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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a heartwarming, thought-provoking movie released in the year 2000 that truly leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. Directed by Mimi Leder, the film features an incredibly talented cast that brings this remarkable story to life.

The lead role is portrayed by Haley Joel Osment, who delivers an extraordinarily powerful performance as Trevor McKinney, a 12-year-old boy with a heart full of compassion. Trevor's life is forever changed when his social studies teacher, played by Kevin Spacey, challenges his class to devise an idea that can change the world for the better. Inspired by this task, Trevor develops the concept of "paying it forward" - performing a good deed for three people without expecting anything in return, only asking them to pass the kindness on to three others.

Helen Hunt shines as Trevor's struggling single mother, Arlene, encapsulating the challenges of raising a child while battling her own demons. As the story unfolds, Arlene forms a deep connection with Trevor's teacher, leading to a touching and complex relationship that adds layers to the narrative.

The supporting cast also delivers outstanding performances. Jay Mohr plays Chris Chandler, a reporter who becomes intrigued by Trevor's project and decides to investigate and document the impact it has on everyone it touches. Jon Bon Jovi portrays Arlene's ex-husband, providing an exceptional performance as a character searching for redemption and a chance to repair the broken bonds with his son.

Serving as the emotional backbone of the film, the soundtrack adds another dimension to the story. With an exquisite blend of uplifting and melodious tracks, it perfectly complements the deep emotions expressed on screen. Listeners can immerse themselves in the soundscape of Pay It Forward, experiencing the same journey of hope, love, and resilience that the characters undertake. From the heartwarming melodies of "Coming Home" by Gwyneth Paltrow to the soulful tunes of Bon Jovi's "Have a Little Faith in Me," these songs will resonate with viewers long after the movie ends.

To fully appreciate the beauty of this film, you can play and download the full soundtrack. Let the melodies transport you to the world of Trevor McKinney, where acts of kindness have the power to change lives and inspire a movement of compassion. Whether you choose to listen to it while reflecting on the profound message or simply enjoy the music as it uplifts your spirits, the Pay It Forward soundtrack is a gem that will capture your heart.

In conclusion, the movie Pay It Forward is a true gem in the world of cinema. With a talented cast, a deeply moving storyline, and a captivating soundtrack, it leaves an indelible mark on its audience. This film is a reminder of the power of small acts of kindness and the potential for change that lies within each and every one of us. So, get ready to be moved, inspired, and motivated to pay it forward!

