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"Fireheart" is an exhilarating action-packed film released in 2019, directed by the acclaimed filmmaker, Mark Andrews. Set in a dystopian future, the movie follows the journey of a fearless yet tormented protagonist named John Smith, portrayed brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio. Smith, known as Fireheart, possesses the extraordinary ability to control fire, making him both a hero and a target.

The film features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Charlize Theron as Alexis Hawthorne, a tough yet enigmatic agent; Michael B. Jordan as Caleb Kingston, Smith's loyal and resourceful ally; and Natalie Portman as Dr. Emma Stone, a brilliant scientist on a quest to uncover Fireheart's true origins.

Accompanying this thrilling adventure is an impressive soundtrack composed by the renowned Hans Zimmer. The music perfectly captures the intensity and emotion of every scene, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

To fully immerse yourself in the world of "Fireheart," you can play and download these captivating sounds here, adding an extra layer of excitement to your day.

A fireman? Are you sure I don't know you?
Aah! Oh...
About the couple I couldn't save 16 years ago?
About there being fewer and fewer firemen to protect us!
Actually I, uh, do my research at home in my basement.
Actually, Comandante, I would say it's a success
Actually, he did. She's doing three years in Sing Sing...
Actually, very.
Ah, this is great!
Ahem! Of course. Hmm!
All but one.
All that smoke on stage must have tripped the alarm.
All these years of training
Along with Ember, we have a super great life together.
Alright, Joe, go home.
Alright. Welcome...
Although given my age and my social issues,
Am I boring you?
Am I the only one who sees this as a problem?
Amazing! We secured the perimeter,
Amazingly, I need a driver who's always awake.
An amazing speech!
And a little like your father.
And arsonists.
And babysitting for rich people who told me:
And creepy music.
And cucumber peel.
And doing this was the only way to prove myself.
And for the mustache, carpet fringes.
And get this, with no flames, just blue and red smoke.
And he does know all the quickest routes.
And I get to be the first fireman... woman.
And I needed to...
And I think I'm lucky to have you as my dad.
And I wanna be just like him.
And I want all the evidence you've got.
And I was able to deliver on that promise
And I will be running the fire investigation.
And I wouldn't want you waiting around
And I'm brave.
And I'm him, and when you give me your blessing,
And it can't be zero 'cause I'm doing it right now.
And it was Joe who revealed it with...
And Jin, explain to me how you fell asleep.
And lock them between the seats.
And no one can change that.
And nobody to give me a speeding ticket!
And now I'm training to be a fireman and save lives
And now my chance is coming.
And pretending you were a fireman
And see if she has any information.
And that's why I'm going home!
And the arsonist is still on the loose.
And the police! They're hypnotized!
And the same strange music.
And the stairs are not finished yet.
And then keep analyzing that fireball.
And there are no civilians inside the building.
And there's nothing more I can do.
And there's nothing more you could do.
And this is my faithful dog, Ember Nolan.
And this is the fifth time she's come back.
And use your hose so you don't get lost in the smoke.
And we drown that arsonist.
And we'll get back to our quiet,
And when we find these patterns,
And you gave it all up for me.
And you too. Amazing work, Joe.
And, yeah, I'm happy.
And... now it's for you.
Anybody got anything else to tell me?
Anyone here? (gasps)
Anyway, my battalion chief told me that if I...
Anyway, you must be part of the mayor's heroic fire team.
Approaching the auditorium now.
Are finally gonna pay off.
Are you all right, Peanut? Do you want me to call a doctor?
Are you alright, Captain?
Are you getting any closer?
Are you one of the volunteers?
Argh, you're hilarious. You have me in stitches.
Argh! Do I look like a taxi cab?
Arsonist, we're coming to get you!
As brave as any boy.
As for the arsonist, he doesn't have any more theaters to burn.
As soon as the alarm starts, we turn on the water
At first he tried to be a fireman and a dad
At least she hasn't lost her voice.
At night, in the cold, in the rain, in the snow
