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Deep Cover

Deep Cover

Deep Cover is a gripping and suspenseful crime thriller that takes viewers on a wild ride into the dangerous world of undercover operations. Released in 1992, this feature film has captivated audiences with its intense storyline, stellar performances, and a mesmerizing soundtrack.

The movie revolves around the character of Russell Stevens Jr., played by Laurence Fishburne. Stevens is a dedicated police officer who is handpicked to go deep undercover in a drug cartel, led by the ruthless drug lord, David Jason, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum. As Stevens delves deeper into the criminal underworld, he must balance his loyalty to the law with the seductive power and influence of the criminals he's infiltrating. As the lines between right and wrong blur, Stevens finds himself on a perilous journey where one wrong move could cost him everything.

The cast of Deep Cover is filled with talented actors who bring their characters to life with incredible depth and nuance. Alongside Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum, the film also stars Charles Martin Smith as Stevens' handler, Gerald Carver, and Clarence Williams III as the enigmatic drug dealer, Taft.

While the performances in Deep Cover are undoubtedly outstanding, the film's soundtrack is equally remarkable. Released at the height of the early '90s hip-hop scene, the soundtrack perfectly complements the gritty tone of the movie. With tracks by some of the era's most influential rap artists, including Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, the soundtrack acts as a driving force that intensifies the action and heightens the emotions at every turn.

Deep Cover's soundtrack has become legendary in its own right, with its infectious beats and iconic rap verses. Whether you're a fan of the film or just a lover of great hip-hop music, you can now listen to and download these incredible sounds here. Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythm and powerful lyrics that define the essence of Deep Cover and capture the spirit of the early '90s rap scene.

If you're ready to embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the underbelly of crime, Deep Cover is the perfect choice. With its stellar cast, gripping storyline, and unforgettable soundtrack, this movie guarantees an unforgettable experience. Don't miss the chance to indulge in this masterpiece of undercover suspense, and make sure to grab the outstanding soundtrack to accompany your own thrilling adventures. Play and download these iconic sounds now, and let Deep Cover transport you to a world where nothing is as it seems.

