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The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea is an enchanting Disney animated film released in the year 2000. It serves as a direct sequel to the beloved classic "The Little Mermaid", continuing the underwater adventures of Ariel and her family. With a delightful cast of characters and a captivating storyline, this movie captures the hearts of both children and adults alike.

Returning to the magical underwater kingdom of Atlantica, we reunite with Princess Ariel, now happily married to Prince Eric, and the proud parents of their curious daughter, Melody. The film follows Melody's journey as she discovers her mermaid heritage, much to Ariel's concern. Determined to protect her daughter from the dangers of the sea, Ariel forbids Melody from venturing into the deep waters.

Voiced by Jodi Benson, Ariel is as endearing and spirited as ever, showcasing her love for her family and her longing for the ocean. Tara Charendoff voices the young and energetic Melody, whose rebellious nature leads her to venture forth into the sea despite her mother's warnings. Ariel's steadfast companion and musical crustacean, Sebastian, returns to provide comic relief and guidance, voiced by Samuel E. Wright. Sebastian's unforgettable voice brings back memories of his iconic songs from the first installment, adding a nostalgic touch to the sequel.

The film introduces a new cast of characters, including Morgana, the malevolent sister of Ursula, the villain from the original film. Voiced by Pat Carroll, Morgana seeks revenge against Ariel and her family, using Melody as a pawn in her wicked plans. Morgana is a formidable antagonist, adding an element of danger and suspense to the story.

Accompanied by an alluring musical score by Templeton and Schwartz, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea is filled with catchy tunes that will have audiences singing along. The songs seamlessly blend into the narrative, capturing the characters' emotions and advancing the plot. From lively numbers like "Down to the Sea" and "Tip and Dash" to heartfelt ballads like "For a Moment" and "Here on the Land and Sea", the soundtrack enhances the film's magical atmosphere.

As Disney never disappoints with their animation, the visuals in this sequel are stunning. The kingdom of Atlantica is beautifully portrayed, with vibrant colors and intricate details that transport viewers into an underwater wonderland. The animation showcases the characters' fluid movements underwater, creating a sense of grace and elegance.

If you're looking to relive the magic of The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, you can play and download the iconic sounds from this film here. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and whimsical tunes that will transport you back to Atlantica and remind you of the power of family, love, and self-discovery.

In conclusion, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea is a delightful sequel that successfully captures the essence and charm of its predecessor. With a lovable cast of characters, a captivating storyline, and enchanting music, this film is a treat for fans of the original and newcomers alike. Dive back into the depths of Atlantica and experience the magic once again as Ariel and her family embark on a beautiful adventure beneath the waves.

