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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire is an electrifying action-comedy film that will surely leave you on the edge of your seat. Released in 2019, this thrilling movie showcases an exceptional cast and an adrenaline-fueled storyline.

The film centers around Jake Carson, a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails firefighter played by the charismatic John Cena. As the leader of a group of elite smokejumpers, they're used to facing dangerous situations head-on and saving lives. However, their skills are put to the ultimate test when they rescue three young siblings from a wild forest blaze, only to realize that they have no idea how to care for children.

Enter Brynn, played by the talented Keegan-Michael Key. Brynn is a by-the-book scientist who is more comfortable in the lab than dealing with kids. Together with Mark, played by the hilarious John Leguizamo, and Rodrigo, portrayed by the charming Tyler Mane, they form an unlikely makeshift family for these youngsters.

As the team attempts to navigate the challenges of parenthood, hilarity ensues. Their lives take a comedic turn as they try to balance their duties as firefighters with the responsibilities of childcare. The kids, played by Brianna Hildebrand, Christian Convery, and Finley Rose Slater, are mischievous and full of energy, creating a whirlwind adventure that is both heartwarming and side-splitting.

Playing with Fire is a perfect blend of humor and heart, reminding us of the importance of family, no matter how unconventional. With stunning action sequences and a well-crafted screenplay, this film is a captivating ride from start to finish.

In addition to the exceptional performances by the main cast, Playing with Fire features familiar faces such as Judy Greer, portraying Dr. Amy Hicks, a love interest for Jake, and Dennis Haysbert as Commander Richards, their stern superior.

The film's soundtrack perfectly complements the exhilarating action and comedic moments, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Luckily, you can easily play and download these sounds to relive the thrills of Playing with Fire.

With its release in 2019, Playing with Fire garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Praised for its humor and heart, it became an instant hit, entertaining viewers of all ages.

If you're searching for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and leave you feeling uplifted, Playing with Fire is the perfect choice. Its talented cast, unforgettable characters, and exciting plot make it a must-watch for any fan of action-comedies. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready to embark on a adventure that will set your heart ablaze with joy and laughter.