A beef and bean burrito...
A creep in a bIack cape.
A friend of mine was water skiing, and...
A IittIe tape in the back of a caddy or a jeep
A IittIe.
A joke on me.
A junior counseIor was driving the boat, and...
A man has two things in this worId
A man who Iooked Iike me...
A miIIion eight.
A miIIion?
A nice ride.
A poIiceman.
A prayer book.
A seIf promoting dupIicitous greasebaII...
A sin's ending up Iike that girI
A stone fox?
A very powerfuI and important Latin American poIitician...
According to our friends at the State Department.
Act Iike it. Spend some money. Get new cIothes. Have some fun.
After hoIding out for two or three seconds...
After this...
After tonight...
After work, they went home to their wife and kids.
Against smoke Iike a primo
Ah, you a bitch.
AII I gave up was this IittIe motherfucker.
AII right, Eddie.
AII right, move in!
AII right,all r
AII right.
AII right.
AII right.
AII right.
AII right. Hey, I ain't on your shit.
AII right. How you doin'? Hey, James.
AII right. It's cooI.
AII right. OK.
AII right. We'II get Barbosa's man Chino to do it.
AII rise.
AII you have to do is speak highIy of the operation...
AImost the same as if you shot her.
Ain't had pussy since pussy had you.
AIthough, a woman, sometimes when she comes...
All my fauIts were becoming virtues...
All your fauIts wiII become virtues.
Am I right?
An addictive aIkaIoid...
And a friend of our president's.
And a white wine for the tremendous behind.
And anybody cIose to me, and that's you.
And as you said, I can't afford it.
And by seIIing that stuff...
And do your job better...
And eventuaIIy he'II have to.
And find their graves in the snow.
And get you some miIk, OK?
And gotten away with it.
And he didn't criticize the agency, so back off.
And he'II Iose that skinny IittIe thing.
And here. Here. Here. Coaster. Coaster.
And his superiors.
And I can arrest and deIay that.
And I got on the wrong fucking bus, and...
And I know your dick gets hard for money...
And I wanted to check on James.
And I was branded beast at every feast...
And I was right.
And I'll suppIy the whoIe West Coast...
And I'm at the core Iike rhythm and bIues
And I'm the onIy one who knows how to make it.
And if you want my opinion...
And it's vioIent...
And makes most peopIe too obnoxious to bear.
And more air pIay
And my attorney approves every singIe word.
And my money was Iong.
And no kiss.
And no more ******.
And nothing happened.
And now I began to wonder.
And now it is out of our hands.
And now that I had whacked GaIIegos...
And now they're dead.
And one of them's going to kiII you.
And she said, ''Ooh, God damn, this rhythm is strong.''
And she's good. She's just can't provide speciaI services.
And stay under
And strategy to carry it out.
And that the judge runs the terms consecutiveIy.
And that's why I'm hanging around with this Barbosa.
And the DEA andall the agents in it, particuIarIy me.
And the poIice didn't come after me.
And the smirk on his face...
And then GaIIegos...
And there are those IittIe penaIties.
And these anti Semitic pricks can kiss my ass...
And they compIain when they don't hear
And this scrawny bitch the fuck out of here.
And unraveI my pedigree.
And vioIence?
And we taIk to him and nobody eIse.
And we're out of business with these morons forever.
And you don't know what's happening.
And you know I'm a businessman.
And you know something eIse?
And you know which way I mean that.
And you'II report directIy to me.
And you're definiteIy not yourseIf.
And you're going to stay in pain...
Another fucking ******'s car
Anton GaIIegos.
Anton GaIIegos...
Anybody can see it.
ApoIogize to these guys and go home.
ApparentIy is suppIied by the Latins.
Are bringing that shit into this country.
Are my African American beautifuI babies.
Are the very ones who've ensIaved us, baby.
Are we going after him?
Are you fucked up?
Are you kidding?
Are you saying something about me?
Are you so stupid you can't see that?
Are you stiII in it?
Are you, son?
As a possibIe presidentiaI candidate for his own country.
As a resuIt, a poIice informant is dead!
As you might have expected...
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
At the arrest tonight...
Audi 5000.
Barbosa bareIy owed him a miI.
Barbosa's death had gotten us here.
Barbosa's never going to Iet us near GaIIegos.
Be advised some suspects exited Iimousines.
Because he wanted me to come.
Because I wanted to be of some use...
Because I'm not Ietting it get away.
Because if it's not, we wiII taIk about it.
Because it can get to be a very expensive habit...
Because it's a day gig.
Because it's going through withdrawaI?
Because it's got deformities.
Because there's onIy one ruIe in this game, John
Because these guys...
Because you can take it outside.
Because your father was kiIIed robbing a Iiquor store...
Before I ever became a man.
Before they are even born...
BeIinda had been smokingall afternoon as usuaI...
Being a cop was never this easy.
Besides yourseIf, or course.
Best of aII, no internationaI borders, no customs agents.
Betty sends this money...
Between a bIack man and a ******?
Between a bIack man and a ******?
Between a bIack man and a ******?
Between a bIack man and a ******?
Big brass baIIs...
Bitch, I toId you
Bitch, you fucking up!
Bobby, give me a minute.
Boy, does it hurt.
Boy, you better know what you want.
Brown shower?
BuIIshit. You do itall the time.
Business is improving.
But he kept his mouth shut.
But I couIdn't get up off the bed.
But I did, so get in the fucking van!
But I did, so let's get in the van.
But I do.
But I had money at the hoteI...
But I know what you do.
But I need some spades.
But I needed someone.
But I think there's drug money out there...
But I was good at it.
But if I say...
But if we can naiI the nephew...
But in a way, weall have to make it.
But it can't Iearn.
But most importantIy...
But peopIe said he got his dope by way of FeIix Barbosa...
But that's for me to know and you to find out.
But that's it, man. Two thousand doIIars.
But the deejay's going keep the party bumping...
But we want the uncIe. We want Guzman.
But what about a substance...
But why, man?
But with no toweI...
But you can't be too carefuI, huh?
But you have the gift of fury.
But you'II never go home...
But, fortunateIy, we don't have a probIem, officer.
Buy drugs, seII drugs...
Buy it.
Buys from this man...
By the time I got there...
By the time they got there, she was dead.
Call me on the phone. I don't Iike
Can I show you something?
Can the Iawyer end up dead?
Carver aIready knew about it.
Carver was thriIIed at my rapid ascent as a deaIer.
Check this out, reverend.
Chump change. Rent money.
Code three? What the fuck? What what?
Coke is dead. So what's next?
Come aIong. We'II have a budget.
Come here, you...
Come here.
Come on now, son.
Come on, David. Did you see it in his eyes?
Come on, Eddie, Iet's go.
Come on, Eddie.
Come on, I see you jam.
Come on, I'm sorry, boy.
Come on, nice and easy. Turn around, baby.
Come on, schmuck.
Come on, you guys.