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Failure to Launch (2006)

Failure to Launch (2006)

Failure to Launch is a romantic comedy film released in 2006 that takes a hilariously relatable look at the phenomenon of adult children who still live with their parents. Matthew McConaughey stars as Tripp, a charming, 35-year-old man who has never left the comforts of his parents' home. Frustrated with their son's lack of motivation, Tripp's parents hire a beautiful woman named Paula, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, to woo him and encourage him to move out. Hilarity ensues as Paula is faced with the challenges of her unconventional job, including unexpected feelings that develop between her and Tripp.

The film also stars Terry Bradshaw and Kathy Bates as Tripp's lovable but exasperated parents, as well as Zooey Deschanel and Justin Bartha as Tripp's best friends. Failure to Launch is a lighthearted and fun romp that explores the struggles and triumphs of growing up and finding independence.

You can play and download the sounds of this charming comedy here.

A chipmunk, and a vegetarian lizard in the same calendar year.
A copy of that, too, right here.
A couple of years ago, she fell for a guy
A little slack, Ace!
A load?
A shocking number, actually.
About my relationship with Kit?
Absolutely. There's gonna be plenty of time to talk over dinner.
Ace a rooney?
Ace told me everything.
Actually, I own my home.
Actually, it's not my boat in any way.
Actually, it's quite simple.
After, I'll show you how to ice your shoulder down.
Al, I never have sex with a client.
All of you.
All right, assuming that pretending to own a yacht
All right, Captain, where are we heading?
All right, fine. I'll start.
All right, I need you to come to me.
All right, listen, you got any more chips and salsa downstairs?
All right, T R l double P going in to get a little squid.
All right!
All right? I was having fun.
All right? You two are the best parents that a boy could ever ask for.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All the people that I care about the most
All they needed was a little push.
All you had to do was tell me.
Am I getting advice
Amen, brother!
Amy is Tripp's first love, and she died six years ago.
Amy is... He's Amy's son.
Amy was his ex fiancée. She died about six years ago.
And all night long it chirps, and it chirps, and it chirps,
And all of a sudden, out of nowhere...
And at least I'm not sponging off my parents
And at the end of it, I looked into his eyes,
And basically turn the entire upstairs into a secondary master suite
And believe me, I did not want that,
And Demo, here, has chosen the life of a wanderer.
And flowers to Tripp from Paula.
And great hair!
And he is still here.
And I always thought it was 'cause I'd miss you so much.
And I don't get nailed on the inheritance tax.
And I must tell you, son,
And I saw it.
And I still like her.
And I will show you a guy who's not afraid of his imagination.
And I would argue that's it's damn good for civilization as a whole.
And I'm sorry that I pointed out
And I'm supposed to be better at this emotional crap
And if there already is a group, I'm curious,
And if you're not ready, you just end up,
And in the end, she will break your heart.
And it's annoying, and I can't get it to shut up!
And it's not as if I waltzed into your life unbidden.
And it's not just about the Naked Room.
And let's face it, after men have sex...
And living on his own by June 15th.
And maybe talk about my old boyfriends.
And now he's...
And now I can't do anything for him, and I...
And now you think Colorado's the answer?
And she died.
And she's leaving.
And she's out.
And sometimes I'm the rebound guy.
And the best part about it is, Mom, Dad,
And the both of you,
And the music selection is a soothing blend
And the only thing I've seen you eat in the last three days
And their son is really happy now.
And then she decides to hold my hand.
And then this music got started...
And then you pretend to like it, too.
And there's jibing, which is turning away from the wind.
And they're not just cute.
And to every one of those out there who sees something different,
And we turned out fine.
And we're perfectly functional.
And when you're done with the rubber gloves,
And who is my hot little wahine, huh?
