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Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West

Title: Ingrid Goes West: A Dark Comedy Exposing the Dangers of Social Media Obsession

Year: 2017

Ingrid Goes West is an insightful and thought-provoking dark comedy film directed by Matt Spicer. Released in 2017, it unravels the perilous world of social media obsession and the dreaded consequences it may have on our mental and emotional well-being. This critically acclaimed movie dives into the complexities of human relationships in the digital age, exposing the dark side of our insatiable desire for validation and connection.

The film features an exceptional cast that brings this cautionary tale to life. Aubrey Plaza portrays the eponymous protagonist, Ingrid Thorburn, a troubled young woman grappling with loneliness and social anxiety. Plaza's performance brilliantly captures Ingrid's unfiltered emotions, oscillating between vulnerability and obsession, as she becomes fixated on the lives of social media influencers.

Elizabeth Olsen stars as Taylor Sloane, a popular Instagram influencer with a seemingly perfect life. Olsen brings depth to the character, simultaneously portraying the glamorous façade Taylor presents online and revealing the underlying insecurities within. The contrast between Ingrid's perception of Taylor's life and the reality behind the filters drives the narrative, delving into the dangers of comparison and envy.

The supporting cast includes O'Shea Jackson Jr. as Ingrid's love interest and neighbor, Dan Pinto, providing a refreshing and witty perspective on the pitfalls of social media culture. Wyatt Russell portrays Taylor Sloane's artist husband, Ezra, embodying the character's struggle to find genuine connections outside of the virtual world. Their performances add layers of complexity to the story, seamlessly blending humor and satire with the gravity of the underlying message.

Ingrid Goes West takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride, highlighting the toxic influence of social media on mental health while exploring themes of identity, authenticity, and the universal longing for acceptance. Blending dark humor with uncomfortable realism, the film expertly navigates the complexities of our digital society, forcing viewers to question their own relationship with social media.

As the story unfolds, Ingrid becomes infatuated with Taylor, carefully curating her own online persona through imitation. Ingrid's desperate attempts to befriend Taylor and infiltrate her glamorous world serve as a dark mirror reflecting our society's obsession with projecting an idealized image.

While Ingrid Goes West often elicits laughter through its darkly comedic moments, it masterfully exposes the potential devastation that can arise from this pervasive obsession. With the click of a button, we can now become voyeurs into the lives of others, blurring the line between reality and the idealized versions of ourselves we present online.

The film's poignant message acts as a stark critique of our generation's dependence on social validation and its consequences for our mental health. Ingrid Goes West reminds us that behind the filtered images lie real people struggling with their own insecurities and fears.

Sound plays a pivotal role in enhancing the film's narrative and emotional impact. The carefully selected soundtrack seamlessly complements each scene's tone, conveying the range of emotions experienced by the characters. From moments of desperation to fleeting euphoria, the soundscape immerses viewers in the psychological journey of Ingrid. To rediscover these captivating sounds, you can play and download the original score and songs from the movie.

Ingrid Goes West challenges us to reevaluate the significance we place on online connections, encouraging us to focus on cultivating genuine relationships and finding fulfillment beyond the virtual realm. By shedding light on the dangers of social media obsession, this film acts as a cautionary tale, urging us to treasure our own lives instead of yearning for a curated existence.