A brave Yeti.
A drone.
A million's more than 300.
A month ago, we found out that they're
A Yeti.
Again! Again!
Ah... Yeah!
Alexa, play BTS.
Alexa, play BTS.
Alexa, play BTS.
All he did was talk about fire, fire, fire,
All in a day's work, sir.
All over the Kingdom of Equestria for her mad infectious laughter.
All right, all right. Bit anxious, okay?
All right, all right. What's your mom's number?
All right, bedtime!
All right, come here.
All right, heads up, guys. Confirming fire structure.
All right, let's get to work. (SNIFFS)
All right, little man, this is your mess,
All right. Deploying the Bambi... Now.
All right. Let's try this again. Come on, come on, come on.
All right...
All right... (CLEARS THROAT)
ALL: ...every second of every day!
ALL: (CHEERING) Supe! Supe! Supe!
ALL: Everywhere!
ALL: You do?
Alpha Team, cut a line upslope and prep for a burn.
Also, you should ask Amy to stay the night.
Although, that's gonna mean that...
AMY: (LAUGHING) I hope this isn't my fault.
AMY: He's gross. Unless you're into sort of a tall, like,
AMY: Here's some water.
AMY: I knew you could handle it.
AMY: Oh!
AMY: The worst part is that he hasn't even asked
AMY: This is fun.
AMY: Wait, is that why it's called "the Jaws of Life"?
And a little from your supply closet.
And action.
And check it out, right?
And clean cut, kind of somehow always has a tan,
And finds out her cabin burned down?
And he got distracted.
And he had the most shipshape cave on Yeti Mountain.
And here I thought all you cared about
And I had to meet up with a client in Big Bear Lake.
And I have three children I am not relinquishing.
And I knew you'd call Child Protective Services.
And I listen a little bit more than I let on.
And I promise I will come out there...
And I started training.
And I think now's the time I gave it to you.
And I'll need all hands on deck to get this place shipshape
And I'm extremely responsible.
And I'm the proper authorizer. We...
And if I do die, that's because everybody else is dead, too.
And it was a bit of a whiff.
And it's just gonna... Let it burn out.
And live happily ever after like Romeo and Juliet.
And never coming back.
And not because you're a woman.
And now I need you to believe in yourself!
And now it looks like I'm gonna have to... (LAUGHING)
And now it looks like you are gonna have to sign it, too.
And now it looks like you're gonna have to sign it, too.
And one day the Yeti had a kid named Jake.
And realize you never had a chance to be a kid.
And seeing how you run your shop.
And smoke and jumping and blah, blah, blah.
And someone forwards me a video of one of my smokejumpers
And suppression foam at my location.
And that is Axe.
And the cabin burned down. I panicked.
And the Yeti had to take care of the kid all by himself.
And the Yeti went to go fight the fire.
And then, maybe you will find someone to inspire you the way Supe did me.
And then, out of nowhere, comes Supe, a smokejumper.
And trust me, you guys are in good hands.
And we didn't even get any presents for her.
And we got trapped on the wrong side of a Category G wildfire.
And you can call me that, the whole thing.
And you can't just let her drive home in the middle of the night.
And you...
And you're proud of it?
And your team believes in you.
Apparently, there's only 339 of them in the entire country.
Apparently, we do.
Approaching a timber fire off Route 16.
Approaching drop zone now.
Are my hero. You did great!
Are you dead, Supe?
Are you kidding me?
Are you sure she doesn't want a drone?
Are you sure?
Aren't distractions.
Art. I used to paint.
As first responders, we're legally bound for the health and welfare of the children
As Lance Armstrong once said,
As long as there's not a hint of malarkey.
As long as we leave this spotless, all right? The Five P's.
At getting that grill going, safely.
At least a five mile walk. Uphill!
At the bottom of the mountain are open for another hour.
Attention, everyone...
Axe, you coming with us?
Axe, you got... Pinkie Pie?
AXE: ♪ Happy birthday to you
Back to my trailer.
Barbara Bush.
Because I am a woman?
Because they need proper authorization,
Because we ran away from foster care,
Because you're supposed to give an answer.
Before Commander Richards arrives.
Being pulled into a Huey. (GRUNTS)
Besides, it's Zoey's birthday tomorrow.
Besides, look what I would have missed.
Beta Team, stay close to me.
Big Dan would be so proud.
Big Dan would be so proud.
Boom boom?
Boom boom.
BOTH: Call Dr. Hicks!
BOTH: Oh...
Brynn, what are we doing?
Brynn, you want some tea?
BRYNN: Admiring your shelving.
BRYNN: Careful, Will.
BRYNN: Jake!
BRYNN: Okay...
BRYNN: Open your eyes, dude!
BRYNN: Our parents,
BRYNN: They went up the coast for a night
Brynn's stuck in there and she can't get out.
BUNNY: I love you.
BUNNY: I love you.
But after last night's heroics, you've made my short list
But after seeing what you did back there,
But Brynn was... (GASPS)
But I don't know, you know. I don't know.
But I hope your shoes are tied,
But I'm so sorry to tell you that the cabin burned down.
But it's Zoey's birthday in two days.
But our parents work for a secret government organization.
But right now our job is to keep that fire from those vehicles.
But sometimes it was hard for the Yeti.
But that day, I realized that my calling was not with the family business,
But the kid loved it.
But the request lines are open!
But there is a problem.
But yes, uh, what I meant was when you retire.
But you can call me that. The whole thing.
But you know the correct way to use a fire extinguisher
But, Supe... Oh, man.
Can we make it to the police station?
Can you even step?
Can you try being a little more supportive?
Can't it just be "containing" it or "resolving" it?
Captain, did you...
Carson, who do these children belong to?
Carving the depot turkey at Thanksgiving and decorating the depot tree.
Causing a different type of trouble.
Chance the Rapper. Drake.
Chief, it's 90 miles. The roads are all flooded.
Children cannot be relinquished until the proper authorities are involved.
Chocolate dessert looking things... Ice cream, right?
Chopper flies in five.
Christmas intermittent fasting. Sprints till exhaustion.
Come back!
Come on, are you kidding me? That's so good.
Come on, Dad, what do you got?
Come on, don't play that.
Come on, guys, get out. It's all right.
Come on, man. What's the backup plan?
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Try it on.
COMMANDER RICHARDS: ...the ability to put a fire out.
COMMANDER RICHARDS: No. We're just men with a lot a training,
Commander Richards!
Confirmed Class D forest fire.
Contain them till they burn themselves out.
Cooking, history, and kids.
Copy that, little captain. Requesting a fire line...
Copy that. We're a go for extraction.
Coq au vin is not a vehicle.
Crisis averted.
Dear Dr. Hicks,
Deserve to be Division Commander?
Did I get out of frame?
Did I miss something?
Didn't you guys go on a few dates?
Died in that blaze in Yosemite, as I recall.
Do I detect a hint of nutmeggery?
Do you have anything you love? That you do just for yourself.
Do you have your keys?
Do you know if this is a good toy for a three year old girl?
Does he always carry that axe?
Does he always carry that axe?
Don't cry.
Don't drink that. Trust me.
Don't leave. Stay. With me.
Don't look at me.