And who knows how much time is right?
And yet, in America, we're shunned for our lifestyle.
And Yoda says...
And you got these paintballs flying at you at over 200 miles an hour,
And you were the only bargaining chip that I had.
And your bathroom needs cleaning, so I left the stuff in the hall.
And, Mom, Dad, you wanted me out of the house.
Another one bites the dust.
Anyone for a guava smasher?
Apology accepted.
Are not power guys, honey.
Are still living at home.
Are you crying?
Are you gonna pretend to own it?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
As a matter of fact, I did.
As opposed to you, who sleeps in a king sized bed
Bad finger roll.
Beautiful setting, a simple meal...
Because I had a good life before you.
Because I'm the only person who can tolerate
Because of the flowers!
Because they would miss me!
Before CGI ruined everything.
Being alone with your father freaks the living shit out of me.
Belay on.
Besides, I need to keep Tripp motivated,
Besides, the guy who does own this boat
Bev? What is that?
Bud has one, too. Do you want to see it?
Bullshit. What are you talking about?
But at least I was blissfully unaware of how miserable I was!
But every single time, we have fun.
But given the circumstances, I don't feel good keeping it, so...
But he goes in anyway, because he is not afraid of his own mind!
But how do you make sure that he'll fall in love with you?
But I do know that I need to be out in the open sea.
But I don't know what I'm doing! I'm not kidding! Seriously!
But I don't really like that place.
But I gotta say, I did not see this coming.
But I never got the chance, because you found out first.
But I think
But I think I see myself more in a 37.
But I'm not, so I'm just gonna say it.
But if you really want to help him, and I think you do,
But it's all you.
But just you're not walking yours. Okay?
But my God! That was great!
But right now, I'm cooking.
But she's a professional interventionist. It's her job.
But that strict program of yours?
But that's everything I've got in my wallet. There's $300.
But the bottom line is,
But the reality is,
But the sex was fantastic.
But to actually take you out on the water on a first date
But we like their friends, too.
But we should definitely get them together.
But you are doing great.
But you could go.
But you led me to believe that it was the handsome minimum wage slacker.
But, really, don't go anywhere.
Can I at least give you a ride to the airport?
Can I give you a phone number for some people who can help...
Can I have a minute alone with him?
Can you get that?
Can you guys see me?
Can't. How about lunch tomorrow?
Captain, you just had nachos, two hot dogs, and a bag of peanuts.
Check it out!
Cheers, Paula.
Cheers, sweetie.
Cherry's a little dark.
Come back anytime, Son.
Come here, boy. Come here, boy.
Come here, little boy.
Come here, you.
Come here. Bucket. Bucket.
Come on up, buddy.
Come on, babe! Let's get over there!
Come on, blondie!
Come on, boy!
Come on, get in.
Come on, let's you and I go outside, huh?
Come on, Pop! Whoa, man. Don't you knock?
Come on, Tripp.
Come on! Were we talking to you?
Come on.
Come on. You don't want to say anything?
Come up. There you are.
Cup holders.
Damn it!
Damn it.
Dating my best friend for money thing.
Did I say that you could come out?
Did you go out with La Z Girl?
Did you really think you'd never get caught?
Didn't you just go?
Dig in!
Dinner and a show.
Do I do the look?
Do something! We're losing him!
Do you have real feelings?
Do you know that I have a contract?
Do you like speed?
Do you like to hear the roar of an engine?
Do you need me to help you with that?
Do you realize that not once have you asked me
Do you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible?
Do you want to spend the rest of your life having fun?
Does it count if it was an accident?
Doesn't make you an expert on relationships.
Doing good. This is having fun. Aren't we?
Don't buy a boat, dude.
Don't come back without a foam finger.
Don't do all the work, Son! Make her meet you half way!
Don't do it! Don't do it! I got you! I got you!
Don't judge me, okay? I mean, you, of all people?
Don't stare.
Don't worry, I haven't ratted you out.
Dude, did you just drop me from a 40 foot cliff?
Dude, I'm so sorry.
Eastern Wood Pewee?
Enlarge the bathroom,
Everybody loves chocolate.