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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead is a British horror-comedy film directed by Edgar Wright and released in 2004. The film follows Shaun (played by Simon Pegg) and his best friend Ed (played by Nick Frost) as they navigate their way through a zombie apocalypse in London, while also trying to save Shaun's girlfriend Liz (played by Kate Ashfield). This hilarious and unique take on the zombie genre has become a cult classic. You can immerse yourself in the sounds of Shaun of the Dead by playing and downloading them here.

A bite at the King's Head, couple at The Little Princess,
A Bloody Mary first thing,
A man whose idea of a romantic nightspot is also an impenetrable fortress.
A, he's not my dad, OK? He's my stepdad.
About last night. I know loads of things were said but...
About you don't want to be my mum and that.
Actually... I would like to be shot.
Ah, hello.
Ah! Sade?
Ahh! Oh, God.
Aim for the head.
All he ever does is hold you back.
All right, gay.
All right, mate. Laters.
All right.
All right. Are there any out there, though?
All you can eat!
Almost like sleepwalking. Look at the face, it's vacant with a hint of sadness.
And all you ever do is fuck things up and make me look stupid.
And B, he might still be annoyed.
And B, it was an emergency.
And I always thought you had it in you to do well.
And I do want to spend time with you.
And I would at least expect you to respect my feelings.
And I'm always dragging him to the theatre.
And I'm not gonna bombard you with clichÈs but what I will say is this...
And if you're feeling better later, we're... we're going to the pub.
And invented the mobile disco.
And not a cheap posy from a garage forecourt.
And that only exacerbates things.
And that will exacerbate things for all of us.
And the front door is open. Again!
And there's a rifle above the bar.
And when she does, she'll kill all of us. That's what your ex can't seem to realise.
And, hold it there.
And, Mum, this is Liz. Liz, Mum.
And, Shaun... Shaun, look at me.
Any zombies out there?
Apologies for the cramped conditions. Di, stay on David's lap.
Are they still out there?
Are we close?
Are you all right, dear? Would you like another tissue?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
As Bertrand Russell said the only thing that will redeem mankind is co operation.
Because he can impersonate an orang utan?
Because... Because, because of... Captain Wow.
Bernie, the trophy wife.
Besides, I've changed. I haven't had a fag since yesterday, I promise.
Big Al also says dogs can't look up.
But could you possibly do me a table for two for tonight at about eight?
But it wasn't me blowing our cover by arguing with my boyfriend.
But it's gonna be a bit cramped now. Has anyone got transport?
But what I do know is that we're here now and we have to make the best of it.
But you must set some quality time aside for yourselves.
Bye, Ed. Love you.
Cafe Au Lait...
Can I get any of you cunts a drink?
Can I just say one thing? I'm not gonna say there's plenty more fish in the sea,
Can you please turn that noise down?
Can't see any. Maybe it's not as bad as all that.
Chill out, it's a short cut.
Come and get it. It's a running buffet.
Come on, babe. Oh, she's engaged.
Come on, it was pretty funny.
Come on, let's just go.
Come on, Shaun. There comes a time when...
Come on, that's it. Come on, that's it, over here!
Come on, this way, that's it!
Come on, we're getting out of here.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. This way, follow me. Come on, follow me.
Daffs! I don't want to be torn to pieces and if you think about it, neither do you.
David, Dianne, let's go. Ed, give me some shells.
David, no!
David! No!
Dianne, get Mum somewhere safe. David, kill the Queen.
Did you know that on several occasions... he touched me?
Do it for me, then.
Do it, do it, do it, do it. Come on, do it.
Do it, do it, do it, do it. Come on, do it.
Do it!
Do we have to go through all that again?
Do you think they'll get through?
Do you want anything from the shop?
Do you want me to climb up the wall, come through the window? Because I will.
Dom, hi...
Don't groan at me, you thick fuck!
Don't point that gun at Barbara!
Don't scratch it! Wait...
Ed does the most amazing impression of the orang utan.
Ed, be careful.
Ed, for the last time, it's...
Ed, no!
Ed. Ed!
Ed's outside, we'll take you somewhere safe.
Either way, we need to think about blocking up this window. We're totally exposed.
Er, you've got entertainment. I don't know what that is.
Erm, as Mr Sloman always says, there's no I in team but there is an I in pie.
Erm, there's been a bit of a... a mix up with the table, babe.
Erm, we'll bring it back.
Erm... my friends Mark, Maggie,
Erm... this is my boyfriend, Declan.
Erm... two.
Everyone else to look out. I will fire.
Everyone stay where they are, I'll... Are we all here?
Everyone wants to see it. We could do with a laugh.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Feel free to step in any time.
For a hero, you're quite a hypocrite.
For fuck's sake.
For fuck's sake. John, yes please, mate.
For the rest of my life like those other sad old fuckers
For these. "To a wonderful mum."
Friends are important to Shaun
Fuck a doodle doo!
Fuck fucking off! I've spent an entire life...
Fuck her. You got your pint.
Fuck it!
Gather round, everyone. Gather round, please.
Gather round.
Get fucked, four eyes!
Get lost!
Get out!
Give me the car keys! Ed, get Mum in the car.
Go, go, go, go.
Gotta be a man.
Has anyone seen Every Which Way But Loose?
Haven't you got work?
He hasn't.
He sells a bit of weed now and again. You've sold puff.
He's a bigamist.
He's always hated me and now he wants to shoot my mum.
He's connected. Why is there a rifle above the bar?
He's my stepdad.
He's North London Mafia.
He's not in.
He's not my dad,
Head down the Phoenix for a roast,
Hello, Edward.
Hello, mate.
Hello, Mum. You all right?
Hello, my friend. No beer today?
Here they come!
Hey, Liz. Long time no see.
Hey, man, listen... Top left.
Hey, well...
Hey, Yvonne.
Hmm... I pranged it.
How about pool?
How about that tea?
How are we gonna do this?
How come he didn't drive? His keys are still here.
How comes you're allowed to speak to your dad?
How did you lose them?
How many shells have we got left?
How much have you had, love?
How's that for a slice of fried gold?
I admit, he can be pretty funny on occasion.
I always wanted to drive Pete's car. I might not get another chance.
I assume it was Liz who did the dumping?
I can give up smoking whenever I want. See, don't need them.
I can see the street.
I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be for you
I can't hit anything with it anyway, I'm rubbish.
I can't hold them!
I could get a round in.
I couldn't save Di or David. I couldn't even save Mum. I'm useless.
I didn't even have enough at the fucking shop. Oh dear.
I didn't want to say anything, I thought you'd be upset.
I didn't want to say anything.
I don't know what he meant by that.
I don't know, David! I don't know any more than you do.
I don't know, I didn't stop to ask them!
I don't know. Erm...
I don't see the point of owning a car in London.
I don't think I've got it in me to shoot my flatmate,
I don't think I've got it in me to shoot my flatmate,
I don't think Jill and Derek do live here.
I don't think so.
I fucking knew it! What did I tell you? Big Al was right.
I guess we'll have to take the Jag.
I just gave them the slip. Wasn't difficult. They're not all that.
I just wanted you to be strong and not give up because you lost your dad.
I know first aid.
I know he's your best friend but you do live with him.
I know you don't wanna be here forever. I got things I wanna do with my life.
I know you don't wanna hear this...