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Kicking & Screaming (2005)

Kicking & Screaming (2005)

Kicking & Screaming is a hilarious and heartwarming sports comedy film released in 2005. Directed by Jesse Dylan, this movie follows the story of Phil Weston, played by Will Ferrell, as he becomes the coach of his son's soccer team, the Tigers.

The cast of Kicking & Screaming boasts a talented ensemble of actors who bring their humorous charisma and energy to the screen. Will Ferrell, known for his comedic timing and larger-than-life performances, steals the show as Phil Weston. His chemistry with the young actors who play the soccer team members is truly delightful.

Joining Ferrell is Robert Duvall, who portrays Phil's competitive and overbearing father, Buck. Duvall's portrayal perfectly contrasts Ferrell's comedic style, resulting in some great on-screen banter. The film also features Mike Ditka, the legendary NFL coach, as himself. Ditka brings his sports expertise to the film, adding authenticity and plenty of memorable moments.

Additionally, the talented Kate Walsh plays Barbara Weston, Phil's wife, providing a counterbalance to Phil's zaniness. The chemistry between Walsh and Ferrell adds depth to their characters' relationship and enhances the film's overall charm. Other notable cast members include Josh Hutcherson, playing Phil's son Bucky, and Dylan McLaughlin as Sam, one of the talented young soccer players.

Kicking & Screaming showcases the comedy talents of Will Ferrell in the realm of family-friendly entertainment. The film also incorporates a strong emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and family values. As the story progresses, Phil undergoes a transformation from an out-of-shape and uncoordinated dad to a passionate and dedicated coach, inspired by his desire to prove himself to his father.

Filled with hilarious and memorable moments, Kicking & Screaming offers plenty of laughs for audiences of all ages. From outrageous training sessions to comical soccer matches, the film delivers an entertaining blend of physical comedy and witty one-liners. The camaraderie and growth among the young soccer players add a heartwarming element that makes the movie more than just a comedy.

For fans of the film or anyone seeking a dose of soccer-inspired laughter, you can play and download sounds from Kicking & Screaming here. Relive the hilarious moments, such as Phil's exaggerated goal celebrations or the Tigers' comically disastrous attempts at scoring. The soundtrack of the film, featuring energetic and uplifting tunes, is also available to download.

Kicking & Screaming is a delightful sports comedy that offers laughs, heart, and touching moments. With a talented cast led by Will Ferrell and an entertaining storyline, this film is a perfect choice for a family movie night or a gathering with friends. So gather your loved ones, prepare some popcorn, and get ready for a soccer-filled adventure with Kicking & Screaming!

