier said than done.
Actually, I don't feel much of anything anymore.
Add it to my tab, Miss Kopetski.
Ah, blow me.
Ah, Colonel Pryzer,
Ah, come on, babe.
Ah, if she's more to your pleasing...
Ah, Mr. Krebs.
Ah! I think I better go down and start checking some more IDs.
Alive, Krebs represents your investment in his bail bond.
All of it. Come on. And the rest!
All of this is over a set of Bausch + Lombs?
All of this is over capturing an enemy of the Republic,
All right, let's go!
All right, phase two of the deal.
Allow me to introduce our hostess, the inimitable...
An H IV derivative known as "Red Ribbon."
An hour before sundown.
An urgent request to contact the Resistance,
And a badly scented proposal of marriage.
And a million dollars bounty on the head of the good doctor
And as a duly authorized officer of the court,
And as your bar is non discriminating
And from Samantha to Kyle, "You thieving, murderous bastard.
And get on that plane.
And I came ready for anything the Congressionals could lob at me.
And I'm here to tell you, it only feels that way.
And in this world, you got to use everything you got.
And let's pretend she's right here in your arms.
And not to mention the $750,000 credit on the debit card.
And now's not the time to explain.
And she can be very mean.
And stuff it back down your throat.
And take care of Camille, okay?
And that the Congressionals planned
And that's where I lived for three years.
And the Congressionals have a million dollar bounty on his head.
And the Congressionals want it back.
And the toll collectors quite difficult.
And then I thought, "I wonder if she'd like to do some."
And then what's left, memories, dreams.
And will be helping her leave the Congressional territories.
And, Barb, it's a pleasure to see you, too.
And, Barb, you've got to know, all I ever wanted back in Seattle
Another offer to buy the bar,
Any bright ideas how?
Any of these men Schmitz?
Any word yet on our traitorous doctor, Cora D?
Apartment 472. One guest.
Apartment 472. One guest.
Apparently, Colonel,
Are we cutting it close enough?
Are we going out?
Are you a cop?
Are you Barbara Kopetski?
Are you coming or not?
Are you kidding? They'll have every exit covered.
Arrest her.
Arrest him.
As in lenses?
As long as it takes, citizen.
As long as it takes.
As you wish, Colonel. As you wish.
Attention, attention.
Axel, over here.
Axel, take the wheel.
Baby, you tell me it's late,
Back off, Axel.
Bad part of town.
Barb has a very keen sense of commerce.
Barb, how lovely to see you.
Barb, I'm gonna have to ask you to drop your weapons.
Barb, there's more to this story than meets the eye.
Barb, this is my wife, Cora D.
Barb, we have to go now!
Barb, where are the contact lenses?
Barb, you of all people should know that.
Barb's retired.
Ben Jones, eh?
Best in the house, as you requested.
Big Fatso.
Bingo. Mr. Krebs.
Boom, boom, boom.
Bounty hunting is an ugly, unpredictable business.
Breeding, that is.
Bring you in contact with all levels of society.
Bubbly on the house.
But I didn't know how friendly.
But I do make the occasional arrest without slaughter.
But I get a million dollars bounty on your head,
But I have more important things on my mind.
But I thought you got some air last night.
But I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the special order.
But nevertheless, they were my men.
But vaporizing your springy ass is gonna be a real pleasure.
But you know I only like big, fat women.
But you may have heard of her as Cora D.
But your words just don't match your thoughts.
But, listen, the mission took months and I just thought after all that time,
By the way, Barb,
Camille, package check.
Camille, sit.
Can you tell me why Cora D's going to Steel Harbor?
Candy from a baby.
Cash for the lenses, right there.
Chanel No. 5. Am I correct?
Change of plans. Let's go.
Charlie Kopetski sent us.
Charlie Kopetski.
Charlie's down there.
Check him. Yes, sir.
Check his ID.
Chief Willis, arrest these people.
Cigarettes and a drink and I'll be fine.
Citizen approved by all governments.
Citizen, I abhor torture.
Cognitive impressions, usually those closest to death first,
Colonel Pryzer,
Colonel Pryzer, Alexander Willis, Director of Police Operations.
Colonel Pryzer, Executive Council on line two.
Come again.
Come on, Barb. Give him a thrill.
Come on, get in, get in.
Come on, honey, get it all off!
Come on, honey. Come on, all of it. Yeah, there you go.
Come on, make me stand up for queen and country.
Come on, move your ass.
Come on.
Coming right down.
Command a bit more respect than that, Barb.
Commence scan.
Congressional or U N.
Contact lenses?
Cora D, I admire you.
Cora has the vaccine to Red Ribbon in her system.
Cora, there's quite a lot of things I need to tell you.
Cover her!
Curly. Music.
Cut the shit. Where's my money?
Damn, but that don't just tug at my heart strings.
Damn, Willis, we've got to do something.
Dead, he's toxic waste.
Deal. I'm not done yet.
Deal. You got the lenses?
Destination Quebec, gate two.
Destination? Quebec.
Did you hear the Congressionals just took over Denver?
Did you wash your hands?
Do I look disenchanted to you?
Do I look surprised?
Do I make myself clear?
Do they, Dr. Devonshire?
Do you have a girl back home?
Do you miss her?
Do you remember what happened in Topeka, Kansas?
Do yourself a favor. Just give 'em back and say you're sorry.
Does the word "overkill" mean anything to you?
Does this constitute an emergency?
Doesn't have you in her appointment book,
Don't call me "babe."
Don't call me "babe."
Don't drink when you want to forget.
Don't I?
Don't lose the clip.
Don't move!
Don't worry about it.
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?
Dr. Corrina Devonshire, 44791.
Dr. Corrina Devonshire, Cora D,
Dr. Devonshire was privy to some of the most
Drink when you want to remember, Barb.
Dry Martinis and a Cuban cigar.
East sector is clear. Is there anyone in the west?
Even in Washington, we've heard of Barb Wire.
Evening, Officer.
Everybody's chasing their tail.
Everyone stay where you are.
Everything go okay?
Everything's negotiable.
Exactly. You deal with everybody.
Excuse me, Barb.
Excuse me, boss. Trouble in the kitchen.
Excuse me, Curly.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse me, Miss Wire.
Extradited and sent to Washington by now.
Fat chance.
Fifteen hundred.
Fifteen hundred.
Final seating, Flight 647.
Find 'em now!
Finders keepers.
Floor it!
Follow him!
For a while.
For Charlie?
For Christ's sake, will you just name a price!
For the million dollar bounty.
For turning you both over to the Congressionals.
For what?
From the beginning.