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The Departed (2006)

The Departed (2006)

The Departed is a highly acclaimed movie directed by Martin Scorsese, released in 2006. Set in Boston, the film follows the gripping tale of two men navigating through the dangerous worlds of law enforcement and organized crime. Starring an all-star cast, The Departed features incredible performances from Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, and Vera Farmiga, among others.

With its suspenseful storytelling, intense action sequences, and remarkable performances, The Departed has been hailed as one of Scorsese's masterpieces. The film received widespread critical acclaim and went on to win four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

While The Departed is a visual experience, you can still relive its sounds and emotions. On our platform, you can not only immerse yourself in the movie itself but also download and play its soundtrack. Experience the tension, triumphs, and tragedies of The Departed wherever you go, as you listen to the immersive score and the iconic sounds that helped make this film a timeless classic. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have the sounds of The Departed at your fingertips!

A confessional seal, these days...
A decision. And, you know, you have to stick by what you choose.
A guy comes in here against every instinct of privacy, of self reliance that he has...
A lot of them just wanna slam a ****** through a window...
A man could look at anything...
A man makes his own way.
A mass murderer.
A state police detective.
Ah, fuck with the fucking phone! Stop it!
Ain't gonna hurt you.
All cell phone signals are under surveillance...
All right, all right, all right.
All right, all right. Frank, Frank, Frank. All right. I'm sorry.
All right, all right. Listen to me.
All right, fucking Big Daddy Frank. Fucking perfect.
All right, have a nice day.
All right, here we go.
All right, I will.
All right, it's a blue sedan and then a white van.
All right, look. We got a guy...
All right, lookit, I know you're a worker. Maybe I can do something for you.
All right, run the last number he called. That's his house.
All right, see you then.
All right, thanks, Pop. Bye.
All right, we'll see you there.
All right, you guys find out what we're doing and get on it.
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right. That'll be the best thing for everybody.
All that murdering and fucking, and no sons.
All the pedigree information so I can run it on my end and ID the prick.
Am I an asshole? Are my kids a mess?
An officer is down. I repeat, an officer is down. A trooper's been shot!
And a handgun to blow my fucking head off?
And abra fucking cadabra, we got a warrant.
And all I can answer myself is:
And are you a married state police detective?
And by organized crime in this city, you know who we mean.
And Costello is selling them military technology.
And cry, your cops?
And discovered that they had expired.
And he could do it...
And he'll say so.
And I cannot allow you to jeopardize an ongoing investigation...
And I know what you're not.
And I think about this.
And I think if I was Sigmund fucking Freud I wouldn't get an answer.
And I think, Could I do murder?
And I'll forget your grandmother was so nice to me.
And if I can slander my own environment...
And it brings up questions.
And leave it at that, okay?
And let perpetual light shine upon her.
And make something out of it.
And one priest, since you seem to know everything.
And saw you here sitting with me...
And something maybe happened to them.
And strike him in the head.
And the new guy, Billy Costigan.
And the other guy...
And the other lady says:
And then he got himself knifed at Boston City Hospital.
And then they get to come to talk to you about their feelings and whatnot.
And there's a special card to play? Jimmy Bags, whose jaw you broke...
And there's guys that don't. FRANK: And a pail.
And there's guys you can't.
And this can 'cause me a lot of problems.
And we will do it.
And what did your father call you, Charlie?
And what do you do?
And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it, fucking hotshot.
And why are we graced with your presence?
And you're gonna close my file?
And you're just another soldier for Costello...
And you're not in jail.
Another city, huh?
Another city.
Another county heard from.
Answer this for me, will you?
Anybody says anything about anything like that...
Anybody? Any questions? No? This is who we're after.
Are you calling us cunts?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you gonna stop doing coke deals with your jerkoff fucking cousin?
Are you kidding me?
Are you soft, Fitz?
Are you sure it's me?
Are you sure it's not the FBI?
Are you trying to say that he was nothing?
Aren't they always trying to make it a federal case and it never gets made?