At the same time.
Back up. We shouldn't be in here.
Beautiful butt hair.
Because girls aren't allowed to be firemen.
Because we will stay outside watering the front until the fire is out.
Before I answer, have we punned out yet?
Big truck... sick. I... sorry.
Black shoe polish and honey.
Broadway was just the rehearsal.
Buenos dias, Comandante.
But arson? Nah, he's not that kind of guy.
But Captain Nolan wants you to evacuate all of Midtown.
But Ember was the fire truck.
But firefighting for real is... well, it's a lot different.
But firemen have to be... fast and brave.
But I have to train to be a fireman
But I really wanna help you stop the arsonist.
But I'm a tailor now. Sorry. I'm sorry.
But I'm afraid those are the rules.
But I'm happy!
But I'm training so I get really strong.
But I'm your sleazy double dealing scoundrel.
But I've been kicking around Broadway for 20 years.
But if the smoke contains cyanogen,
But it's all I've ever wanted.
But not destroy the rest of the theater?
But nothing scares Miss Divine.
But Pauline just went inside! I have to save her!
But perhaps this bravery was always inside of me,
But technique... Wait, wait!
But that would only make sense for the flames, not the smoke.
But that... that Joe was really something.
But these things can take a long time.
But this is my shortcut. Normally I'd ask for a tip.
But this is your chance to get over what happened.
But this time, all of New York will be my stage.
But this turned out to be a pretty darn good crew.
But we have to go back to the firehouse, okay?
But why, when your chances
But you can be a seamstress and work with me!
But you can still be brave. Rick. Rick, look at me.
But you don't think girls should be firemen?
But... But you use yours to harm people.
By the width of the road,
Bye, Ember.
Call Captain Neil. We found something.
Can I make it?
Can now focus on finding the missing firemen.
Captain Neil delivered all the evidence compiled so far.
Captain Neil here. Great job, everyone.
Captain Neil, Chief of the New York Police Department.
Captain Neil, we know how to stop the arsonist.
Captain Nolan. Good to have you here.
Captain Shawn Nolan
Captain, Jimmy is using this crisis to get re elected.
Captain, look! We saved 12 seconds!
Captain, Rick is analyzing the fireball.
Captain! Captain, I saw something move.
Captain! Captain!
Captain! Look!
Captain... Captain, that's not funny. Come on...
Charcoal and potassium nitrate...
Cheetah loves that guy.
Cheetah. At your service.
City is counting on me! I mean, you. Counting on you.
Colored smoke, intense light,
Come on, lazybones.
Come on, then. You're late.
Come on, you know there's an alarm, right?
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on. Tomorrow will be critical and I need you rested.
Complete honesty from here on in. Do you understand?
Congratulations. She'll make a charming first lady of New York.
Considering we are still alive.
Could have been worse...
Create light in reaction to sound.
Cupcake, look at you!
Dad, go deal with that corduroy disaster.
Dad, how are you?
Dad, no! No, no, no, no, no!
Dad, stop treating me like a baby. Don't you trust me?
Dad, tell me everything that happened
Dad, there can't be a fire on the moon. There's no oxygen.
Dad, wake up! Dad! Dad!
Dad, you can do this. You can do this, Dad.
Dad! Dad, don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of this.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad! Dad, come back! Please.
Dad! No!
Dad! Wake up!
Darn it! We've been tricked!
Did everything smell like dog butt?
Did I mention I'd like to take your daughter out?
Did you see that, Ember?
Do I know you?
Do I look like a firefighter?
Do you know why we say fireman and not firewoman?
Do you think I would be a good fireman?
Do you think it's the arsonist?
Do you think that's what happened to the firemen?
Doing a show, with lights and music.
Doing alterations right now.
Don't forget to vote Jimmy Murray! Polls open on Tuesday.
Don't forget to vote Jimmy Murray.
Don't look at me. You look into the camera.
Don't look at me. You look into the camera.
Don't run. Don't run, Georgia Nolan. You're a firefighter.
Don't worry, Ember. Dad won't recognize me.
Don't you see?
Done and done, Captain.
Each fire has a story.
Easy for you to say. You're a man.
Easy. One foot in front of the other.
Egg crate for the stomach muscles.
Ember and I will release the firemen.