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She Done Him Wrong

She Done Him Wrong

"She Done Him Wrong" is a classic American film that was released in 1933. It is a comedy-drama that showcases the charm and talent of legendary actress Mae West. The movie takes place in the notorious Bowery district of New York City during the prohibition era.

Mae West stars as Lady Lou, a seductive and sassy nightclub singer who captivates every man she meets. Her confident and witty persona shines throughout the film, making her character iconic in early Hollywood cinema. Lady Lou finds herself entangled in a love triangle when her ex-boyfriend, Chick Clark, played by Cary Grant, is released from prison. Lou must navigate through dangerous situations, including mobsters and wildfires, all while trying to win Chick back.

Aside from the incredible chemistry between Mae West and Cary Grant, "She Done Him Wrong" showcases a talented supporting cast. Owen Moore portrays Gus Jordan, the owner of the nightclub where Lady Lou performs, and serves as a mentor figure in her life. Gilbert Roland adds intrigue to the story as Sergei Stanieff, a charismatic and passionate Russian character who becomes infatuated with Lady Lou. Noah Beery Sr. plays the villainous character Dan Flynn, a saloon owner with a dark past and a thirst for power.

The film is directed by Lowell Sherman, who successfully brings to life the vibrant and dangerous atmosphere of the Bowery. His direction emphasizes the allure of the characters and the provocative themes present in the story. The screenplay, written by Mae West herself, cleverly includes her famous dialogue, filled with double entendre and innuendos, which were controversial for their time. Despite this controversy, "She Done Him Wrong" became an enormous success and helped solidify West's status as a cultural icon.

The music in the film plays a significant role in setting the mood and enhancing the story. Mae West, known for her sultry singing voice, performs several memorable musical numbers throughout the movie. The soundtrack also features a lively and jazzy score that captures the energy of the era.

If you are intrigued by the charm and charisma of Mae West, the incredible performances, or the memorable soundtrack, you can play and download the sounds of "She Done Him Wrong" to fully immerse yourself in the experience. This film is a true gem of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and its enduring popularity speaks to its timeless appeal.