Arnold, you're one in a million.
As for our problem with Providence...
As for running drugs, what the fuck are you doing?
As for who did this or why...
As I remember, she ain't that sentimental.
As if you were anybody else. Okay?
As it hits a target and the destruction that it causes.
As the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am confident...
At that time I immediately checked the vitals...
At the border carrying some light sockets or something.
At which time he drew down on me, and I was able to squeeze off one shot...
Bad haircut, no dress sense and a slight, you know, air of scumbag entitlement.
Baggage handler at the airport, right?
BARRIGAN: Did you think you were the only one he had on the inside?
BARRIGAN: What are you looking at?
BARTENDER: All right. Good night.
BARTENDER: All right. Good night.
BARTENDER: I'm out of here. You'll set the alarm...
Because according to my standards, you fit the model of drug seeking behavior.
Because he wants to come back there and squash your head.
Because I believe in public service.
Because this is kind of a... Sort of a big place and...
Beeper number.
Beeper number.
Before you got kicked out for whaling on a gym teacher with a chair.
Billy, he said to stay here.
BILLY: Fucking...! FRENCH: Get off!
BILLY: He's dead.
BILLY: Hey. It's me.
BILLY: How I feel.
BILLY: Shit! You got to get out of here!
BILLY: We have to do it by phone. I won't do it...
BILLY: Why shouldn't I get on a fucking plane, huh?
BILLY: You're tired and you don't give a shit.
Both of you, get in the car.
Bringing tissue, bone, blood, brain matter, and that's called a blowback.
BROWN: Uniform got him for suspended license.
BROWN: What? COLIN: Turn the fucking camera off.
Building's empty. No tenants here.
But another city. I was thinking that.
But fuck it, you know?
But I don't wanna be you, Frank.
But I guess you like to go at your own pace.
But I like it.
But I'm working on that.
But it's almost a guy you can't hit.
But listen to me, son. Don't disappoint me on this...
But not the robbery. That's not wrong.
But now that you're here...
But now, I don't know. It's a funny thing.
But on Thursday, he gets found in a Dumpster.
But Queenan. Now I got no access.
But right now I need you to drop the weapon!
But there's a bonus involved.
But you showed up at the right one...
But you will not be a Massachusetts state trooper.
But you, you definitely need to have fucking one.
But, Colin, I hope I won't have to remind you...
By enhanced cooperation with the FBI...
Bye bye.
CADETS: Sir, yes, sir!
Caller ID on Queenan's phone.
Calm down, or you'll shoot in your pants.
Calm down. Most people do it every day. What's the big deal?
Camera's off. It's off. Call your mother.
Can I ask a question, sarge? Why the fuck are we following Captain Queenan?
Can I meet you for lunch?
Can I talk to you for a second, please?
Can you still?
Change anything. Right? Change everything.
Check your computer. Go on. You'll have to excuse my behavior.
Choir practice.
Choir practice...
Citizens. Look.
Closed casket?
Colin, I know you'll take care of business.
COLIN: Afternoon, Mr. Fitzgibbons.
COLIN: All right, everything checks out, so let's get you paid.
COLIN: And he beeped him? Twice.
COLIN: Cocksucker! I don't have to fucking explain anything to anybody!
COLIN: Fucking prick.
COLIN: Give me that.
COLIN: Good to see you, trooper.
COLIN: Have a good one.
COLIN: I attempted to subdue Trooper Barrigan...
COLIN: I got him!
COLIN: I want you to know, you don't got to stay.
COLIN: I'll catch up with you guys.
COLIN: If I wasn't with the Massachusetts State Police...
COLIN: Move it, get the fuck down right now. Get down, right now.
COLIN: My word against yours.
COLIN: Shoot this fucking prick! You know who I am.
COLIN: That's it for me. Yeah, see you.
COLIN: What do you got for me?
COLONEL: Congratulations to all our new troopers.
Come on in.
Come on, get in the car.
Come on, I'm coming! It's the worst timing.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Get inside.
Come with me.
Coming to work dressed like you're gonna invade Poland?
Contra fucking band. Take your shoes off.
COP 1: Come on, let's go. Settle down. Let's go. It's all over.
COP 1: Detail. Half left. Face.
COP 1: Hey, good job, sarge.
COP 1: Sarge, we gotta get him out of here. Those guys aren't fucking around.
COP 2: 32X to CP. We're being fired upon!
COP: Right. Slow. March.
Costello can't do much business without coordinating with his source...
Costello recorded everything.
Costello was gonna sell us to the FBI.
Costello was my informant. I was a rat? Fuck you! Prove it.
Costello's giving people up to the FBI.
Course I wanna see you again.
Cranberry juice.
Cui gives a shit? It's got a frigging bow on it.
Cut him here.
DARLENE: Hey, how you doing?
Death is hard. Life is much easier.
Delahunt, muscle.