A child born of sea and shore
A child born of sea and shore
A choice, you can come to Atlantica with me
A crab my age should be retired, getting a tan,
A fork? We're risking our tails for a fork?
A hal
A human.
A journey to bless a princess to be
A lifetime as worms,
A lowly human.
A mermaid?
A party!
A what? Turn back into a what?
About playing Kick the Clam on the reef?
Actually, I went under it. I hate that stupid wall.
Adventurers slash explorers
Adventurers slash explorers
Adventurers slash explorers
Adventurers slash explorers
After her!
Ah ah ah.
Ah, don't worry, Ariel. We'll find her.
Ah! Prince Eric.
Ahh! Ohh!
Ahoy there! They're coming!
Albeit as disgusting, pathetic, cowardly...
All hail Queen Morgana!
All my fault! I tried to stop her!
All right, all right. Break it up. Break it up!
All right, Sebastian, you must remain calm.
All right, then, we're in.
All the dreams I've been dreaming are real
All the power of the seven seas at my command!
All this ime, and you never told me?
All this time Atlantica was never that far away from home.
All you have to do is go in there and calmly explain
ALL: All for three and three for one
ALL: Titanic Tip and Daring Dash
ALL: Together we come forever to be
And a one, and a two,
And a part of me.
And a shark...
And all the creatures of the sea are in my power!
And because you're my granddaughter,
And gain all the powers of the ocean,
And I shall spare you.
And I'l get to be big again.
And if no one's gonna tell me,
And it's not even 10:00.
And look! You've brought back my trident.
And neither will I.
And ready to know what the people know
And sea
And seek the unknown
And she can tell me what this locket means,
And sing the song of the sea
And smile for our adorers
And storm the fortress and be heroes.
And the moment that I do
And then one day, boom!
And then those manta rays come, and then she takes those creepy tentacles
And there's no one to get it back for me.
And these itty bitty little pincers.
And truer to life than before
And under the sea
And under the sun
And who'll be right there with all the answers?
And why does that necklace have my name on it?
And you brought Flopper with you.
And you know our daughter.
And you walk funny.
And you will bow down before me!
And your precious granddaughter!
And, uh, all kids your age feel awkward.
Angel face, meet the one and only
Another plan perfectly executed.
Another plan perfectly executed.
Any such swimming is a reckless disregard of the rules,
Ariel, darling, we knew this day would come.
Ariel, how nice of you to come.
Ariel, maybe you should go with him.
ARIEL: I'l be right up!
ARIEL: Melody?
ARIEL: Oh, Daddy, I'm so worried.
ARIEL: Wait a minute.
Ariel's coming
Ariel's coming
Ariel's coming?
Ariel's coming?
Ariel's Melody
As big as a whale
Ask them my questions and get some answers
Atlantica? You mean it's not just an old fish tale?
Avenge poor, unfortunate Ursula,
Be careful, dear.
Because it has your destiny in it?
Because it's there
Being a teenager is hard,
Believe me, I know just how you feel.
Bet they don't reprimand their daughters
Betcha on land they understand
Beware, barracudas Drop to your knees
Beyond the safety of the sea wall.
Beyond the safety of the sea wall.
Bigger fish! Now, there's an idea!
Blowing bubbles with the bass sprats band
BOTH: It is expressly forbidden for you to be swimming
BOTH: It's the locket!
BOTH: Titanic Tip and Daring Dash
BOTH: Whoa!
BOTH: You're a mermaid?
Bow down before me!
Bow down!
BOY 1: You're kidding.
BOY 2: It should make for an interesting party.
Boy, you're sure not a guppy any more.
Bring her home.
But how could she have gotten here?
But I'll find you
But if Morgana is anything like Ursula, she'll never give up.
But it's not possible.
But she'd never understand.
But something came up.
But that's not possible.
But then, whoever said we had to play fair?
But what I dream about more than anything in the whole world...
But what's with the wall?
But who cares No big deal
But why?
But you know these waters,
But, Eric...
But, Flounder, if we both go,
But... But my friends...
C'est magnifique!
Catch you later.
Catch you later.
Children, what did I say
CHORUS: La da, da da, di da da
Climb every mountain
Cloak! Dagger!
Come in. Come in out of the cold.
Come on, follow me We'll make history
Come on, Grimsby, join us. The water's great!
Come on, Miss Popularity.
Come on!
Come on. Follow me.
Come on. Let's go.
Come to join the party?
Cowardly worms.
Cowards slash losers.
CREW: Down to the sea we go
Daddy! The trident!
Daring the dastards to put up their dukes
Darling we'd better be going
Dash, if this is the end,
DASH: Nice crib.
DASH: Once you're a permanent mermaid, we'll be friends forever.
DASH: Shark, shark, shark! TIP: Comin' through!
DASH: Whoa ho ho! TIP: Whoo hoo!
Dear child, did you ever consider that it has your name on it
Death to the crab!
Defending our friends and anemones
Do either of you know how to get to Atlantica? I don't have much time.
Do I have to do this?
Don't rush me.
Don't you know an evasive manoeuvre when you see one?
Don't you know?
Double the search parties!
Down to a world I know
Down to the sea we go
Down to the sea we go
Down to the world below
Dressed with a flair
Enjoy those fins!
Eric's right, Daddy.
Even longer, if you like. (CHUCKLES)
Everybody sing
Everybody thinks I'm weird.
Everything's going to be all right, Ariel.
Everything's newer and brighter and bluer
Excuse me, Mr I Spill My Guts To Total Strangers.
Face it, Triton. You're all washed up!
Facing the foe with our fearless flukes
Faster than a moray eel!
Finally I'll succeed at the one thing my sister never could.
Find her!
Find her!
Flipping your fins you don't get too far
Flounder, I really need your help.
FLOUNDER: Now what?
Fools! I have the trident now.
For a moment all of me
For a moment I can feel
For a moment I can shine
For a moment Just a moment
For a moment Just a moment
For a moment life is cool
For all of you with fins!
Forever to be together as one
Forgive him, dear. He's got a little size issue.
From now on, Your Majesty, nothing gets past
From sea to shining sea