A credit card or checking account to open an account.
A drug addict and just not to be trusted, okay?
A loser.
A nice installment into the franchise.
A perfect day for a perfect wedding.
A perfect day for a perfect wedding.
A picture of you in my sister's bathroom. Weird.
About all those messages that I just left.
About how you're feeling.
Abs... Absolutely everything you were talking about.
Absolutely, unless have other plans.
Actually, don't smile, and if you hold your bag
After my mom died. And, I'll never forget that.
Ah, I was thinking like, two or three weeks tops.
Ah, I... Sorry... Wha... Two or three weeks?
Ah, I'm a photographer.
Ah, there's not many people except maybe, um... Olga.
All Batman's powers come from within him.
All my favorite humans. Hashtag blessed.
Alone? [chuckles]
Alright, for sure, ****a, I'll be right over.
Alright, I need to know what happened. I mean, every detail.
Alright. Bye. See ya' later then.
Alright. Hey.
Alright. Tell me when Ingrid gets here,
And actually here, randomly, on a yoga retreat.
And actually we will end up selling the house.
And after a while of me squeezing on her ass
And also, no Batman talk.
And become an artist full time,
And cannot accept new messages. Goodbye.
And don't worry about deleting anything.
And even at an angle, maybe. Cool.
And everything in it is for sale.
And he just made a joke about him being
And he was fucked up on...
And he wouldn't give it back to me.
And he's leaving tomorrow. I promise.
And I asked him for my phone back
And I bet he won't even notice it.
And I didn't know how to cope with it.
And I don't know how to change.
And I feel really bad about it. Okay?
And I got you this.
And I gotta be honest, it kinda bugged me a little bit because
And I hope that someday you and I can...
And I just feel like, we should talk about this.
And I just happen to strike up a conversation
And I just think somebody needs to appreci...
And I just... don't think I can change.
And I need a replacement so..
And I need some clothes for tonight.
And I promise that I'll leave you alone.
And I'll bring Dan. He loves that kinda stuff anyway.
And I'll feel sad because I have no way of telling you about it.
And I'll just drop him off, to Mummy and Daddy!
And I'm getting new ones everyday.
And I'm just...
And I'm making a ton of new friends.
And I'm tired of being alone.
And maybe I'm just tired...
And my husband has a chronic case of technophobia.
And Nicky was there. I swear to God.
And pretend to be somebody else. So, it was like...
And rubbin' on it...
And send you all the information?
And she told me not to tell anyone.
And she wants to call it "Desert Door."
And Taylor's been so nice to me
And that would be amazing. Here you go.
And that's basically all this has been.
And the cycle continues. All right?
And the festivities we get. Twin hearts emoji.
And the greatest desert vibes...
And then Ezra, he... [laughs]
And then he said he wanted $50,000.
And this is gonna sound like, such a crazy idea...
And thousands.
And turn it into some hotel slash store.
And turn it to this boutique hotel
And very sick person,
And you had no friends.
And you know what, sir, she's actually with us.
And you need professional help.
And you pretend to be some cool L.A. chick,
And you were selling those Bolivian clay pots.
And you're gonna tell him if he doesn't leave me alone,
And, in fact, it's not what I'm even talking about.
And... all around a really great neighbor.
And... and let... You know, just let my work
Anyway, I hope you're doing well.
Anyway, I'm gonna be around probably for another hour.
Anyway, the next thing I know,
Apparently, you've got a lot of fans out there.
Are the notes. So you have...
Argh. Fuck. We gotta call him.
As a matter of fact, one of them is here to see you.
As an orphan, I definitely felt a connection towards him.
As hard as you can.
At the airport, at de Gaulle, guess who is right next to me?
At The Hive, L.A.
At the Littledoe launch party. Sparkle emoji.
Baby, where did you go? Why did... Why did you leave?
Baby, you're a firework. American Flag Emoji.
Back when she first moved here. She didn't know anybody.
Basically everything I've posted
Because I haven't actually talked to him about it yet.
Because it was kinda like, I lost my best friend.
Because we are going to that launch party,
Because you are a sad and pathetic,
Before your table read or whatever, I promise.
Believe in self promotion, and just like, thinks...
Brands, they pay me to post things online.
But have you heard from Nicky at all?
But he said that...
But he's like totally sober now.
But I definitely care about you.
But I don't know how to fix it,
But I have this dream of opening a boutique hotel
But I thought you said his paintings were popular.
But I walked in on her telling Harley
But I'm really looking forward to meeting him. [chuckles]
But I'm willing to rent it out to you.
But is he okay?
But it was actually not that bad.
But my biggest dream is to buy the house that's next door to us
But Taylor said they were really popular.
But the fact is, he's definitely lying.
But they have the best live music
But we are 420 friendly, so, you know.
But you ain't paying your damn subscription
But you're full of shit.
But, maybe, that's okay.
But... do you wanna grab a coffee and talk about it?
By just... going through their phone.
Call me back, okay? Okay.
Called The Deer Park.
Came by to say hi.
Can I pick the place?
Can I take you to dinner?
Can I tell you a secret?
Can I use your bathroom?
Can we just talk about this?
Can we please just start over and pretend it never happened?
Can you get another bottle, please?
Can you give us a minute?
Can you just, please, give me one more week?
Can't I just have it, man? Come on, it's Halloween.
Cause' the chick who we got to play Catwoman,
Cause' you could totally join our camp next year.
Charlotte just commented on one of her Instagrams,
Come here Saturday. Be here. Six o' clock.
Come on, nobody wants to see this.
Come on.
Come on. Your password to your phone
Could you actually promise that, um...
Damn all that, man.
Damn! Why the fuck would you do that?
Damn. Excuse me, can he like me for my personality shit?
Dan Pinto. Nice to meet you.
Dan's gonna kill me.
Disco Dan told me about your mom and the sack full of cash.
Do I get to use this shit buttoned up all the way?
Do you guys need help with anything?
Do you know what that is?
Do you remember what she ordered?
Do you see that house over there?
Do you speak French?
Do you take cash?
Do you think maybe we should pull over?
Do you wanna come with me?
Don't move.
Don't talk about comic books or anything.
Don't you have another truck you could use?
Down like this, it might look better.
Drugs or drunk or something, I don't know.
Dude, come on.
Eight thousand dollars' worth of damage to my truck.
Especially with fucking Nicky around.
Everything about me is a lie. Okay, well...
Everything's okay. Everything's cool. [giggles]
Everything's the best, with her.
Excuse me, Miss? Can I have your name?
Explore my creative side.
Ezra is an artist.
Ezra never checks up on me. Come on, hurry up.
Fairy tale wedding. Hashtag about last night.
False alarm, guys. Go on about your day.
Feel like...
Fine, you can leave on the hat and go hangout with them
Five minutes. That's it.
Five thousand a month, and I won't tell her
For a very small fee.
For our resort collection.
For those experiencing a financial hardship.
Forgot something.
From flea markets across the United States.
From him since yesterday. I think his phone may be dead.
From some fashion chick named Harley something or other.