A guy don't need any breakfast when he can look at her.
A guy what takes his time I'll go for any time
Ain't gonna tell you no lies
Ain't gonna tell you no stories
Ain't having much luck, are you?
Ain't it grand.
Ain't no picnic.
Ain't none of them worth saving.
Ain't seen you since Sweeney Carson croaked your girl.
All I told him was that you got her a job.
All right, boss.
All right, Doheney.
All right, Gus. She's a nice kid.
All right, Lou.
All right, Spider, bring her up. Bill, fix up something for her.
All right, Spider, just a minute. Here you are.
All right.
All right. Come on.
Always remember to smile. You'll never have anything to worry about.
Always take a bit of butter and rub it at the bottom of the can.
Always young and fair
Always young and fair
Among the gold
Among the gold
And being in the clink a year without the girl what makes you feel that way...
And consider
And get him right.
And he was doing her wrong
And he was doing...
And he's doing me wrong
And I believe you.
And I can get out.
And I'm doing a stretch with rats and bugs so you can have them.
And I'm gonna be your jailor for a long time.
And is willing to protect you if you play along with him.
And make it appear like the mission bought the building themselves.
And means the end of that gang, and coincides with Dan Flynn's report.
And not stored for the winter.
And now, surely, you have enough diamonds.
And Spider did it for me.
And think they're gonna forget all about it.
And what a heart you've got, Miss Lou.
And you can start doing that stretch right now.
And you figure she goes along with that honour, Dan?
And you Mr...
Anyhow, he ain't like the other men you done made history of.
Are fighting to use her pictures exclusive on their New Year's calendars.
As long as you're on the level. But if you ain't, I can find out.
At her shame and downfall
At his trade
At Johnny on the floor He was her man
Because I say so. You never heard of me cheating anyone, did you?
Been away on important business. I'll be around a lot from now on.
Before you started that mission next door, we never had any trouble around here.
Besides, he ain't a preacher.
Better take a look. Excuse us, will you?
Big as a nickel.
Boss, there's a guy out here named McNeil, he wants to cash a cheque.
Break it up, come on.
Brought along a great big.44
Busy? Say, what are you trying to do, insult me?
But coming from you, I'll let it pass.
But don't forget. No talking to anyone.
But Flynn is the main guy what helped send Chick up here.
But I ain't never completely forgot about him.
But I did not come here direct, you understand.
But I do, now.
But I guess I'm taking your time.
But I'll keep this here thing now to remember you by.
But if what you say is true, I'd only be too glad to be mistaken.
But in my country, we know how to deal with you wise ones.
But it ain't bad, having a girl that all the men are after.
But once I get hold of something I can take to the district attorney...
But they always seem so cold to me. They have no warmth, no soul.
But you won't be coming around to see me.
But you wouldn't be much use to me dead.
But your diamonds are all going to the storehouse.
But, my darling
By the way, have you seen Rita around?
Can you sing and dance, perhaps?
Can't you do something for her, Rita?
Cherry sisters.
Chick Clark is in the alley.
Chick Clark?
Chick is pretty bad when he wants to be.
Chick wouldn't figure it that way. Suppose he found out about Jordan?
Chick, I never knew anything like that.
Chief, I've got that other fellow out here, you wanna look at him?
Chief, we got them all.
City's getting so big, it takes time to get around it.
Clear out. Move along.
Collins here says he spotted him out back.
Come here.
Come in, Doheney.
Come in, Spider, sit down.
Come in.
Come on, get him out of here.
Come on, Lou. We've got to get out of here. No time to talk now, come on.
Come on, men.
Come on, take this. Here.
Come on.
Come on. This will fix you up.
Come up again, any time.
Come up again. Any time.
Come up. I'll tell your fortune.
Come, Rita, let's get this business over with.
Come, Sally.
Come, Serge.
Come, sit over here with us.
Dark and handsome?
Darling, I am growing old
Darling, I am growing old
Day or night work, Rita? He should be a big help.
Depends on what kind of a job.
Diamonds is my career.
Diamonds. I know you love them so.
Do not laugh
Do not scorn her with words
Do you believe it? He actually thinks she's in love with him.
Don't be backward. I'm not.
Don't be so innocent, Lou. You're talking to a man who knows you...
Don't forget that. I can find out.
Don't mean he can't be showed up.
Don't talk like that, Chick. I've been working.
Don't try to fool me. I know you're always trying to help these dirty crooks.
Don't worry. I'll be true to you.
Don't you believe it.
Don't you know what I feel for you? Ain't you got a heart left in you for me?
Eight Ball, what're you doing? Working for me or sleeping for me?
Even the men from headquarters wouldn't know him if they fell over him.
Ever since I sang that song, it's been haunting me.
Ever since Miss Susan Johnson She lost her jockey, Lee
Every day, every minute of this stretch, you're gonna pay for.
Every word of it is true.
Everything here imported special from Paris.
Fast away
Fella named Jacobson that owns the building...
Fierce and bitter
Flynn said that? What does he know?
Flynn says he's spotting the place day and night.
For a moment, just stop
For the bedroom. A little bit spicy, but not too raw, you know what I mean?
Forget about this guy. See that you get a good one the next time.
Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts
Frankie went down to the corner
Frankie went round to that hot spot
From this place here? Don't be a fool.
Funny acting? What do you mean?
Get a little political power, you think you're king.
Get back. Come on.
Get my little friend here fixed up with some new clothes.
Get these rags off her.
Gets out? That's gonna be a long time.
Go on, boys, take him out of here.
Go up to pacify him, Lou. Make him think everything is all right.
God, I can't.
Gonna get you a lot more of them soon.
Good girl, Rita. Take no chances.
Good night.
Good night.
Goodbye, Chick. I'll remember to be good for you.
Goodbye, Chick. It's been good to see you again.
Goodness me, Miss Lou.
Got no use for fancy driving Wanna see a guy arrive a little low
Growing old
Gus ain't done anything. What's he got on him?
Gus and his friends got her a job.
Gus didn't wait for his breakfast before he had it stuck up there.
Gus is in the hole. And you'd be, too, if it wasn't for me.
Gus seems to be sitting as tight as ever, Dan.
Gus, you must like Serge. He's been a most valuable assistant.
Gus'll be out and I'll be in.
Handle them with care. They're only my heart.
Have you heard, perhaps, of the Barbary Coast?
Have you no apology? Are you not sorry? Do you not wish me to forgive you?
Have you seen my Johnny here?
Haven't seen you here for more than a month. Where have you been?
Haven't you met a man that could make you happy?
He can't knife me and get away with it.
He did? Wonder what for.
He must've come over that shed.
He said they had no soul.
He wanted to know about that Sally girl you sent to the coast.
He went and put my brand new bunch in pawn
He wouldn't look at me. Only out of curiosity. He's different.
He'll hit that home stretch winner by a mile
He's been tipped off to Gus, and he's got the goods on him.
He's down in his office. He left word not to be disturbed for anything.
He's gotta win because my dough is on the nose
He's my man
He's Rita's friend. I wanted to make him feel at home.
He's the slickest bird in the business.
He's too sleek, too slippery. Too polite to suit me.
He's your man and he's doing you wrong
Hello, Lou.
Hello, Lou.
Hello, Mickey.
Hello, Mrs. Meg.
Hello, Shorty, what are you doing here?
Hello, where've you been?
Here, there, and everywhere.
Here. I don't want your pin.
Here's your $12,000.