A blank slate.
A blessing in disguise.
A fair amount, in fact. What?
A general, blatant disregard
A header by Byong Sun from Ambrose's shoulder for a goal.
A hell of a game, bro.
A little early to start playing favorites, Phil.
A little high and into the crowd.
A lot of people are concerned.
A lot... lot of famous athletes have learned English through sports.
A monster.
About the cone thing!
About the distance between us.
About this Ditka thing. I don't like it one bit.
About your dad or Ditka tonight? Please?
About... About you and me,
Actually, I do. Look at the size of this bad boy, huh?
Actually, Sam's right.
Actually, uh, I... I want you to assistant coach.
Actually, uh, truth be told, no one knows where he is right now.
Afraid of 'em?
Again. We can do this!
Ah, meat first. Yes, si.
Ah. Hey!
All day to get this order done.
All in all, just, yeah, good.
All right, coaches!
All right, everybody up. Come on.
All right, everyone.
All right, guys.
All right, look. Now what do you say I take Sam back,
All right, Tigers, it's game time.
All right, Tigers.
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. Let's break someone's clavicle. On three!
All right. Okay, good.
All right. We're not gonna eat him.
All right. Well, then, how about, uh you, you, you?
All right. What else?
All right. You all had a laugh? Fine! Play on!
All right. You're starting the second half.
All the great players have done at one time or another.
All these leaves over in that yard before nightfall.
Always play the Italians.
Am I the only one who cares about that?
Ambrose with a powerhouse kick!
Ambrose, you're big.
An animal?
An important message from the King.
And as far as Sam not playing in the game, that's his fault.
And at least, give me that. I am not a liar.
And forceful tactics if need be.
And go get me juice boxes when I tell you.
And go on to greatness, or you lose.
And have a great season. Huh?
And he kicks the ball to Jack.
And he will win through intimidation
And honestly, I don't know what happened.
And I can do what I want.
And I did not go down.
And I didn't teach you anything.
And I don't even know what a whirling dervish is,
And I got some great news.
And I owe you, I owe all of you an apology.
And I should've been promoting that.
And I wasn't going to say this, but I think some of them have salmonella.
And I... I'm brand new to coffee.
And I'm getting under your skin.
And I'm like, I got, like, a headache almost.
And I'm Phil Weston.
And I'm serious.
And I'm the Prince of Vitamins.
And it's not freezing out here.
And keep your comments to yourself.
And less about the schedule.
And man, down the stretch,
And Massimo steals the ball.
And mix it with half of the decaffeinated version?
And probably face a series of cataclysmic events
And score and score and score and score.
And stops 3 feet from the first player.
And that same little boy was very happy when he won.
And that's what we are, right? Warriors?
And the ball goes to Ambrose who fakes.
And the only reason he is here is to support his team.
And then I had to park in the far parking lot.
And then I met my father.
And they pass it of to little Byong Sun!
And to make my stores the best they can be,
And to top it all off, I'm letting Sam down. My own son!
And vitamins.
And we are still losing, Phil.
And we should've just been having fun all along
And welcome to the HHSO Championship game.
And when you lose, it all comes down on you.
And who cares if he's a benchwarmer?
And you can put it on the board.
And you give me a second chance,
And you got balls!
And you guys just do e e exactly
And you sell that break even snake oil stand of yours.
And you think this suit's gonna help you?
And you win, it's the greatest feeling in the world.
And you're gonna come to work for me.
And you're such a great coach.
And, a Half Caff.
And, Phil... Yeah?
And, uh, gonna have a lot of fun tonight.
And, well, just a big thank you
And... And I... I didn't know if you might be willing to help.
Another Half Caff.
Another Half Caff.
Any more questions?
Anything that relates to soccer?
Anyway, uh, I I'm coaching my son's soccer team.
Apparently, I don't get it, okay.
Are we doing this? Is this happening now?
Are you a robot woman?
Are you following me? No.
Are you ready for this?
Are you serious?
Are your nephews working today?
Are... Are you guys getting any playing time, like...
At best, he's a benchwarmer.
At Buck and Phil's Sports Kingdom.
At prices so low, it'll blow your top.
Back and forth!
Basketballs, footballs,
Be on a winning team, he'll get a trophy,
Be right back.
Beautiful day.
Beautiful. Grazie.
Because fire is the stuff of warriors.
Because I don't see him anywhere.
Because of my love for the game.
Because they're Italian.
Besides, I'm the king in this house
Better or worse?
Better or worse?
Better! You're better than the other parents.
Better. Yeah.
Between the ages of 10 and 12,
Big on all kinds of balls.
Bing Bong?
Blow by blow of what promises to be
Boy, did that hurt my face.
Break people's clavicles.
Break through. Win the ball back!
Bring it in, guys.
Bring it in, guys.
Bring it in. Here we go.
Bring it in. Let's go. Huddle it up. Come on.
Bring it on.
Bucky with another open shot. Goal!
Bucky! Okay, Bucky.
Buddy, relax.
Bury you!
Bury you!
Bury you!
But Buck Weston has figured out this Tiger offense.
But he does look delicious, you have to admit, right,
But I got a good idea.
But i i it's not about winning.
But I'm gonna get my trash taken out, okay?
But if you cry, I'm out of here.
But in order to do that, we gotta get some fresh meat.
But in order to please my dad,
But is close to me?
But it's a good thing. Trust me.
But listen, when you put it all together,
But mainly, balls.
But my job in life is
But never ever in a game.
But remember, share the ball.
But remember. Meat first, then soccer.
But that's... that's what they were like.
But the truth is
But there is an "I" in win.
But this beats them all. I'm angry.
But those guys look pretty good.
But we don't have anyone to tell us when we do it.
But what about Sam?
But with a strong team effort, we will win some
But with me it's not about win lose.
But you have to try to find the positive in this.
But you really stepped up.
But you've turned him into a benchwarmer.
But, coach, how is this gonna help me with soccer?
But, I'm, like, really funny. I got like a million jokes.
But, uh, I really got a feeling like we could catch fire
But, you know, I want Sam to have fun.
By God, you're gonna be champions.
Bye bye.
Byong Sun and Sam, why don't you guys go on ahead, okay?
Byong Sun, stay low, okay?
Byong Sun!
Byong Sun. Oh, I see.
Can I borrow your glasses?
Can I go in now? I have fresh legs.
Can I have the ball?
Can I talk to you
Can you put me in?
Can you take half of the regular version of the coffee
Can't a guy just be enthusiastic about the game?
Catches it on the back of his neck.
Chicago Bears?
Chop block.