A chair?
A chance? A chance for what?
A lot of brothers need favors in here.
A minute, five minutes, I don't know.
A partner at Channing and Moss is giving away cars?
A phone call. I just need a phone call.
About my idea.
About what?
Add that to your list of words to look up.
Add variegated. I want you to go home…
After all, what does the world expect of us?
Ain't you got some oxygen?
All five of them got up and started chasing me, man.
All he has to do is not love him.
All right, all right, all right.
All right, bring them up.
All right, let's go. All right, great.
All right, see you later, guys.
All right, so we're not global thinkers yet, but why aren't we?
All right, so what? What you want?
All the things…
Am I supposed to raise my hand?
An asshole?
An assignment they can't do? What kind of teacher are you?
An attack of total altruism from a litigator.
An old bat living in her car in Las Vegas tells you about pay it forward?
And anyway, for what it's worth…
And he looks at me one last time…
And I do three more…
And I had really missed her.
And I'm changing this place, man.
And I'm going to help them, but it has to be something really big…
And I'm standing in front of the house.
And I've become one.
And if I were an effusive person given to easy praise…
And if I were an effusive person given to easy praise…
And if you can be with me on this…
And it's like…
And many more
And my friends are all drunks.
And one of them, man, was real black.
And so I expect you to be here for me.
And stay?
And that's three people.
And that's why Pay it Forward went to all those places…
And the last thing I remember…
And then I saw you and I changed my thinking.
And there are these dictionaries which you will carry at all times…
And they kind of give up.
And when he can't, it'll wipe him out.
And when I looked him in the eye…
And you can start that…
Any further any of you want to go than that? Yes?
Anybody who knows me…
Apparently, none of you have ever seen a new teacher before.
Are you gonna try to put me somewhere?
Are you kidding me? You think I live at the Ritz?
Are you still gonna pay it forward?
Are you sure that's all?
Arlene McKinney. My boy is in your social studies class? Trevor?
Arlene, I've called you five times.
Ask me what happened after he came back.
Ask what happened. “What happened that night you came back, Eugene?”
Because don't nobody tell me what I can and can't touch.
Because I owe somebody a favor.
Because it's supposed to be something hard.
Because she was so brave.
Because we're 11.
Because you came to the school…
Believe me.
Besides, I got a car.
Best start thinking about the world now and what it means to you.
Bonnie wasn't home. The cops wouldn't come.
Bullshit. His friends in high places had me kill it…
But I cannot do that.
But I crapped out and I let him.
But I missed her, so I had to go back and see her.
But I still think you could.
But I thought you still might.
But I want to focus for a moment on one project we heard today.
But my mom said now they'll put us on some list…
But not forever…
But not no more, because it changed me.
But that was just for the effort.
But that's why this is the one.
But what if on that day you're free…
But when you climb in the first time, and pull the newspapers over you…
But who told you to do it?
But you don't have to worry…
But you might just squeak by with a “C”.
By 13 I was gone. I ran away.
Call it generosity between two strangers.
Can I have some napkins?
Can I help you with something, miss?
Can I see him?
Can we just rewind here a little bit?
Can we just sit down and talk?
Can you just stop for a minute?
Careful. Did you get rid of your hiccups?
Chris? What are you hoping this'll be?
Christ! What is it with women like you?
Come here.
Come here.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come on, bleed, dude.
Come on, get in.
Come on, tell me what happened.
Come on, you got to have some gusto here.
Come on, you start a movement like Pay it Forward. You're not proud?
Come on! A little class participation.
Come on! Come on, man. Damn!
Come out or I will find you and shoot you.
Come with me. I'll get you a ticket.
Cool blade, huh?
Couldn't have just been a question.
Cut it out! No!
Did he hurt you?
Did you draw the short straw today, Trevor?
Did you know I worked here?
Divine why? You always talk like that?
Do I strike you as someone falsely nice?
Do me a favor.
Do me a favor. Don't change the locks on me, okay?
Do what they say. Pay it forward.
Do you think it's good or were you just being teachery?
Do you understand my kid is missing?
Do you want him to?
Do you want to come in?
Do you want to come in?
Do you watch the news? Yes? No?
Does he want to?
Domestic or drugs? Is that his girlfriend?
Don't be a stranger!
Don't interrupt him in the middle of a sentence.
Don't love me. I hate the way you look.
Don't matter…
Don't tell me how sorry you are for me!
Don't tell me how to talk to anybody. I've had enough.
Don't tell your parents I used that word.
Don't you got to pee? Look.
Drop him on his ass!
Even from a kid, I'll take it.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Everything sucks.
Extra credit.
Five months, two weeks and four days are the truth.
For me.
For the rest of my life, I can never be as sorry…
For this assignment, I put up recycling fliers at two supermarkets.
Four tequilas. Who's having the fourth one?
Generosity? It's a Jaguar.
Get back!
Get him, get him! Off the ropes!
Get in?
Get out of here!
Get out of my face!
Get out! Get out of my house!
Give her another chance.
Give him a DDT.
Give me a seven iron, please.
Give me that one. Thank you.
Give me that! That's my asthma spray!
Go and tell them that's what I said.
Go away.
Go, go.
Good point. What's your name?
Got enough?
Happy birthday dear Trevor
Happy birthday to you
Have dinner with me?
Have them respond to my location.
Have you lived in Vegas your whole life?
Having a little car trouble?
He can. He has to get a chair.
He can't really want to or he would've.
He can't tell you or it won't come true.
He doesn't live here anymore.
He gave you a note from me?
He impregnated you, Arlene.
He just saw me.
He knew that he would never exist for me again.
He missed him!
He only took it out on you. That's so much better.
He seems mad.
He talked to you about this?
He told me, “Just pay it forward.”
He wanted to help somebody.
He was there, drunk as usual.
He won't look at me! You turn him against me?
He'll come back.
He's dead!
He's dragging me behind the house into the garage. Then he's gone.
He's his father.
He's married!
He's my friend.
He's my teacher.
He's not coming back. Now get out of here.
Help Adam do what?
Help me out, please.
Help me, please.
Her inhaler doesn't seem to be working.
Here you are. You can't drive. You can't vote.